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  1. I got an RFE after AOS interview and my status didn't change to say they received it. I now have my GC
  2. My card arrived yesterday!!! Now to relax for a little while lol 😌 Thanks for your support everyone 💙
  3. Yeah I was reading that so it’s all good. I’m just relieved it’s been approved lol
  4. We filed AOS March 2019, Biometrics April 2019, EAD/AP August 2019 but with COVID I would imagine it is taking longer
  5. Thank you! Still waiting for the actual card but at least I have the notice!
  6. I hope they just approve you without interview now! I submitted my EAD renewal a couple of weeks ago but not needed now. It's so frustrating but I hope you are almost at the end of this leg of the journey! Holding out my wishes for you!
  7. Thank you! I feel so relived! When I am able to I am going to renew my passport as that ran out in March and get back to England as soon as its safe to, to see my family! Not seeing my Dad plus everyone else for a year and a half is killing me! I hope your hubby gets back to Ireland soon!!
  8. Ok thanks I’ll just see what happens then when I get to it. If anything, like you said, I’ll have my US one (hopefully!) thanks again!
  9. Ok so giving up my UK DL is no big deal and I will just use my US DL when visiting UK Thanks everyone !
  10. Hey, So now that my AOS has been approved and I waiting for my GC to arrive I want to look into getting my DL here in New York (NYC). I read in their manual that you have to give them your foreign DL before they will issue you a NY one. If you want them to keep your foreign DL on file then they will but you will need to give them your NY DL back before they will give it back to you. I want to keep my UK DL with me just in case I have to go back for any reason and I do not want the hassle of getting it back. Has anyone dea lt with this before who can let me know how they got on with it? Or am I being stupid and reading this all wrong which is likely 🤡 https://dmv.ny.gov/brochure/mv21.pdf Page 17 TIA!
  11. Thank you! We had it smooth sailing until this so I am grateful just a little stressed from it haha now to relax for about 18 months! lol
  12. Hey guys, so yesterday my case went from card being produced to case approved! So happy!! Interview - 02/26 RFE - 02/29 Approval - 07/07
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