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  1. Yes, you would use the same case number. I would email the embassy to get a new appointment, and ensure that you schedule a medical for after 8/12. If you search "medical denial" and "kingston" and "weed" in the forums you will find others that went through it.
  2. I believe you are correct - with the exception of the I-765 for the kids. Unless they are over 15 - 16, they won't be able to work so I think you are going to confuse the process by submitting that. You can get the SSN later, I wouldn't include those.
  3. Call toll-free 1-800-375-5283 1 2 2 2 1 for English 2 case information / questions on case 2. Can't find receipt # 2. Still can't find receipt # And this will transfer to rep during normal calling hours. If you aren't getting any answers, ask for a supervisor.
  4. We didn't submit all that attached to the I-130A - It's easy to overthink and stress this process - Follow the guides here or search the forums for cover letter, you will see how people organized theirs.
  5. A medical exam completed in the US is valid for two years, so you should be fine if it was in the US.
  6. It's early and I cannot find the source at the moment, but I know I read it somewhere. From what I am reading this am, they cannot enforce the public charge rule while a public health emergency is declared, and not to submit the I-944 right now. However, if the public health emergency is lifted, I would be willing to take bets that they will re-enact it, so while I wouldn't send it right now, I would still gather the information on the form just in case - The form is a nightmare to complete, and I would rather be overprepared then scrambling at the end before an interview.
  7. The public charge rule is only delayed through October - if you are filing now, your petition is highly unlikely to be adjudicated before that, so I would say submit it, or continue preparing it because you will probably need it anyway.
  8. Maybe because they have everything scanned and ready to go online, but would have to print, organize and make copies? I know the other has to be mailed anyway - But it's a preference of how to file - you can file it both ways. I agree on the expedite, I think too many people throw that around and it's not always a valid reason to expedite.
  9. Lucky Cat = Many have filed the I-130 online, then when they had the NOA filed the I-485. There is no reason they can't file online - Yes, if she plans to stay in the US they need to file both - But she can do the I-130 online.
  10. I've seen this with someone recently through Jamaica - They were told they were approved at the interview, the online status was set to refused, then changed within a day or two - he's here in the US within 2 weeks of his original interview. Keep checking
  11. There are a few threads, and others who have filed mixed into other topics. We filed our petition through Chicago and it was received June 25th via FedEx - Our Credit card got charged on July 9th, I received the texts on July 12th and we received the paper NOA1 on July 17. You will receive a notice for each form you filed. Did you also file the I-765 and I-131? They are free to file with the other petitions.
  12. Wow, that was really fast - And again proves the point of there is no rhyme or reason, lol! We are in CT too - Our NOA was 7/12, and we haven't received the biometrics letter yet. Crossing my fingers based on yours that it will come soon!
  13. I was going through the Civil Surgeon list provided by the USCIS and getting frustrated - either the doctors were no longer at that location, or they weren't doing them anymore. The clinic I found through this site is listed on the list, I checked after I spoke with them.
  14. I found this site: I booked an appointment, and didn't get much info from them, and pretty much forgot I had booked it, lol! I got a call the day before from the clinic reminding me that my husband has an appointment. Due to other reasons, we had to cancel that medical and will reschedule - but they verified that the price on the site was correct. https://www.easyime.com/
  15. It took 4-5 days between my credit card being charged and receiving the texts.
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