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  1. Wife arrived on K-1 in September 2019, we got married in November. Didn't file 2019 taxes early in 2020 because we were waiting on wife's SSN. Got $1200 stimulus payment in April(?) based on my 2018 tax filing as single. Wife got SSN and I filed jointly for us on June 13. Today I see another $1200 pending credit to my bank account for stimulus payment. I had been led to believe I wouldn't get this $1200 payment until filing my 2020 taxes next year. Just wanted to share this data point, didn't know where else to put it.
  2. My question remains the same. Is all use of ESTA currently canceled/suspended, even for spouses of US citizens? None of these embassy screenshots say that. They say that travelers "subject to the proclamation" cannot use ESTA "in violation of the proclamation." Spouses of Americans are not "subject to the proclamation." I have seen no declarations from the US government, or any authority, saying that ESTA is now unavailable to spouses of Americans, except for the referenced "comment" on the page from the embassy in Switzerland, for which no link was provided.
  3. Is this embassy correct? Is ESTA use from Europe suspended now even for spouses of American citizens?
  4. I got impatient and tried again (two days later) and my return was accepted. I changed my wife's last name to all lowercase (there's normally a capital letter in the middle of my name) and removed her middle initial because her SS card doesn't have that. Not sure if the two day wait or the adjustment to her name is what led to success.
  5. I think that's a very bad idea. If you say "I'm visiting my girlfriend" and then they find out by asking more questions or searching your luggage or your phone or your social media or by calling your girlfriend that you are planning to get married, then they are REALLY going to suspect that you are planning to overstay. When you arrive in the USA to get married, the proper response to "purpose of your trip?" is "to get married." Fraudsters don't say that. Fraudsters say they are just visiting friends or family and try to conceal their wedding plans. Don't do that.
  6. I agree with all the advice given on this thread. I just want to add this. Although it's perfectly legal for foreigners to get married in the USA and then return home, CBP officers are vigilant about sniffing out foreigners who intend to marry in the USA and then stay and adjust status. So if your fiance arrives in the USA for a visit and tells the CBP officer "Im here to get married" the CBP officer's eyes may bug out of his head and he may refer your fiance to secondary inspection and demand "proof" that your fiance plans to return to the UK. Like proof of a job there, property, a rental lease, enrolled in school, stuff like that. And of course a return ticket. CBP may be especially vigilant now because due to the virus and the USCIS backlog more and more couples might be trying to minimize travel and delays by marrying and adjusting status. So I would advise your fiance to carry more than the usual paperwork showing that he/she really plans to return to the UK after the wedding. And also carry that on future visits after the marriage.
  7. My wife recently got her social security card. We are still waiting for her green card interview. Her card was issued on June 3. I tried to e-file out taxes today, married filing jointly with her new SSN. The e-filing was rejected. I've seen conflicting info online - some say paper filing is always required the first year after issuance of SSN. Some say it just takes ten days or so for the SSN to get updated in the IRS system. Should I file a paper return or wait a few weeks and try again?
  8. Oh, and the SS card mailing did not appear in my "Informed Delivery" daily email from the postal service.
  9. It's not needed to do this before filing the I-129F. However, by the time of her interview, you'll need to be able to prove that you guys really intend to get married, and they may ask whether there was a proposal, is there a ring, an engagement party, etc. None of those things are "required" but the absence of all of them could raise questions.
  10. My wife's social security card just arrived, 26 days after the arrival of her EAD/AP combo card. Still waiting on the rescheduled interview for her I-485 green card application.
  11. These consular officers spend all day telling foreigners "No." It's a lot harder for them to tell an American standing in front of them "I'm going to effectively prevent you from marrying the person of your choice."
  12. Can you provide a direct link to where he advises against the US citizen attending? I understand some embassies don't allow it, but I can't imagine why it would be a bad idea for the spouse to attend the overseas interview if it's permitted.
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