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  1. OMGGGGGG CONGRATULATIONS!!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU 😭😭😭 I admire your patience and courage to not lose hope. I so wish you a smooth fast ride for the rest of the journey!!
  2. Her medical will be in the sealed package, yes. However, make sure to get copies of the vaccination form DS-3025 (given outside the package; don't open the sealed package) and send one along with your I-485 (and bring one to the interview). They usually don't ask for medicals here if you file within the year since your medical, but some people have been asked for it recently at the interview. I wouldn't bother getting another medical here unless you get an RFE for one or you are asked for one at the interview. Also, make sure that her doctor check marked "K visa applicant voluntarily completed vaccination requirements" on her DS-3025. If it isn't, you may run a higher risk for an RFE or a transcription of the vaccinations onto an I-693 form.
  3. My husband's EAD came from Lees Summit, MO last week and his green card from Corbin, KY yesterday.
  4. Congrats!!!!! 🙌 The number stays the same but you have to go back after you get your green card so they can remove the wording "with DHS approval"
  5. Idk if this is in terms to your passport showing your father's name, but if that's the case you don't have to use it. You can simply use "John Smith" and it's recognized this way, at least for the USCIS and the social security office from our experience. However if you want to adopt "Michael" as your middle name, you can do so now since you are able to get a legal name change through citizenship.
  6. I guess emailing both would be the best bet. Yes, NVC is the one that schedules and probably the one you have to talk to, but I think it also depends on the availability of the embassy. There's people that have waited months for an interview for F type visas, so maybe if they are both aware of the situation something can be done. Just my two cents. Good luck!
  7. I don't know if they will expedite it, but it's worth a shot to email the embassy and request it. They won't take phone calls however they usually respond to emails at BeirutIV@state.gov.
  8. Retroactively thinking, it could just have been his character and I took it as him being too aloof. We got our approval and card in production statuses within the same day, so don't lose hope! It should all go well As far as bonafides, all he wanted a copy of was the lease agreement. We did take a lot of proof but he only asked for bills so we showed him the light bill (in my name) and the internet bill (in his). After those, he just asked if we had a lease and we said yes and that's all he took. You might not have the EAD, no, but that's awesome because you should have the green card soon! My friend applied in July and she's having her interview in San Antonio today, two days after mine and there's a whole month of difference from when we applied (May 29th). It looks like the San Antonio office is speeding up.
  9. My guess is two different systems of recording because sometimes the new site is updated and not the old, sometimes vice versa and sometimes both. the old site is: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/displayLogon.do the new site is: https://myaccount.uscis.gov/
  10. We haven't received my husband's card yet, but our interview was yesterday and the card is already in production as of this morning. The officer had a post-it on our file that read "Needs Medical" and I caught that right away and panicked but he only asked for the DS-3025 since he didn't see it in the file. He made no mention of the I-693.
  11. Yeah but usps wont update that until they pick it up and scan it in which usually happens after that status. Ours didnt even show on Informed Delivery until the next day. Our status change did show unavailable on the email notification but when you visit the desktop site it shows you the tracking.
  12. You wont get tracking until in a couple of days when the status changes to "Card picked up by USPS" or something like that. The tracking will be in the status summary and will also show up in your Informed Delivery.
  13. Theres no written rule about the time limit to file but after their I94 expires they will be out of status until they do. That means they can get a visit from ICE at any point or be detained for being out of status. There's been a few horror stories here already of both of those scenarios so I would suggest to them that they file as soon as possible.
  14. You must have read their mind because the case status just changed to approved!
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