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  1. https://www.ssa.gov/forms/ss-5.pdf ss-5.pdf
  2. Send your documents to your local Social Security office.
  3. Dear Voilet, I was in the same situation. I kept calling and they would say basically they had no idea who I was. They said one day that it was up to USCIS to send them my info so that they could issue the card. And then one day, I called randomly and fell on a guy : "ok, no problem, this is what you are going to do : send me by express post mail the following document" : - copy of your passeport - copy of birth certificate (and certified translation) - copy of marriage certificate (and certified translation) - copy of your visa (since you don't have your GC yet, give a photocopy of the stamp on your DOA day of arrival) - and the form SS-5 that you can easily find on line. Send all this, and say, "As requested by your office over the phone, please find attached the following documents, etc, etc." They will process your docs, and should be sending you back all your copies by snail mail. You will receive your card couple of weeks after. Take care and let me know, Alix (the irony is that weeks after, I received a call from a lady who said, ok we are good to have an appointment with you to issue your card - and I replied... I already have my card LOL)
  4. Hello AllisOn, I received mine in October 2020, and it was simply left in our mail box (in California). No signature whatsoever. I hope you get yours soon. Take care, Alix
  5. Thanks Landy88 , It varies a lot from one state to another. And from one phone call to another... I imagine it is not ideal for your husband to wait until Dec14th, but I hope it's ok (work, driver's licence). Take care, Alix
  6. Hello Everyone, I have juste received my SSN card through the postmail! 🤪 On Sept 24th, I called (one more time) my local SSA office in California, praying for not having the same man on line (who had been so not helpful and negative (he was the one who told me to call Department of State and USCIS) - what a waste of time). Thankfully I had a new person, who was super helpfull and asked me to send copies of my documents (passeport, visa (since I don't have my Green Card yet)) + form SS5. I also add a bill showing that I am living in California and my marriage certificate (I guess, an old reflexe from the Visa process...). He told me that once he would receive the docs, I would get a phone call from them to schedule an appointment in person. But today, I received the card, without having to meet with them in person. I am so happy. Now, I have to receive the green card... it has been 72 days since I paid for the fees and 2 months after my POE. I hope you are well, take care. Alix
  7. Thank you. Let's wait and see. Not there yet! The 2 other persons I talked too from the same office said different thing. So it's worth re-trying again and again and again...
  8. Cf SSN Hello All, I hope this little message finds you well. A slight improvement. POE on August 14th -- I called SSA a month after my arrival, so around Sept15th, and the man said that I was not in the system, that I had to call the Department of State. I called both USCIS and NVC, both basically said that it was up to SSA to create me in their system and produce a SS card 😩 The man at USCIS even said that I had to wait for my green card to arrive before asking for a SSN... And no news on the GC of course. I called again today SSA. At my local office. The man confirmed that I was not in the system (under both my married name and my maiden name). And then he said "no problem" (!!!!! it is amazing what these 2 simple words together can do to my spirit), you are going to print the form SS-5, mail it to us at your local office with the following documents : copies (C O P I E S) of your passport and your permanent resident card*. We will then get back to you and arrange an appointment with you in person. I have added a copy of my birth certificate (in French with the certified translation -- that shows I am whom I say I am, and shows also that I am married to a US citizen (we never know, right?). I also wrote a letter to introduce the whole thing and explain why I could not send a copy of my GC but only a copy of the Visa with the POE stamp. I know this is going to take a while, but still, I think it is an improvement. I don't see why other offices would not do exactly the same. Take care, Alix
  9. I will let you know. What a drag right?
  10. Hello Freda, The person I talked to at my local Social Security Office here in California said they were not taking any appointment, unless I was a refugee or any other dire reasons. Will call again since I see it happens in other states. We'll see. Thanks for your feedback, it is very useful. Take care, Alix
  11. Ok, I called USCIS. First I waited for an hour, then someone pick up but never said anything, I could hear someone working in an office, but nobody was talking to me. I waited for another 10min and then hung up. Called back a second time, waited 1H20 (!!!) and then a person said that USCIS could not do anything, that I had to write to NVC. And that in any case, I would not receive my SSnumber before getting my greencard, which he reminded of, could arrive anytime between my arrival in the US (last month) and 120 days (4 months). I wrote to NVC through their enquiry form "ASK NVC" on their website. Hope to get an answer "relatively" soon. Anyone in the same situation? Take care All 😉
  12. Nop, it did not work. They told me to call Immigration. I simply don't exist in their system and the request has to come from USCIS... Great! Arrrfffffghhhhh! 😩
  13. Hello Everyone, I think I am just going to fill out the form (it is available on line here https://www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/ Print it and try to go to my local Social Security office to handle it to them with my passport and my admission stamp that is on my passport. Let's give it a try. 🤨
  14. Hello Leo O I was wondering : when you first call them, did they have infos on your file or nothing. I called them this morning (not the local office - which is closed right now) and the man did not have my name at all on his computer, there was no trace of any file under my name... (I have been in the US for a month now) Thanks for your help, Alix
  15. Hey TboneTX Do you mind telling me what is the subforum... there are so many related to SS. Thank you very much. Alix
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