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  1. So glad you confirmed this. I couldn’t find a straight answer so I just photocopied the medical paperwork that I had and included it as I knew they would have the original from my pack at POE.
  2. Hey, we got 3. 1 for AOS, 1 for AP and 1 for EAD
  3. So here is my info from a K1 We filed March 2018 Medical and Interview November 2018 Visa in hand December 2018 Flew to USA February 2019 Filed AOS March 2019 Now the long wait begins again for EAD and an even longer wait for the green card. If we were to do this process again we would definitely do them spousal visa as not being able to work is tough. Luckily we are financially stable but it’s a massive adjustment when you have worked most of your life. The process is quite expensive too so be prepared for that but the worst is leaving family and friends and the homesickness. Everyone here has given really great advice so take it on board, do lots of research!! 3 years apart is a lot so maybe spend more time together before taking that leap. Don’t rush into anything, all of us here know how hard it is to be away from the one you love but rushing this process (which really shouldn’t be taken lightly) when you’re not ready will cause you more of a headache and heartache. Enjoy your trip in April and spend quality time together.
  4. We received our NOA1’s today Filed 03/11 Received 03/13 Notice Date 03/18
  5. Nicola and Jordan

    Picking up visa from London Embassy

    Here we go; Applicants are notified by email when visa documents are ready for pick-up at a courier return facility. Applicants must prove their identity using one of the following methods: Applicants retrieving their personal documents must prove their identity with any of the following forms of documentation: Official or State issued Identification card (with photo) Official driver’s license (with photo) Birth Certificate Debit or Credit Card Two Utility Bills
  6. Chase wouldn’t accept me either but I managed with HSBC with my driving license, marriage certificate, passport and SSN but not sure if it’s because HSBC are big in UK too where I’m from. They were so helpful.
  7. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, underneath the ‘Reply’ box you will see an option to follow this thread
  8. Don’t worry I answered my own question haha. All received and credit card payment pending. Fingers crossed we haven’t missed anything out!
  9. We got texts last night with case received and we have 3x case numbers is that for the AOS, green card and AP? I just presumed it would have all been under one number lol 🤔
  10. We sent ours on Monday 11th too waiting the NOA1
  11. Just checked USPS tracking and it said delivered - picked up by individual from the postal office - is that right? Just want to make sure it has definitely got there!
  12. 20-29.5 months for me 😩😭🙈
  13. Hey everyone we have finally sent our package today. Was hoping to send a bit earlier but we took our time to ensure it was all good (fingers crossed!).
  14. I am so sorry for your loss that is heartbreaking.
  15. Thank you so much!! I don’t know why but I’m finding this paperwork a lot more confusing that the I-129f lol. I received my SSN on Tuesday it only took me a week to get it (NYC). I am just finalising all of the tax paperwork ensuring we have everything. Do you know where the AOS is processed? Xx