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  1. Hey! Funny enough I just logged in to update haha. USCIS called my hubby earlier and told us to just mail them the RFE so I did that tonight 🤞🏼 I really feel for those who were so close to getting to be with their other half’s, that’s heartbreaking. I’m in NYC (Manhattan) so in the thick of it in the states but I’m so grateful to be with my man ♥️ Stay safe 🙏🏼
  2. Thank you for you reply. I have only been working since October, I'm hoping if it does happen it will just be for a couple of weeks anymore and I will be worried. Like you said everything is still getting ironed out so maybe I will just sit and wait, I just didn't know if I had missed anything anywhere. Thanks again and stay safe
  3. So I’m currently waiting to hand my RFE in on April 3rd as requested by USCIS after my GC interview 3 weeks ago. My question is, if my office closes down (I’m in Manhattan, NYC) I won’t get paid and I’m guessing I won’t be allowed the funding that might be offered From the government to those who are struggling, is that correct? What can I do? I would be ok for a couple of weeks as we have savings and my husband is working from home, but if it’s long term then I need to plan for it. Sorry if this has been asked, I’ve been looking through threads and couldn’t see it. thanks
  4. Yeah will try this week. The day they have requested actually works out pretty well with work lol so we will see!
  5. Same here haha. I met a girl from England on this site a couple of years ago and we were both going through the K1 at the same time and in NY. Now I’m sat on her couch having a chilled weekend , we have become really good friends funny how things work out lol. I’m from Buckinghamshire 😁
  6. So close! I just hope they don't want anything else from us! Yes don'y worry the timelines seem daunting but actually it's not as bad as it seems. Yes other states go faster but we have a lot more immigrants here! The waiting room was so busy we waited for 2.5 hours I think it was before we went in. It's nice to see other brits here! Whereabouts are you, not full address or anything haha
  7. We have received the documents requested in the RFE (after interview) now to sit and wait until April 3rd when we can drop them off in person! FYI - filed AOS in March 2019, bio-metrics in April 2019 and interview was February 26th
  8. Yes I applied for one with my AOS package. I sent the package off in March last year and received my EAD mid August. I use my UK driving license for ID most of the time lol
  9. I got an RFE after my interview so once that is resolved and I have my GC (hopefully lol) I will send it off. I am going to request the old one back but I will photocopy my K1 visa page inside just in case!
  10. Hi, I am from UK too and interviewed at NYC. My passport runs out this March 8th and my interview was last week and no issues with that.
  11. We need to get another copy of some court documents then hand deliver on the 3rd April. I’m sure you’ll be good
  12. Thank you. I saw somewhere they open at 7am (some sites say 8:30am) so I am going to risk it and get there for then I think and do what you said above. Thank you!
  13. Is there anyone who is able to help? I can't get through to USCIS, the wait time was longer than my lunch break. I keep seeing different opening hours for the NYC office and when i drop these documents off I want to be there as soon as the office opens. Does anyone know if you have to wait like when we went for the interview, does my USC husband need to attend. I have only been told to come on April 3rd at the same building with the paperwork but that's it and I need to let work know if I will be gone all morning etc. Sorry if I am sounding crazy, I just want to get this right and I am struggling to get the answers anywhere. Thanks
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