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  1. Every situation mentioned here that involves embassy and passport is for renewal of the passport previously issued. Double check for the first time issuance. Also, considering the times we are living in, with embassy personnel being understaffed, workload backed up through the roof, do you really believe they will be very accommodating in your situation where you just cannot wait with resources readily available here including expedites and expecting a concierge level of service once at their turf? I would ask myself that question.
  2. My husband and I were originally planning nuptials here. He was truthful on the interview and he got his visitors visa, March 10th 2020. We didn’t want him to risk overstaying once everything hit down, so he never used it. I eventually went over and we got married, and filed I-130 as was originally planned. No problems whatsoever, just simple truth. The best of luck.
  3. It should be updated within two business days , as it states in the case update. And everything is necessary administrative processing these days even the issuing of the visa. Best of luck.
  4. Same. But I want to go so bad. I hope we do not have to re-finance our house for the price of tickets.
  5. You would be surprised how many people in some of the poshest areas in New York use cheques in retail. It’s almost a status symbol😁
  6. Everyone’s circumstances are different and I dare say unique, so there is no fool proof way to go about it. Recommendations what is better, etc, yes, but again everyone’s story is their own, and as long as you are ready to lay it out, explain it ( if necessary) you’ll be just fine. You met the minimum requirement for one meeting in two years. I wish you the best of luck and to succeed.
  7. And cancelable too, depending of the issuer and what part of the process it’s at.
  8. The form fee is 1,140 and biometrics are 85, the sum is 1225, you can sent 1000 on one MO and 225 on the other, like they did, as long as the sum is correct. What the USCIS will not accept are different methods of payment combined, like for example them sending the check and money order, which they didn’t.
  9. One more vote for Platinum. No conflict of interest either, and I had a lawyer and very straight forward case. It’s on me.
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