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  1. Woke up to a txt from USCIS with a case number & check cashed wooooo!!
  2. Fingers crossed we hear soon & we don't get rejected this time lol
  3. Still not received anything since we re-submitted my packet with a check 😕 I guess we have to wait the whole 5-6 weeks again.
  4. Have you had an update since you re-submitted your rejected packet?
  5. Re-submission delivered in Phoenix, AZ lockbox today! Hopefully I'll get my NOA soon.
  6. A resubmission after rejection is faster?! I thought I’d be back of the que again! You’ve just made my day lol thank you
  7. So I re-sent our rejected application today. I guess I'm no longer a February 2021 filer..? I have a case number from the original rejected submission, does anyone know if this will continue to be the same number? It starts with EAC.
  8. Thought so! Just liked to double check! All mailed back off this morning, now another 6 week wait lol
  9. Thank you! No we didn’t know the reason until we got the refused letter & whole packet back in the mail We have an exact copy of what we sent I just wanted to clarify if the packet they sent back to me with their pen marks on, is what they want back
  10. Hello, Mailing out my re-submission tomorrow (They rejected & sent back to me because our credit card wouldn't charge) so we are re-sending with a check. On my paperwork they sent back, they have barcode/number scan printed on each page but 2 of the pages have pen line drawn through the barcode/number scan. Does this mean I have to send a complete fresh copy? I'm getting mixed information upon searching the forum, some posts say re-send as you received it back as they put it in order but I don't want to resend it if the pen line through their barcode scan means it's invalid & they need a fresh copy? Thanks.
  11. Before I package this back up... my packet they returned has pen lines through their barcode scanning on the bottom of my application pages... does this mean I have to resend a complete fresh form?! I wish they’d state it clearer on the green rejection letter instructions.
  12. Thank you as always for your knowledge & advice! Appreciate it 🙂
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