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  1. My girlfriend arrived at LAX, waited in the long line, went up to the booth (with me) and handed her passport to the officer. He told her to step aside and "wait here." This became problematic because she really needed to pee. It was like 10-15 more minutes or her standing there about to pee her pants until someone came back with her passport and told her she was good to go. Pee before getting in line, that's what I'm saying.
  2. USCIS received my wife's AoS package on Nov.14. Received biometrics letter today, December 6, appointment scheduled for December 19.
  3. Well, you can call an attorney after they admit you into the USA, but while you're waiting in line, you are not allowed to call lawyers. Also, keep in mind that CBP officers have a lot of discretion and are known to be petty and retaliatory. So if they hold your fiancee for 15 minutes for seemingly no reason and you get angry about that, they might decided to keep her there for two hours "looking into something" just because they can. They can also order you to leave the secondary inspection area and decide to question her separately and make her cry and see if they can catch her in a mistake/lie. I'm very much in favor of US citizens standing up the CBP officers and refusing to answer their questions when the US citizen is traveling alone. But when traveling with a visa holder, this is not a good idea, because she is very much at their mercy.
  4. I think you need to find that out. Does he know the wife who the agent "put down"? Did he have a serious girlfriend, a common law wife, etc. at the time and was he holding himself out as married? I think the way these forms work is that if you check off that you have a spouse, the next questions then ask for information about the spouse. So unless the agent made a typo and just checked the wrong box, it would say wife and then say who that wife is. And I find it hard to believe that an agent would just fabricate a wife without the client knowing about it, and give personal details about this imaginary wife, and not tell the client, and then send the client in to an interview for a visa without knowing that he's supposed to claim that he has a wife. I think you need to ask more questions here about what is going on because "My agent did that and I had no idea" is hard to believe here. It seems more likely that he was holding himself out as married and the agent did exactly as he said, or that he and the agent were both actively involved in attempted visa fraud. EDIT: I just saw the earlier posts now advising you to ask more questions and it seems like you are on top of this. Good luck.
  5. Did the agent simply click the wrong box (married instead of single) in a typographical error or did his application for a visitor visa state say who he was married to, the date of marriage, information about wife, etc.?
  6. We filed for her to adjust status last month and received an I-797C notice of receipt that says at the top "This notice does not grant any immigration status or benefit" I want to sign her up for health insurance under the exchange and the government website references an I-797 being sufficient but doesn't say anything about I-797C. When I was looking into getting her a state ID card I spoke to someone at the DMV who said they won't give her a state ID card with an I-797C, it has to be an I-797 or an I-797A. Is she going to be able to get health insurance with an I-797C? Has anyone else had experience dealing with using the I-797C to get health insurance or other benefits and that specific document being accepted or rejected?
  7. You can start working on her DS-160 online but wait for instructions from the embassy about paying the fee and other stuff.
  8. I think it may depend on the specific county. Or maybe the fearmongering on the Monroe County website wasn't accurate and I could have gotten it the next day. Anyway, we decided not to take the risk and just got married legally in Las Vegas where we new we could get the marriage certificate.
  9. Yes we just got those two days ago. They said they'll be scheduling a biometrics appointment soon.
  10. What does ""Case Was Updated To Show All Fingerprints Were Taken And Case Is In Process"" mean? We applied for AoS from K-1 visa by filing i-485, i-765, i-131 on Nov. 13 but she hasn't had any fingerprints done since the port of entry.
  11. We filed for AoS on 11/13, received on 11/14. Yesterday I got a text about the I-765 saying "Case Was Updated To Show All Fingerprints Were Taken And Case Is In Process" Does that mean she won't have to have fingerprints/biometrics done, they use the photo and fingerprints from when she arrived at the point of entry?
  12. I wouldn't blame RapidVisa or call attention to the fact she's out of status. However, I just filed our papers a couple of weeks ago and although we were within the ninety day period, I did notice one or two questions on the I-485 that seemed to ask if you've ever been out of status or present in the USA unlawfully, or present unlawfully for more than a year, or something like that. Read it carefully and if you need any advice about how to answer specific questions on the I-485 in light of her overstay, then ask and maybe one of the gurus here will be able to help you. Good luck.
  13. What you need to do is understand that she doesn't need a SSN to get insurance. Contact he insurance company and/or employer and press the issue. Escalate. Insist. Ask to talk to someone else until you talk to someone who knows what they are doing.
  14. The Department of Motor Vehicles says that because we have filed to adjust status they will need her K-1 visa and I-797, not an I-797C, in order to issue her a license or ID card. I'm confused about which one I'll be getting in the mail soon. Oddly, the DMV tells me that ordinarily a K-1 visa and valid unexpired I-94 are sufficient to get a state ID card. But once you apply to adjust status, the K-1 and I-94 are no longer good enough to get a license, and you need an I-797 even if your K-1 visa and I-94 haven't expired. They say that when DHS tells them the green card application is pending, they then reject requests for ID cards that a K-1 visa holder with proof of residence could otherwise get. So I guess that after missing the deadline for getting her a SSN I should have applied for state ID card before adjusting status?
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