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  1. Hello all :) It's been a while since I frequented these forums. Me and my husband are going on our first flight back to the UK to visit my family in April - I have my Greencard but this will be my first time re-entering the USA with it when I fly back.. I just wanted to clarify if I need any certain immigration paperwork other than my British passport, my USA Greencard and my marriage certificate? (Marriage certificate is to show change of last name as my passport is still valid and has my maiden last name but my Greencard has my married last name) Thanks in advance.
  2. Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to the people on this forum, today the mail man delivered my 2 year conditional green card! A special thanks to @Wuozopo @Greenbaum for sharing their knowledge & @Hemzi for being supportive & friendly! Best wishes to everyone, I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for those still at the beginning, middle or visa in hand & about to take flight to the USA. Patience is truly your best friend throughout this process. Now I can have a break from checking the latest updates & process situations until I need to do ROC LOL See you on the forums in the future Take care, best wishes Meisha x
  3. I also just took extra checked in bags on my flight. Sold quite a few things back home & donated bits to local charity shops, binned stuff that wasn't worth selling/donating. Left 3 medium size boxes of belongings at my Mum's (which wern't a 'must take now' situation) & my PC (which im going to sell when i visit back home) Personally, I think its less hassle to check an extra bag or two in on your flight
  4. So sad to hear this has happened to you... I would be absolutely beside myself so I admire your bravery & you sound very strong emotionally. Best wishes
  5. Me & Jake wore casual, no issues atall! We saw a couple both in suits, too much imo but each to their own LOL Good luck @Brittani its absolutely painless
  6. I had the same letter, its just standard information My USCIS case tracker says card mailed to me so they definitely dont need biometrics again
  7. I dont need this? Ive had my interview, i was aiming the post towards the OP
  8. USCIS send an interview date letter & it has a list of all the documents to bring, the OP should have this info if they have the interview letter already
  9. Your interview letter will have a list of documents & it states "use this as your checklist" so why do you need to make an appointment to clarify what to bring? For eligibility for Lawful permanent resident status, if you applied from a K1 fiancé visa, its your I-129F NOA2 letter that the USC petitioner would've received by mail. Take a certified copy of your Marriage certificate too (it already states this on the interview letter anyways)
  10. Dont forget to get married before AOS! 😂😂
  11. Yeah I understand your point, Id be feeling the same as you! Wuozopo’s advice is good, i think you will be okay
  12. I honestly believe it wont be an issue but maybe your fiancé’s mum can fill out that page of the I-134 & scan it to you?
  13. Interesting... good info to know, thanks! Yes.. I im 99% certain i had a 'cant be bovverd' working on my SSN application lol... the lady who finally gave us the proper update, apologized profusely & seemed to know what she was talking about
  14. Do you know if the SAVE info matches what the customs officer input on my I-94? Because I do have two middle names, although my local SSA office admitted it was the fact no one was dealing with my case the whole time, but I'm wondering if maybe I was sent for manual verification because I have two middle names?
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