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  1. Well that is incorrect information since foreign spouse of Indian origin person is eligible. My question is that do I need to wait until I get an OCI card (once I get US passport) or she can get her OCI card before me?
  2. Hello, I am a conditional green card holder with an Indian Passport, can I apply for OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) for my US Citizen spouse once we complete 2 years of marriage? Has anyone done that for their spouse? Thank you!
  3. Mine arrived in a week but it could take up to two weeks. You can use informed delivery to check everyday if it's coming that day.
  4. I had my interview on 23rd Sept at 12:05pm and it went like a breeze. Got there at 1130am and was let in, went through airport type security check even had to remove shoes, then went up to 7th floor to a room where the person at the window asked for the interview letter and gave us a token number and asked us to go to another room and wait for our number to be called, we went to the other room (people were social distancing) and were expecting to wait for 1-2 hours but our number was called and the IO thanked us for coming early for our interview and took us to her office where she asked us to sit (she told my USC wife to sit on the middle chair and told me to sit on the aisle chair) then she made both of us take an oath. She was very nice and told us if she asks any embarassing questions its just part of the process even though she didnt ask any such questions she asked where we met how we met and when we met each others family how is our relation with each others family, asking for wedding pictures and askes us to point out people in a couple of wedding pictures and kept a couple. She didnt want any other documents but we asked her again and she kept our joint bank account statements and joint tax return. She said since I got my medical done in 8 months prior to submitting my aos application I would need to do it again but I took out the I693 instructions page to show her that as long as you submit your file within a year of medical its fine so I would suggest everyone to take the instructions page or get a new medical done to avoid any delays. At the end she said she is going to approve us shortly after we leave and we should have our green card in 2 weeks. She escorted us out then and before we even reached home our case status updated to new card is being produced followed by multiple case updates and I got my GC on Sept 30. All in all a very good experience thanks to our very nice IO and ofcourse all of you who have been with us in every step of this journey. All done for 1 year and 9 months.
  5. Congratulations!! My interview in New York City is on Sept 23rd! Hopefully it doesnt get cancelled because of the furlough.
  6. Received the interview letter today, it's on Sept 23rd!!
  7. Same! My status changed on August 15 and I'm still waiting for thr notice in mail.
  8. Thank you @ujones and congratulations!!!!! This is extremely helpful and Nice to see you again as well!
  9. If anyone has a compiled list of documents we should take to the interview, please post it here. It will be really helpful to me and others. Thank you!
  10. If anyone has a compiled list of documents we should take to the interview, please post it here. It will be really helpful to me and others. Thank you!
  11. Yes we used 2018 taxes when filed so I'll take 2019 taxes and an updated form, thank you!!
  12. Can anyone please tell me what documents do I need to take for AOS Interview in regards to my Joint Sponsor?
  13. I wish you all the best in finding a job before the interview. ❤️
  14. I'm adjusting status from K1 visa and have my AOS Interview next month. When I submitted my AOS application my wife (USC) was transitioning between jobs so we used her mom (my mother in law) as a joint sponsor. Now my wife and I both have a job and make enough above the level required. Can we not use my mother in law as a joint sponsor anymore? If yes, should I just take an updated i-864 with my wife's information or do I need to do anything else? Do I need to take any of my mother in laws documents if we're not using her as a joint sponsor? Thank you for your help in advance!! Quote
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