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  1. Hello Fellow VJers, My K1 visa is approved and I'm moving to New York in April and had a couple of questions: 1) What things should I take care of in India before moving? I have a couple of things in mind like cancelling my credit cards, updating my parent's phone number in places there is my phone numbers like bank accounts, anything else that I should take care of based on experience? 2) My fiancee has got a studio apartment in New York which she applied last year for 1 person only since I don't have any US documents or income? I'm not sure if 2 people can stay in that place, and if my fiancee can add me as a spouse once we are married on such short notice? Like 2-3 months after she gets the apartment? Any advice is appreciated Best, Deepak & Angela
  2. @harley2012, the link I have shared is for Indian Consulate only, I'm not sure which country you are from as your timeline isn't filled up, but if you're not from India then the link to track will be completely different for you.
  3. I had applied for the K-1 Visa, I had my interview at the Mumbai Consulate. You can check the status on the USTravelsDocs site by entering your passport number. http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-passporttrack.asp
  4. It changed over the course of 3 days, so from Friday to Tuesday (not counting Saturday and Sunday) and then Wednesday I picked up my passport. Nov 30th Friday I had my interview, and I picked up my passport on Dec 5th Wednesday.
  5. Hi @pknick, yes I received my passport a few days after. The status quickly changed from Ready to AP with a new creation and case updated date, then to Ready again and then to Issued. I then checked status on USTravelDocs website by entering my passport number and it said ready to pickup, so I just went and picked up my passport from the pickup location that I had selected.
  6. Yes, that can be done. You can arrive a couple of days before the interview and stay with him, he should get his visa in a week's time max, I got mine in 3 working days. And then you can fly back together. You can obviously stay for 5 weeks if you wish.
  7. Hi @ujones, Yes that sounds correct. You can apply for PCC irrespective of Case# or anything so while you are awaiting for the case# you can ask your fiance to apply for PCC. You need to fill the DS-160 at the following link: https://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/Default.aspx After filling the DS-160 you need to use the DS-160 confirmation number and Case# from NVC to create a profile on USTravelDocs site to pay the fee which is $265 and then schudule the biometrics/VAC and Consular Appointment. You don't really need the packet 4 but yes you should contact the embassy if you still want it. I was asked for at Rele Clinic for my medical. And yes both the petitioner and beneficiary get the confirmation letter once the case is sent from NVC to the embassy.
  8. Yes he should plan to stay for 2-3, he can try and stay in BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) or anywhere as he can always Uber. Both the VAC and the Consulate are at different locations but only a km apart from each other in BKC. He can get the biometrics appointment get done on the first day itself and schedule the consular interview the day after.
  9. Yes, VAC is the biometrics/fingerprint appointment, you can get it done anytime before the Consular Interview at the embassy, at least 24 hours before the interview. He can get it done before or after the medical doesn't matter. VAC and Consular Interview are scheduled together after creating your profile on USTravelDocs with your case# and DS-160 confirmation number. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  10. I had my interview at Mumbai Consulate on Nov 30 and was approved I've written a Consulate review for everyone, let me if you anyone has any questions Thank you @Greenbaum for all your help!!! And all the best to everyone awaiting approvals and for the remaining Journey! Long Live VJ!
  11. Hey Guys, My Visa Status on CEAC still says "Ready" for an interview to be scheduled and the "Case Created" date is also still the same (shouldn't there be a new one) I already had my interview on Nov 30 and I was approved. the Case Last Updated date has been updated a couple of times though, first on Nov 30 on the date of the interview and once today (Dec 3). Should I be worried because there is not a new "Case Created" date and because the status hasn't been updated to AP or Issued or Non Immigrant or Immigrant Visa. Any advice or experience is helpful
  12. thank you Jagjit for your response, btw I think you mean fiancee and not wife
  13. Thank you for your response! I've been reading a lot of posts on VJ and most of them confirm that you do not need a letter from the bank as long as you are above the poverty line based on your employment letter and IRS Transcrips and the following should definitely be enough as per those posts: 1) Online Bank Statement for the last 3 months 2) IRS Tax Transcripts for the last 3 years 3) W-2 for the last 3 years 4) Letter from the Employer 5) Pay Stubs from the last 3 months However, those posts are not that recent there I would be relieved if someone here can confirm? I'm just trying to avoid the bank letter because I've heard the bank (Chase, in my fiancee's case) trouble a lot to give such documents. Can anyone share their experience on this? Thank you, EVERYONE, in advance