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  1. Ah ! 😉 Let's see how it goes... https://www.forbes.com/sites/tamarathiessen/2020/07/06/us-europe-travel-ban-eu-wants-lovers-couples-exempt/amp/
  2. Hello LoveInChicago, things have changed since March and the US have become one of the major concentrations of Covid cases since then. Here is the map of the situation from the Schengen point of view as of July1rst... We got a second "real" answer from a French Consulate in the US, let me share it with you (with the "slight detail" that of course the Officer at the Border can still refuse the US citizen on the French soil) : -- Bring copies of the French's spouse passport, the livret de famille, ideally a bill paid together in Frence (rent, electricity, etc.) ; -- On the formulaire (attestation de déplacement vers la France métropolitaine depuis les pays tiers), you can tick either the second option or add by handwritting "je rejoins mon épouse/mon époux". Since you have to quaranteene once you arrive in France, my husband won't enter the US Embassy with me for the interview (we decided it would be wiser 😉 but at least, if he makes it to Paris, we will be together.) Won't bother you with it anymore now. Have a good week-end, Alix
  3. Thank you MA&AR, That is why I am quoting the new formulaire and wonder what my husband should choose as an option 😉 There are restrictions yes, but also exceptions to the restrictions...
  4. Sorry guys, to bother you with it again, I just would like to avoid my husband to be turned down once he arrives in Paris... here is an extract from the attestation, that all US citizens have to fill out and present to both the Airline before boarding and at the Police des Frontiers once in France. We are still not sure what box to tick... my guess is number 1. But the French phrase is very confusing. Does the "ressortissant de nationalité française" have to be with his family members to travel ? OR Does it mean that family members of a French citizen (even if they are not French) can enter the French soil. We realised the Consulat did not take the risk to answer straightforwardly to us on that precise point. Thanks, Alix
  5. Thanks. I think we are fine yes with the right documents. 😉 I have a friend at AirfFrance (chef de cabine longs courriers), she says Air France has a responsibility towards the French Government (And the Gov is financially helping them in that regard too) not to fly just anyone to France and respect the rules that have been imposed on July 1rst with « third kind countries » (= those that are right now very impacted by Covid - like the USA), otherwise they get a severe fine + they take a risk to lose a customer by bringing him to France and be refused at the Police of the Frontiers. You write you are a dual French-US citizen, that’s great, and probably why you were able to travel both ways with no problem. My husband is « just » a US citizen. Anyway, I’m confident. Thanks for your reply.
  6. I keep having my monologue on this discussion lol 🤣... The Consulate replied already. They said that as long as my husband has a copy of my passport, a copy of our "livret de famille" and ideally a proof that we share some invoice in France (we share electricity and gaz so I have the invoices under both our names), he should be fine to enter the French soil. BUT they also said, that of course, it will be up to the airline and up to the Officer at the Border when he arrives. Voilà. Take care you all, Alix
  7. Hello Everyone, Planning to have my husband flying from the US to France so that he is in Paris for the itw (who knows, they may let him come in) and will then travel back, go through Port of Entry with me and all. BUT 🤨 I have read closely the Attestation documents provided by the French government that are required to travel (in addition to the free-from-covid form). It appears there is a distinct and confusing difference in language between the French and English forms. So I would like to know what you guys think of it: -- In the FRENCH version of the form, surely the most accurate since original, it says: "certifie que le motif de déplacement correspond à l’une des catégories suivantes (cocher la case) a. Ressortissant de nationalité française, ainsi que son conjoint et ses enfants” etc. Which I would translate by “A French national, as well as his/her spouse and children”. There is NO specificity regarding the necessity of the French spouse to be traveling in this instance. -- And then, in the English version of this form, the same paragraph reads: " French nationals, accompanied by their spouse and children” which is something entirely different and is not applicable to us in this case. Confusing right? 🧐🧐🧐
  8. You should get your interview very soon then, like by the end of July (my guess). Congratulations, it's great!
  9. It's ridiculous the Sydney embassy won't open yet. I have a job offer waiting and I can't plan ANYTHING. So so frustrating! I've asked them to expedite my application three times but they never do. At this point I dunno what's gonna happen with my job offer. Edited 16 hours ago by AussieBoy87 Sorry about that @AussieBoy87. Your employer is of course aware of the situation, which is global. Are you in touch with your employer? Have you tried to send your expedite to NVC or to the Embassy? Both? Which one denied the 3 times?
  10. Hello Jerus, It is a form that only the applicant files. All Embassies can ask you to show it. But since, it is quite a new form, most of the applicants I am following on the forum have not been asked to show it during their interview. Better be ready with it. Also, if they don't ask for it during the interview, the Officer at your port of entry when you arrive in the US for the first time with your immigrant visa can ask to see it and see the proof that you are on your way to have a proper Health Insurance within 30days after your arrival. Hope I'm clear 😉 Take care, Alix
  11. Thank you, yes that is what I think too. And : Yes, that is wise. It is going to be released on July 1rst. Patience... Thank you Both, Alix
  12. Hello Everyone, Does any of you have his (US citizen) spouse coming over to France, from the US in the next coming weeks? What are the chances that he/she would be refused before taking the plane, or on the arrival at the airport in France? My husband is planning to travel to France on July 20th and it is very hard to find concrete infos (on the Interior Minister website, both English and French version don't match ; the French version says basically it is fine for the French citizen AND his spouse or kids to come over to France, while the English version is "the French citizen accompagnied by spouse, etc." What do you think? Thank you, Alix
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