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  1. You can get your EAD in less than 4 months. I got mine in exactly 3 months and 10 days........and i got a job same month i got my EAD in the mail. I don't believe not working for 4 months is a career suicide.
  2. Hi. To get your license you need a SSN. So you can go to the Social Security office close to you to process. You don't need you AOS pending yet. The attached document will be helpful. The dps website is also a good resource. If you want to talk, you can send a dm. DL-57 - Documentation Requirement.pdf
  3. So...i received a Christmas / New year gift yesterday. EAD and AP approved Dec 27, 2019.
  4. Lol. He may not have it. My statement is not absolute.....just giving my opinion based on my understanding of how the system works in that environment.
  5. No. You don't take the form to the interview, it's completed online with an option to print a personal copy just before submitting the completed form.
  6. There is a great chance he did not fill the form and has no idea the specific information about the 'spouse' that was filled. He probably does not even have a copy of the application and will need to ask the agent who won't have it since it's about 4 years old.
  7. Forget it. That K1 is dead. A large number of fake visa agents (in the country your fiance comes from) erroneously believe that being married increases the chances of getting a visit visa to the US as it shows ties to the home country. So....they encourage and convince visa applicants (that are not knowledgeable) to lie that they are married in the visa applications. A lot of the time, the forms are actually filled by the agents on behalf of the applicants. Of course, most of these visa applications are still not successful despite the lie. This situation is quite rampant and that i guess this is exactly what happened to your fiance.
  8. Hi. For this kind of case, you will need to file a spousal visa and involve an immigration lawyer at some point. A spousal visa is required because it can be appealed if denied and a lawyer is needed because the case is a complicated. There is a high probability that a ban is also involved due to a misrepresentation in the previous visa application.....and then no one is sure of the eventual outcome. Expect it to be a long journey that will require lots of patience.
  9. I submitted the following with the Affidavit of Support......so this might help. Copy of Passport of US citizen spouse (sponsor) with biographical page Internal Revenue Service tax return transcripts for 2018, 2017 and 2016 Employment verification letter Paystubs for May 2019 to August 2019
  10. Let me state what i did. 1. I initially got the license and it was valid till when my I94 expired (Nov 19) 2. When the validity was about to expire, i went to a mega center in Houston (Gessner) to ask for a renewal as i had not passed the road test and the date for the road test is in December 3. I was told by the lady that attended to me at the dps that they would need to check if the validity date is still Nov 19 on their system 4. She confirmed it is still showing Nov 19 5. I asked them for a 2nd verification 6. She ordered a 2nd verification and gave me a peace of paper. She asked that i called the number on the paper in 3 to 5 days to confirm if my status has been verified 7. I called after 3 days (the number is for the dps verification center in Austin) and the fellow that picked confirmed i have been verified and that i can go pick up my license. 8. I went there today and the paper license was printed with a 1 year validity. So i suggets you try again. 1. I assume you have filed your AOS and done the bio-metrics (i somehow think that the verification is tied to this, not certain though) 2. Go to a mega center (you can check online for the mega centers in your city in Texas). Go with your NOA1 for the AOS 3. Tell them you want to renew or obtain a license 4. If they claim they can't verify your status, ask for a second verification. Tell them they should carry out a 2nd verification, it would take 3 to 5 days Someone gave me this points and i used it and it worked for me. Went to the dps on Monday and went back for my license today.
  11. When it expires, go back to renew. If you have done your bio-metrics and the texas dps can't verify you immediately, ask for a second verification. You will get your 1 year license after that.
  12. Not true. I got a license valid for one year after the initial validity expired on the date shown on my I94.
  13. I got my marriage license in Houston, Harris County. You do not need a US ID or SSN, your International Passport is sufficient identification no other document or letter is required.....of course your US Fiance will have a valid ID and SSN. If you do not want to wait for 72hrs to get married after getting the license, you can get a waiver from a judge immediately you get your marriage license and get married same day. Process was easy, fast and straight forward. No issues at all.
  14. Great news. Online applications are a lot more convenient than paper qualifications.....wish it came earlier.
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