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  1. Thank you. My pcc application was accepted on the basis of the noa2 letter as well. It took a week but the good thing is they tell you the exact date it will be ready. No guessing. Such a welcome relief in the midst of the rest of this process where waiting without information causes so much stress
  2. Thank you. It's confusing because they are exactly same as the ones accepted for my friends. Anyway, now I'm in the process of getting an attestation on the birth certificate and writing an explanation letter of how the police certificate matches the requirements of the reciprocity page. Hope to submit soon and praying that they will be accepted
  3. To give an update on this topic for future questions someone may have, both have been accepted on the i864 - petitioner (no US income but some savings + beneficiary's savings which total to 3x the poverty line) and joint sponsor's income
  4. I mean my friends submitted the same certificates but their names and dates of birth are different from me, obviously. Otherwise everything is the same. Theirs was accepted, mine was rejected
  5. ALL these criteria are met! That's why it is so confusing. And I have friends who submitted exactly the same birth certificate format from the same authority and were accepted. Exactly same in every way except the names and date of birth details. 2 other police certificates - from Japan and UK were accepted without issues.
  6. Got an email from NVC this morning and eagerly opened it to find that it wasn't DQ but invalid docs. My original birth certificate and Indian police certificate have been rejected. Unable to understand the reason as the explanation is generic and says only to replace with a correct one. Another document has been moved to additional docs and accepted but the category under which I submitted it has been restored to the mandatory documents saying Missing. No explanation given. So frustrating. Now I'm wondering how to resubmit to get DQ and how long they will take to review again once I resubmit
  7. Hi, how did you upload the explanation letter? In Additional Documents? Or in the comments while uploading the document?
  8. Also, if I resubmit the same documents (these are originals and the only ones I have), with an explanation in the comments, Would it be sufficient? Or do I need to write a letter explaining and upload it as an additional document? What would you advice?
  9. Hello, I had my birth certificate and India police certificate rejected by the NVC. The notes are a standard response saying please upload an acceptable doc from correct authority. I've checked the reciprocity page before submitting and did it again after this was received. My original birth certificate has the name, date, signature, seal and was dated a few days after my birth. I really can't figure out why it was rejected. My police certificate has all the details and the police commissioner's signature and seal as well. Has anyone faced these? What did you resubmit and how did you get DQ after that? It seems even on this forum people ask the questions and then once they get DQ, they disappear without sharing what they did differently to succeed. Please help if you have any tips.. thanks!
  10. Finally got the documents all in order and sent in the AOS and civil documents today. How long does it usually take to get documentary qualified? From what I remember, folks on this thread took about 5 days right?
  11. Yes one of the USC's parents will be a joint sponsor. But we hope that we will qualify anyway due to both the petitioner and beneficiary having savings equal to about 3 times the poverty requirement figure
  12. Thank you sir. It will be atleast 2 months more until the first pay stub which will subsequently delay the submission and interview and my relocation as well. That's why we want to proceed as soon as we can
  13. So spouse's income should be 0 even though there is an employer written in the job field?
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