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  1. 120 days before it expires you can request an extension which will last 180 days. I believe you can do that twice so hopefully your green card process should be concluded before then.
  2. EAD card just arrived! ❤️ Now, we can breathe a little easier while they process his green card interview after Monday.
  3. It should be forwarding you to the USCIS site where it will ask for a one time code when you sign in then you click on myUSCIS option. This one is their updated site but sometimes officer only use this one and not the other, then sometimes vice versa so it's good to check both.
  4. New site is: https://myaccount.uscis.gov/ Old site is: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/displayLogon.do
  5. Try following the script to change your address. That will direct you to an agent. It may be awhile until they come on the line but IF there is a case number set up for y'all, they will have it. If they haven't cashed your check most likely they don't but maybe they can see something on their end that we can't. Doesn't hurt to try.
  6. They look up to see if you have a case with them with your passport info. That's how we got our case numbers.
  7. It may be dumb of me to presume you haven't already thought of this or done it already, but have you tried calling them?
  8. Ahh, so yes most likely that's the one they were referring to. Make sure he takes both (DS160 confirmation and the bank deposit slip) and he should be fine. No worries, glad I could help!
  9. It took us 4.5 months to get approved at USCIS stage and another 2 months at Embassy stage so total 6.5 months. He just got his visa in April and entered the US in May.
  10. Did he take the bank deposit reference page? Maybe that's the one they were referring to. In Lebanon, when you go pay the fee at the bank you need to print out the bank deposit slip that you take to them and has a reference number.
  11. Yeah, I agree lol especially since many of these interviews are scheduled a few months into their arrival and then another interview again in 2 years. Seems redundant. I get that they want to make sure the marriage is real but the evidence is not gonna change much within 2 years lol maybe a baby or two.. maybe a house... maybe a car. Maybe none of those. IMO in makes more sense to issue the 2 year conditional one with the interview waived and give the couple two years to gather evidence for the removal of conditions interview. Some don't even make it that long and went through the AOS interview for nothing basically.
  12. No, this was for EAD. We still have our interview in 11 days, but now he can start applying at places earlier at least and calmly wait for the green card after his interview. Yay to small victories lol
  13. Woke up to a "we have taken action on your case" text and email but didn't see anything updated on the old site and the app, so I waited till I got to work and checked the new site and: Yayy! 12 days before the interview lol but something is something.
  14. You can try to request an expedite for your work or travel permit if you have good reasons behind it, or you can just wait until your interview next month and then you'll get your green card and you will no longer need the permits.
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