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  1. Hello Psalm, You are going to have to be patient. An average of 6 to 8 months before receiving NOA2... Take care, Alix
  2. Thank you very much Carmel. I was very surprised to see that for French citizen, it takes much more than most people (I guess the agent at the Parisian Ambassy took the French habit to take full 2 hours of break for their lunch, which slows down the files completion 😉 ). I am any way basing my "patience stamina" on the average time of 12 months. Will see. All best, Alix
  3. Ok I got it, thank you very much Missileman. Very helpful. Cheers. thank you very much Adil-Rafa, your message makes total sense. Very helpful too. Take care, Alix
  4. Hello everyone, When looking at this link : https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/irstats.php?history=360 I am wondering why there are such big differences in the treatment of our files, according to different nationalities. If anyone has any infos on that, I would love to know more. Thank you very much. Take care Alix
  5. Bravo! In my case, they will take my fingerprints only at the very end of the process (being the interview at the Ambassy). Take care
  6. Hello again Vante, You can check your update on this official Homeland security website (even create an account and receive email notifications) https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do Have a good day, morning, evening, wherever you are Alix
  7. Hello, I have seen several discussion on the forum about receipts starting with MSC (like here ---> and if you make the research in the forum, you will find probably other infos. Let us know (now, the "real waiting game" is starting right after NOA1, since we will have to wait several month before receiving NOA2... take care)
  8. Hello Mantisreligius, what kind of update are you expecting? You are in the process now (since you got your NOA1)... you have to wait now... and wait... and... 😉 . Have a good day.
  9. Hello AlenaNick, it seems to me that you are correct. If your personal infos listed in the receipt are correct, you are fine and have nothing to do (but I'm a true newbie here). We'll see what other members say.
  10. Great. Thank you very much Lean Stanley. Take care
  11. Hello everyone, I'm Alix married to an animerican living in L.A. We sent the file on April 23rd, got a receipt saying they received it on April 24th, the notice date is April 29th, 2019 (which I guess is the notice date starting of the process). Take care and good luck to us all, Alix
  12. Hello everyone, I'm adding myself to the "May 2019 Filers". I am French, living in Paris, and my husband is anglo-american living in the US. We have been married for only a month (yiiiihaaa!!!) and been together for 5 years. We will send the file on Monday May 13th... the adventure starts...
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