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  1. That article is comparing the first 3 years of their terms. While Trump is on pace to pass Obama, Obama's total is about double Trumps. Once Trump passes him then he'll be the new EO king. Edit: looks like Bush is reigning king Primary source: https://www.federalregister.gov/presidential-documents/executive-orders
  2. According to their website the current edition (version) of the form is 03/06/18. I believe this is the one available to download right now. Check the bottom left of the form to see the edition date. [edit] I have no idea why the text size changed in this post.
  3. There was a new version that was supposed to go in to affect on 10/15. Check the USCIS website, there's an update at the top. The new new 10/15 form was available on the USCIS site for a short time. https://www.uscis.gov/i-864
  4. I'm in the same boat. There have been a couple of posts about getting a police cert from China. @cbro (links to other posts in the link lol)
  5. Update 10/12/19 just got a rejection letter from the IRS. In the letter it stated we were rejected and needed to provide prof of forigen stats. The IRS off made a copy of my wife's passport and sent it in. So apparently they didn't accept the copy their office sent in. The letter also said I can resubmit by sending the original passport, national ID card, or a state issued ID. So they didn't accept the passport copy their own office made. I I guess I'll just wait until I file my taxes and attach the W-7. F! the IRS [ventung over]
  6. Here's another good post, they ended up going to China to get their report.
  7. I hope he's good. Please let us/everyone know what happens.
  8. The China sub-forum has a wealth of information. I can't vouch for this service but it won't hurt to look in to it.
  9. I was able to add my wife to my insurance w/o a SSN. Stating this year, the company that manages our benefits plan said a SSN was required. But after calling and explaining we are waiting for her visa and SSN to be issued I was able to add her. They said just call when she has a SSN and update the file. So it might company specific. But a SSN is not required for insurance. However i did find this on the IRS website. It might explain why the insurance company wants it. It seems a TIN should work. Q1. My health insurance company has requested that I provide them with my social security number and the social security numbers of my spouse and children. Is there a reason why they need our social security numbers? A1. Your health insurance company is required to provide Form 1095-B, Health Coverage to you and to the Internal Revenue Service. You will use information from the form to prepare your individual income tax return. The law requires SSNs to be reported on Form 1095-B. Q5: If I do not have a social security number (SSN) or other tax identifying number (TIN) for myself or other covered individuals, such as my spouse or dependents, should I contact the IRS to obtain a social security number or individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) so that I can give it to my health coverage provider? A5: No, it is not necessary for you to contact the IRS if you do not have an SSN or a TIN. You should advise your coverage provider that you do not have an SSN or TIN and give them the date of birth for each covered individual. LINK: https://www.irs.gov/affordable-care-act/questions-and-answers-about-reporting-social-security-numbers-to-your-health-insurance-company#targetText=Your health insurance company is,to the Internal Revenue Service.&targetText=The law requires SSNs to be reported on Form 1095-B.
  10. Thanks for the reminder about the new versions. I'll have to redo them =( Also nice list you posted. Thanks
  11. I have no idea exactly what will be required yet. For now these are what we are working on: Myself: Tax Transcripts I-164EZ I-864 Wife: Police reports Birth cert Other than those I don't know what we'll need.
  12. Just got notification my case was sent to NVC. Now time to gather more documents. Wooo
  13. My wife kept her last name after we got married. We figured it would be a huge PIA for her since she would have to update her information in China and Japan. If we were younger she would have changed it (so she says haha). We never thought that changing her last name would make it easier to transition. I mean it is America, people's last names are all over the place. Plus we'll be living in an area were people are used to Asian last names.
  14. It doesn't bother me if you do or don't. (but it does help the stats). I just saw a chance to use the giant emoji(?) thing and had to do it. 😃
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