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  1. Could be, I know it’s been pretty busy. I sent mine at the weekend, will let you know if/when I get a notification
  2. I had to video everyday haha I’m needy clearly 😂
  3. We did long distance for 3 years and made it fine. Yes it’s extremely tough but you have to deal with it unfortunately. Mostly everyone here have been in the same situation
  4. Oh I see! Well thank you for replying! I’m just going to get the paperwork again and send it lol
  5. Hi I am just jumping onto this as I can’t find the answer and this is similar. So I included all my paperwork for the arrest in my AOS (originals as requested) and I will put on my I-751 that yes I have and was planning on writing that I have Inc all the originals in the AOS as requested and no changes since then (along those lines) - will this not suffice? Do I need to call the jail and get the paperwork again?
  6. Thank you both! We can only submit what we have I guess thank you for calming me!!!
  7. I’m so glad I saw this. I’m about to send mine so have been scrolling through other months and having a near heart attack and the amount others are sending compared to ours! We are a young couple but we don’t have loads of things to send, no kids etc so I hope we will be ok!
  8. I guess it’s just me 😆 I do have a question - I have already submitted arrest paperwork from UK and USA with previous packages (K1 and AOS). Do I need to resubmit these again even if they already have them? I have ticked the box to say I have been arrested (no nothing serious) and I will write in the back that it is the same as previously stated - will that be ok?
  9. I couldn’t find a thread for April so thought I would start one (if I missed it please let me know lol). Compiling all my paperwork now to send this week!
  10. I travelled from the UK to USA whilst my K1 was pending (pre-Covid). I took a note from my employer to say I was expected back at work but no one asked me for it. I was honest and said I was travelling to see my fiancee. I also took copies of our NOAs just incase.
  11. I am so behind on everything! Did Mike and Natalie get married in the end? I saw on Social that he got cold feet last minute and she was making her way back to the Ukraine crying. I see she is still in the US though?
  12. My husband and I met online and we did K1 too. We told them exactly how it was on both the forms and in the interview. We met on an online game and we spoke for a couple of years and eventually made the step to meet up etc. etc. For the photos in the application we sent a few of us together when we first met, on vacation, him with my family in England etc. They didn't ask for any at my interview in London but they did ask for a few at my green card interview so keep your photos safe. Good luck!
  13. I attempted an over dose years ago which I declared at my medical. I had to get a letter from my GP to say I will not harm myself or others and send that to the medical center before they would send it to the embassy. It all worked out fine for me and it hasn't been bought up since. I can't help with the lying about it dilemma though sorry. Just for future reference, ALWAYS be truthful to immigration no matter how you feel about it or it will come back and bite you in the future. They have seen it all I'm sure so don't be embarrassed.
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