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  1. I have a friend who had checked no for criminal convictions on his ESTA years ago = He had a stupid bar fight when young, and was arrested. He was denied with immigration based on the misrepresentation. That is going to be your biggest issue, in my opinion. I agree with the lawyer recommendations.
  2. We weren't given anything at the interview - same issue with the medical. We received an RFE shortly after, and had to redo the medical and submit it to the local office, then got approval for my husband.
  3. 245(1) would only be available to them if a petition had been filed before 2001, unless they revise the law.
  4. If she is given less time to stay at point of entry, you can apply for an extension of that time period once she is here in the US. It's not uncommon, especially if she's retired / at retirement age, for people to stay for extended periods.
  5. Good morning. Congratulations on you guys getting approved for your GC and I wish you guys a happy and fruitful marriage. I am a Jamaican that has been here in the US for 5 years now on a B2 visa and I recently got married to my wonderful wife who is a US citizen. We currently live in VA but I was in Hartford, CT for some time. We just mailed our paperwork off to USCIS Chicago Lockbox and just wanted to know what the process was like for you guys. Did you use a lawyer to do any part of the process? Were the immigration officials very strict towards you guys because of the overstay? I know you guys must be very busy, so if you ever find the time to reply we'd appreciate that a lot and be very grateful for whatever information you can share with us. Thank you in advance

  6. You can head off a DNA test by doing it on your own through an accredited lab, at a fraction of the cost that it would be if you wait until it's requested. I have friends that have done it, rather than waiting months for the interview, and then more time for the DNA results.
  7. Not odd at all, very common in Jamaica - And they usually will ask for it at interview if they intend to ask for it. You can do one in advance and try to head off the expense.
  8. Just to clarify - His overstay is not forgiven just because he got married - until they file and it is excepted, he is still at risk. I would recommend filing ASAP.
  9. It was fine - He never asked a single question about the overstay. My husband had visited back and forth previously - He came up in February, and hello Covid! I think our situation is more common now than someone who just overstayed for an extended period. Actually, he was still in status when we got married. The interview was the usual questions about what car we drove in, where we live, who lives with us, identifying people in pictures, what vacations have we taken,....
  10. My husband overstayed his tourist visa - We had no intention of marrying when he came for a visit, but spur of the moment decision to elope... His GC was approved last month. I would say they should file ASAP, because while his status is protected once they file, right now he has no status and if he had an issue, he risks deportation.
  11. We did not get a decision on the spot, and were told that it could take 30-90 days to get a decision, so I am not sure where you are getting the 30 day requirement from. He also told us that they are backlogged due to Covid, and it can take longer. However, we had an RFE to update the medical within 3 days, and an approval within 2 days after they received the medical.
  12. Very true. We had the lab tests and vaccines done previously, except they wanted $300 for blood work for STD testing. I asked if they could run the tests through insurance, and they put it all through, cost of exam included.
  13. Actually, the civil surgeon we used put the entire exam through insurance, we didn't pay a fee.
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