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  1. Teepee


    Happy for u. I'm at the NVC stage now. I'm ur friend in nigeria
  2. Teepee

    CR1 Visa confusion!

    i know but sometimes we can only be patient and prayerful on our part that luck falls on our path and side.
  3. i am now in Nvc too but yet to receive and email to start filling the DS260 form
  4. are u on a k1 or cr1, wats ur priorty date
  5. pls lets keep info floeing wen we get any one of us assigned a case number
  6. be calm i am also waiting for case number and mail from NVC dat my case has been received. its a month and 4days now and im still waiting
  7. go it earlier to avoid unnecessary pressure,u know how Lagos is
  8. yes we have we were told we are still within the processsing time line. wife is a PR But due for citizenship
  9. its 1year 5months 19days and im yet to get NOA2 pls wat can i do. my family needs me
  10. God help me..... its 1 year 5months 19days now no NOA2.... Dont no wat to do. the USICS Web keeps going back and front, its stilll show september 2016, for 130 for spouse PERMANENT RESIDENCE
  11. Teepee


    Amen ....thanks oh
  12. Teepee


    @Abies its been a while i heard from u. California center is really dealing with us
  13. Teepee


    hi guys, you all av spoken very well. the CO doesn't care about the love u have for each other, they work based on concrete evidence, for instance my wife and i were dating before she traveled to the states in 2013, we didn't see for close to 4years until 2017 when she came home. we got married and she has been to Nigeria like twice. we had to support our application will our dating pictures and as well wedding evidence. her last visit she spent 6weeks. i have had to spend a lot on supporting her with her flight tickets , exotic vacation sites when shes around. im sorry sorry about all u went through. USICS has been slow in the past one year, they keep going back and front especially application for green card filers for their spouse overseas. try to plan yourself, financially to visit. remember family over everything. we will be happy someday