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  1. Funny i had this question before my interview. You know what i did? I submitted both......the tax returns and the tax transcripts.
  2. Yes. Let him take all the documents. It does not matter if he is taking him now. My son was not present for the interview but i was still asked for them.
  3. They did not ask for her passport but if you think it will help you can hold it...if they need to see it, they will ask for it.
  4. Oh. I thought you were the original poster. Please read interview transcripts. I will send mine to your inbox. it will help a lot. I think the police certificate is valid for six months or 1 year. But i will advice you get another one about a week to your interview.
  5. Thank you. Just hang on......you will get your email soon.
  6. My case was updated July 30, 2019 and today July 31, 2019. I got an email today saying: 'We write to inform you that the review of your case has been completed and the next step is for you to drop off your International passport at the GSS Document Collection Center located at the DHL Service Center at Plot 230, Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos for visa issuance. Once you submit the highlighted, it will be forwarded to the U.S. Consulate office for processing. A copy of our drop off letter is attached for your use.' I am so excited.
  7. Okay. I had my K1 interview on June 24, 2019 and was asked to submit additional documents at the DHL office. I already gave her copies of my son's birth certificate, my late wife's death certificate and certificate of cause of death but she asked for the additional documents listed below. The documents requested for on the 221g form were: 1. Photos with child at different points of his life. 2. Child heath records / Original health vaccination records 3. Secondary evidence of ex-wife's death: Death notice, funeral program, photos, screenshot of social media postings I told her i had everything except my son's health records / vaccination records and i told her the reasons i can't have them now. She said okay send the others. I sent the following the next day June 25, 2019: 1. Several pictures with my son (over 20) at different times of his life 2. Death notice sent to my ex-wife's employers notifying them of her passing, funeral program, photos of her grave tombstone, screenshots of facebook postings about her passing by me and her friends. I did not get any email that they received my supporting documents. On the CEAC website my case was updated on June 26th, 27th, July 12th. I sent an email to lagosIV last week asking for a status update. I have not heard from them yet. Like you, i am nervous as well. The wait can be so frustrating. Hopefully, we would hear from them soon.
  8. What is your story? You should share your experience first. You may also want to update your timeline so we can have a better picture.....
  9. Great. Please did they get back by email or by phone call?
  10. How long did it take before they got back to you after you submitted the documents requested for?
  11. LOL. Relax. The process takes months. So, send in your application, continue to work on your relationship and focus on other things till you get your approval from the USCIS. Then you can start the process with the consulate in Nigeria. Bottom line is relax, focus on other things and don't worry or stress yourself.
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