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  1. Were in the exact same situation & really confused as to what to do right now
  2. Meisha&Jake

    Tax Season is here

    Hello, me & my husband are in the exact same situation as you Following the thread for information Thank you!
  3. Thank you so much for the info! Me & my husband have been discussing filing his taxes for 2018 because he got to a certain point & the form needs my SSN (11 weeks since i applied for SSN & multiple calls to SSA with no further progress; a nightmare) so we was wondering how does he go about filing his taxes for 2018 with my details as his spouse if i have no SSN still.. I will show him this post, thanks again
  4. But mines not a biometrics update, its an update on my RFIE
  5. USCIS online case status changed to 'Response to USCIS' request for evidence was received'
  6. It would be best if you post a separate thread, this is for December 2018 AOS filers, im gathering your not at that stage yet? were not the people to ask for help sorry!
  7. Had my biometrics same day as you, no update, i really wouldn’t worry too much.. don’t forget not all of us are under the same field offices
  8. Thank you both! Were going to look into it 😊 Awesome! So fast!! Good luck 😁
  9. Thank you for your really kind & reassuring response, its appreciated I am a natural worrier anyway (own worst enemy lol) Thats a great idea about a signed affidavit for my in-laws, they love us living here (we all get on really well but obviously would love our own place once i can work) so i will definitely ask them to write one for us It really is exhausting because SSA have been useless.. i applied 2 weeks after arrival back in October 2018, took all my documents, told me id be sent for manual verification & could take 6-8 weeks (which is fine) & then i checked USCIS SAVE & on the 26th November 2018 i was verified & my case was sent back to Maryland SSA (HQ?) - i kept ringing the lady at my local SSA office & she told me i was 'still in progress' & passed my case onto her colleague who is more 'knowledgable in these special cases'.. i was told they would call me on 9th Jan 2019 (my I-94 expired on 10th Jan) & she didnt.. so im sick & tired of chasing them. I will now just forget about it & wait until i get my EAD & re-apply for an SSN from there Thank you again it truly is this weird limbo state, i just want to get on with our lives together, cant wait for all the immigration stages to be over with!
  10. Yeah its his city’s own bank! They added my name to his account but i cant withdraw anything/acess it until i get a SSN 😕 Your absolutely right, we havent got any red flags, plenty of photos (wedding photos too with family), hoping to be renting our own apartment by end of Summer, were staying at his parents to save up for time being
  11. Going to inquire with another bank for sure... really hoping this isnt going to affect my AOS interview when it gets to that point... as proof of relationship 😕
  12. I could be wrong but i think its when you become a US Citizen... which quite a few years down the line You can renew your British Passport whilst living in USA, seen quite a few threads on here about that
  13. Just the beneficiary I sent 6, 2 for AOS, 2 for EAD, 2 for AP
  14. Just been to my husbands bank, cant add me because no SSN.. I knew it would happen. The ongoing fiasco with SSA continues 🙄 Nothing more frustrating than doing everything by the book & still having a problem at the end.