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  1. Paul and Karine are getting divorced apparently - wonder if it will actually happen this time. Poor baby stuck in the middle of it all
  2. That guy to his younger Brazilian fiancé - you’re so skinny, see when you’re not with me you’re just a poor little Brazilian girl I mean are you serious!? I was gobsmacked and offended for her! Hope she does screw him over! Bee keeper couple - she’s just oblivious to what’s going on around her Guy in Florida with the girl from the DR - met for 8 hours and now he is going to share a small bed with her and his son. This will end well South African man - boring and a weird match Russia couple - where is wife and mumma number 4 - she’s lurkin in the shadows
  3. I love NYC but I am missing everyone and everything! I think it’s the holidays as everyone at work is planning time with their families etc. I’m still waiting for my interview to be scheduled too but I know it won’t be until next year
  4. Tom’s Salsa face - still shuddering
  5. Haha no if I had applied and got the job I would have spent all my wages right away 😂 I’m working in a plastic surgery office 😍
  6. Hey everyone so it’s my first day at work today and I’m on EAD not greencard yet. On the forms do I say I’m a LPR or an alien with permission to work and the EAD expiration date?
  7. Everyone talking about Coltee and David’s weight gain but let’s take a minute to talk about Cookie Dough’s weight gain 😂😂
  8. I’m in the same boat as you Nov medical and Manhattan office. I’m going to guess that we will need a new one but will see what the replies say
  9. the only way is Essex? Yeah she was like a northern version of that 😂
  10. AND the way Akinyi’s brother said to Benjamin about eating the fish brain - it’s soft yes ooommm eat it in a whispery voice made me throw up a little 🤮😂
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