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  1. Thanks! we do get the old one back. So after renewal, I'll have both the old (Current) and the new passport with me. I'll keep those as a soft copy and a hard copy to be on the safe side. Would that create any issue at the US entry point or showing all the documents (old passport, new passport, EAD-AP combo card, marriage certificate, K-1 visa stamp, US driving license) should be sufficient?
  2. Hello! I got my EAD-AP combo card a few days ago and I need to travel back home for 10 days due to a family emergency. My passport is going to expire in 5 months so I can either renew it in the US or renew it back home if I go. However I am wondering if it could create any issue at re-entry to US if I have a new passport while coming back? OR Can I enter US with Indian passport expiry less than 6 months? Anyone has any idea or any experience? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Finally my EAD/AP was approved after 178 days (5.5 months). My timeline is : May 13 Date Filled May 20 NOA Jul 23 RFE Sep 11 Biometrics appointment Sep 18 Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. Nov. 8 EAD/AP approval - Your case is approved Hoping to receive the EAD/AP card in a week or two. Good luck everyone!
  4. if you do not have a birth certificate and your birth was not registered then you will have to submit a "Non Availability Certificate" from the municipality stating it was not registered. Either the birth cert or Non-Availability certificate is required to be submitted otherwise you may get 221g for missing document.
  5. our NOA1 is 5/16, no biometrics yet. Local office is Newark, NJ. We raised an inquiry for biometrics and they sent us an RFIE for birth certificate. People who filed after us, have already received their biometrics appointment date. Don't want to raise another request now, just hoping they sent us the appointment letter soon..
  6. I'm in the same boat. Sent the package on May 14th, it was received on May 16th and we got the text messages on May 22nd. But I haven't received NOA1 or biometrics appointment letter in mail. 😕
  7. Ok thanks, I'll start doing that! aah that's wonderful! Congratulations
  8. Has Fullerton sent the medical examination results now or is it still pending? My medical was on 25th March and the interview is on 10th April. I'm wondering if I should call them this week to check.
  9. I checked. It can take around 4-5 months but there is a Premium L1 processing that takes 15 days.
  10. ok thanks for clarifying. I understand the EAD waiting time. I have asked them about that. Let's see what they say! fingers crossed & thanks again for your answer
  11. Hi @RambaCat, I'm in a similar position. I'm waiting for my K-1 visa interview date and my company offered to file an L-1 visa for me or a leave of absence till the time I have my EAD (if I go with the K1) route. I'm wondering which option did you choose? if you chose L1, did it affect the K1 visa application?
  12. based on my research, 5-7 months but the premium processing will take around 15 days.
  13. Do you know how much time L-1 processing takes? Currently, for my K-1, I'm waiting for US embassy in Singapore to give me an interview date but based on the people before me, I should get it by end of this week and the interview should be in 2nd or 3rd week of April. Can my company start working on the L-1 even when my K-1 is under processing?
  14. @geowrian , Following our discussion here, I raised these concerns to my company and they came up with two options: 1. I can take a leave of absence until the EAD is received. My company will give me a US offer letter and that should help me to expedite the EAD process. 2. They will sponsor an L-1 visa for me. but in this case, I'll have to cancel my current K-1 visa processing. Will it affect the L-1 process? If I go on L-1 visa, Can my fiance and I still get married in the US and work towards AOS?
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