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  1. Thank you!! I was preparing to wait about 2 years with MSC center so it really came as a surprise!! Hope you get your approval soon!
  2. Thank you!! If I remember correctly, you had biometrics not long after me so hopefully you'll get your notification soon too!!
  3. Of course!! Happy to help, I know the process can be long and stressful! And I am sure that 90% of the people are just not part of the forum, otherwise we would have a lot more positive feedback! Hope the wait won't be too long and I am happy to answer any other question if you have anymore! Good luck!
  4. Thank you!! Yes, I think that decision they made a few months ago is really making the cases moving forward a lot faster. I think this time if I remember correctly I submitted copy or our lease, savings account, tax returns, life insurance, affidavit from my husband's parents, and a pdf document with some pictures. Not yet no! I will be able to submit this one in July
  5. Yes, they waived it! I did not have any interview - The status online was still ''case was received'' since they got the application in July, status never changed to waiting for an interview and I just got this notification email telling me to log into my account to see an update! I am very surprised as I was preparing for a very long wait after reading everything about this center. I hope this brings hope that process is going to speed up for everyone currently waiting at the MSC center!
  6. Filed I-751 in July 2021, biometrics appointment in August 2021 and just received a notification that ''new card is being produced'' - Things actually happened faster than expected!
  7. Just received notification that ''new card is being produced''!!! And my center is MSC so I hope that this news brings hope to anyone that is still waiting!
  8. We have a very similar timeline! Both had biometrics at the end of August, and both in New Jersey. Best of luck! 🤞
  9. My case was never updated to fingerprints taken, even though I went to the appointment in August. My center is Missouri (MSC) but I am unable to find estimated processing times on the USCIS website, it does not show any estimation for I-751 at this specific center. And if I look at I-751 processing times, it does not give any information for this center either.
  10. I sent it at the beginning of July, and I had my biometrics appointment at the end of August.
  11. Biometrics appointment was on Monday 23rd, almost 3 hours wait for 5min of ''action''. Now we wait...
  12. Hi there! My 2 years green card expire in October and I filed I751 at the beginning of July. I had to go to renew my temporary driving licence to a permanent one at the beginning of July, in NJ and they didn’t ask anything since the green card is still valid for a few months. So they renewed it for 4 years without issue I didn’t do the real ID because the officer told me that the real ID would be valid only until the current visa expires (so it would have been until October). No worries for the normal one though.
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