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  1. OMG thank you. I googled this like 3 different times and I can't believe I never found this.
  2. We are currently waiting for our NOA2 hopefully in the next month so we are trying to get our documents ready but does anyone know where to get the "Original" birth certificate in Lebanon? Apparently the birth certificates issued there are kind of scribbled on a prescription-pad- looking note and we want to make sure we get the right document.
  3. Agreed! Better to be safe than sorry. I have a 3 inch binder full of evidence, all classified in sections (Petitioner Documents, Beneficiary Documents, Trips, Chat Logs, and Wedding Plans). I ordered a pack of 20 clear photo holder pages with 3 pockets for 4x6 pictures and will be using 5 pages front and back for each trip. That will be exactly 30 pics per trip and there will be at least 2 trips, possibly 3 if I have to take the binder myself. It sounds excessive but we have a 5 year difference (I'm older) and we only dated 6 months before my first visit so I want to make sure I have ample proof of bonafide relationship, just in case they see red.
  4. I mean photos for proof of bonafide relationship. From my understanding, no they don't need passport pics from us the beneficiaries.
  5. I sent him a phone awhile back for his birthday. Literally 1 phone inside a cloth purse (for protection). The whole thing cost me like $75 to send and it took 4 months to arrive. 3 months in limbo and 1 whole month waiting in customs. Then on Christmas we sent Christmas cards from Turkey. Dec 7th we sent them; one to my house here and one to his parents in Lebanon. Mine arrived last week and his is still a no-show. lol Needless to say, I'm petrified of sending it via mail but if i can get some guarantee from DHL etc that would be amazing because then I can travel there to pick him up after he gets his visa (hopefully).
  6. You're lucky you can mail it! Lebanese post is terrible. If I mail it now, he will get it by the time December filers are getting approved lol I have most of it ready (except my most recent tax return and photos) but I'll have to go drop it off myself.
  7. cduran


    Oh I misread that he had. Then the certified long form BC is best.
  8. cduran


    He can also send in a copy of all pages of his passport as proof of citizenship.
  9. IF they decide to go the K1 route and you're willing to spend a little extra for a second pair of eyes, Rapid Visa offers installments on a K1/AOS package deal where they help you fill out the forms and send them off to them. I know some people have had bad experience with them, but if you don't solely rely on them and only use them as a double measure, it really helps. Just make sure to do your research here, as well. I haven't had issues with them so far. And it helps to be able to make payments and have the AOS fee probably paid off by the time he arrives. It's definitely cheaper than a lawyer and you get your documents triple checked and you don't have to pay it all at once. The only thing they don't include in their plan is the $260 he has to pay for his visa application and the medical.
  10. That's awesome! I've been checking the approvals daily waiting to see August filers because that means we are next lol I hope you get yours soon!!!
  11. Try Walmart. They printed it for me. I ordered it on the 1 hour photo option and just picked it up
  12. This happens so often out of Pakistan, members literally created a thread for it. If you go on there, you may find more information that will help, but honestly I think waiting is the answer. Hope it helps. Note: I know it says IR-1/CR-1 on the topic but it has a lot of input on people who have received administrative processing out of Islamabad.
  13. cduran

    Tourist Visa Denial Stories

    Completely agree!