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  1. Hello, Do you have an update on your I-751 n n400?. I had my interview today in Philly and since my ROC is pending, they could not make any decisions so I have to wait.
  2. I had my N-400 interview today in Philadelphia. I passed the test but decision could not be made due to my pending I-751. The office said they’ll request that my file be transferred to them. interview went great. I spent just 5 minutes in there and my husband was not allowed to go in with me. He was asked to wait in the lobby.
  3. I received my extension letter today. 48 months extension from Potomac. I filed ROC November 2021.
  4. Thanks! Yes, it’s free. Just search “lawfully” on AppStore
  5. I got a notification this morning from my lawfully app, that my interview was scheduled in Philadelphia. I went straight to my uscis to check my docs and I saw that the interview is on 3/28/2023. I am overjoyed. I can’t wait to be done with this journey. Wishing everyone a successful process.
  6. I’m sorry to call this what it is. You actually used her. For you to just want to leave the marriage after a year of having your citizenship and making more money, and for you to already be asking about a new wife and immigration for the new future spouse, you already had everything planned out.
  7. I’m sure cos I couldn’t find it as well. We’re all just going to wait it out. A friend of mine filed hers exactly three months ago and she already got her interview date scheduled in Nov. (Philadelphia)
  8. Thank you so much. Yes, I just saw that it’s being processed at the NBC. My Green card interview was in Philadelphia so I believe that would be my local field office.
  9. I just submitted my N-400 tonight 10/24/2022 but I got a Receipt Notice saying they got my application on October 25… I got another notification for biometrics reuse. I still do not know my service center. I live in Delaware and my notice didn’t mention the expected processing time. Does anyone know how to find it?. Thank you all and wishing everyone a smooth process.
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