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  1. Hi all, I moved from the UK to the US in July 2021 on a K-1 visa. Became legally married in August 2021 and initiated the AOS process - I now have EAD and AP, and Green Card interview is imminent. I'm traveling back to the UK on Tuesday for a week - my first time using AP. My question is: I lost and replaced my UK passport in December 2021, which means my current passport no longer contains the K-1 visa or entry stamp from last year. Will this have any impact on a) me being paroled back into the US; b) the Green Card interview? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for all the replies everyone - super informative! Based on these replies, I think I will just mail my estimated tax payments as a check to the IRS. A couple more questions from me: I haven't made any estimated payments this year yet - can I just write a single check for the year to date in June/July? Does it matter if I miss the quarterly estimated tax payment deadlines (April, June, Sept, Dec)? As a new taxpayer, I'm not obliged to make any estimated tax payments anyway - therefore how can there be a penalty for missing these? As I now have a SSN, is it worth trying to retroactively file taxes for last year and try and claim the Covid stimulus payment? I arrived in July 2021, and earned no income for the remainder of that calendar year. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I moved to the US in 2021 via k-1 visa. I live in New Jersey. Did not file taxes for 2021 as didn't have to. Received EAD and SSN in April 2022, and have been remote working as independent contractor for the last few months (mainly for a UK based employer, but about to start on new contract with US-based employer). I'm aware I need to make estimated tax payments, and have a rough idea of the $ amount to pay. However, I'm struggling to figure out how to actually make the payments this in practice - can anyone please advise? When I try to use IRS DirectPay website for example, it wants me to verify my identity using information from my previous 1040 filing history - which obviously I don't have as I've never paid taxes in the US before. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I have a question that I haven't found a clear answer to online. If an individual has been approved for I-485 but not yet received the actual green card in the mail, can they still travel internationally with Advance Parole? Or is the AP technically cancelled as soon as the I-485 case is approved? I ask as today I've been approved for Advance Parole (yay!), and I also have my green card interview scheduled for early July. We're planning to travel internationally 21 days after the interview, and so are aware we may not have the card in hand by then even if we've been approved. Thanks!
  5. Thanks all for your replies - very helpful! It seems like all we can do is ensure we are prepared and have all documents at hand, to maximize the chances of being approved on the spot. Good luck with your interview next week - do check back in and let us know how it went!
  6. Hi all, I'm a September 2021 AOS filer (marriage via k-1), and our Green Card interview is scheduled for early July at Newark, NJ. I already have EAD but no AP. As the topic title says - is there any guidance on how long the typical wait is between the interview, approval, and receiving the Green Card itself in the mail? We are hoping to travel internationally 21 days after the interview - is this feasible? Thanks in advance!
  7. I reached out to EMMA live chat and confirmed our interview is scheduled for Wednesday July 6th, at Newark NJ field office.
  8. My Green Card interview has been scheduled! It's at Newark, NJ. We don't know the interview date yet. How long is the typical wait after the "interview was scheduled" notice?
  9. Yep that seems to be a common experience. Unfortunately as my local USCIS office is Newark, NJ (13 - 27 months processing time) I'm not expecting my Green Card interview anytime soon!
  10. Hi all, As we all now know I-765 (EAD) and I-131 (Advance Parole) have been "decoupled" for adjustment of status applicants, as USCIS works to reduce the backlog for EAD cards. I've just received my standalone EAD card after submitting my AOS paperwork in September 2021. Do we yet know how long AP should take to arrive after this? Does the prioritization of EAD imply a longer wait for AP? Thanks!
  11. My I-765 (EAD) was finally approved! As expected it's a standalone card, so hopefully Advance Parole isn't too far away. Does anyone have any insight on how long AP is now taking? My updated timeline: 15 September 21: AOS packet received by USCIS 18 October 21: Biometrics Appointment (Elizabeth, NJ) 28 October 21: RFE sent for I-485 (UK Birth Certificate) 28 October 21: RFE response received (later updated to 18 March 22) 22 April 22: I-765 (EAD) Approved
  12. A quick question from me - are you able to clarify how I-485 processing impacts on I-765 processing, and vice versa? So for example, if an RFE response is received for the I-485, does NBC immediately resume I-765 processing or does it need to wait to review and approve the evidence? Similarly, does NBC need to request an interview for I-485 (i.e. "rubber stamping" the green card application as ready for interview) before it can issue the I-765 and I-131?
  13. Hi all, I moved to the US from the UK in July 2021 on a K-1 visa, got married in August 2021 and filed for AOS in September 2021. No progress since then and I don't have a SSN or ITIN yet - although I did just get my NJ Driving License (card coming in the mail in the next few weeks). It's now time to file taxes for 2021 and I'm hopelessly confused as to what to do for myself and my wife. Married Filing Jointly would appear to be the best choice financially. But is it possible to do this without a SSN/ITIN? Can I apply for a ITIN at the same time as submitting the forms? If not, what would be the best route forward? I'm also nervous about sending my passport off for the ITIN and potentially not getting it back for months and months. Thanks so much in advance!
  14. I also had the RFE for long-form birth certificate (UK) two weeks ago, despite it being included in the packet and scanned by USCIS. I simply responded to the RFE with a new scan of the long-form birth certificate (no additional cover letter). That was 11 days ago and I haven't received any further updates beyond a generic "Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received". Should I be concerned that my case hasn't updated back to "USCIS is actively reviewing your case"?
  15. Thanks for the replies all - the UK birth certificate I originally submitted is indeed the long-form version that shows both parent names. I've gone ahead and submitted a new scan of the certificate via the USCIS online account - I will update here with how it progresses. Thanks!
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