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  1. my question is if my wife can apply on my behalf or not i did not ask about dual citizenship i know about that . yes Chancy i am not citizen yet i am going for oath on 19th november i wana apply for my wife and kids thats why i wana know the answer of my question. Thanks for the reply
  2. HI, i have question i wana apply for CRBA AND passport for my kids but i am in usa and the question is can my wife apply for kids CRBA AND PASSPORT IN pakistan? without me?
  3. I just got email update from uscis and they scheduled my oath for 19th Nov.Thank you everyone and who are still Stuck best of luck to them
  4. Mine says Oath Ceremony Will Be Scheduled and my case is at Brooklyn field office,NY
  5. Thanks .lol tomorrow noon they are not that fast they sent case for quality check
  6. Oh hopefully you will get good news soon.mine case also went for quality review
  7. Hi, I did the same i sent Case Referral number back to uscis about the update that i am not able to see response from field office and today i got email that uscis actively working and then after few minutes got another email oath ceremony will be scheduled and statu also changed.
  8. Hi, Thanks for the help and i checked from old system and its showing assigned office replied my inquiry and i was not able to see that reponse and i sent another inquiry to uscis.
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