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  1. I have told her about it and she was going to outright ask my wife’s attorney about what she sent but I said to hold off on that yet. I’m thinking I will just hold stations right now and see what USCIS says. I’m guessing there is a chance they may say nothing at this point, but it does depend on what she might have sent. To my knowledge there is nothing she could have sent other than outright lies, but then I wouldn’t put that past her either. When she feels like she’s not getting what she wants or her back is against the wall she might just make something up to get an edge. We will see……
  2. Yeah, they are all the things I was thinking about. I did try calling USCIS yesterday and it was a mammoth task to get through the new automated system but when I did all she would tell me is what I already knew and was reading on the website. I asked for tier 2 but they wouldn’t play ball and get me through. She just said that if they need anything they will ask for it. I didn’t get a notification as such, my case tracker app is where I always look and had been looking since I had put together the evidence that she had been trying to get something to USCIS. I’m guessing I’ll just have to wait and see what, if anything USCIS do about whatever they have had sent by her and go from there. Thank you for the good info though, I appreciate it!
  3. Hi all, I really didn’t expect to be here again so soon and saying what I am saying now. To cut a long story short I came in to the US from the UK with a Fiancé Visa sponsored by my US Citizen wife and we got married in Dec 2018. I filed for I751 ROC in July 2021 just before my green card expired in October 2021. I have so far got the 18 month and 24 month extension letters from USCIS. At the end of September 2021 I asked my wife for a divorce. There were so many things that were not big things but eventually everything added up to me being unhappy and not wanting to be with my wife anymore. We have two beautiful children who will be 3 and 2 in January 2022. We moved to Florida in July and so we can’t file for divorce until January 2022 because of the minimum 6 months residency in the state of Florida rule. Anyway, things went really south on October 1st, and I don’t want to go into too much detail but she ended up filing for an injunction against me in the civil family court and after the hearing the injunction was put in place for 1 year while we manage to get the divorce done. I have been out of my house since then and she has not let me see the children all this time. I saw through informed delivery that she had three envelopes coming to her with her writing on so they were self addressed evelopes. I checked the tracking numbers and there were three ZIP codes and the one thing they all had in common was they were USCIS filing addresses. Two In Texas and one in Phoenix. So she sent three envelopes to three different USCIS offices certified mail with return envelopes. I still don’t know what she sent or what was returned obviously but I assume she is trying to make waves for me somewhere along the line. I got a notification yesterday that USCIS had received my correspondence and are reviewing it. If they need anything from me they will send a notice. I suppose my question is any ideas what she might be trying to achieve? Do I send a letter to USCIS explaining we have separated but not yet filed for Divorce? I was going to leave it until we have filed and got our divorce and then send the divorce paperwork to USCIS and ask them to make my I751 a divorce waiver. Bearing my mind I only submitted it in July and they are taking 18-24 months to process. Thank you for any input you may have.
  4. NOA letter came in the mail yesterday, 1 week from when they received my package.
  5. Hello, July 2021 filer here! Looks like I’ll be around for a while 😝 Just got my text yesterday and have been assigned YSC. Hopefully, I can bring you all some good luck and speed things up a little 😜
  6. Just got my text with case number. I’m in YSC.
  7. Credit card charged…… awaiting text or email with case number.
  8. Package arrived with USCIS today 07-14 signed for by De La Cruz.
  9. Here we go again! I sent my package today 07/09 via UPS ground so we will see how it goes. Hopefully July is an easy month. Good luck everyone!
  10. Hey Any other January 2019 AOS Filers here? I came in on K1 Visa and I'm in Phoenix. I sent my package on December 31st but I'm classing it as a January 2019 Filing. Good luck everybody!
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