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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Visa Journey! I'm really at a point right now where I'm just overwhelmed with this whole process. I don't feel to fabricate or manufacture evidence after the fact we've received and RFE, as to me it just looks like its being done out of convenience at this point. What we sent off to USCIS originally included: photo's, statements of our shared bank account, medical power of attorney, affidavits from friends, Lease agreement letter and a 2016 tax statement. Looking back I should've sent every page of evidence from what I have listed but I only sent a few pages from each document (not smart!!). Since the original ROC application was sent out the only real update in terms of valid evidence I feel would be I recently got health coverage from my job in which my wife's name is included on, rent receipts from our family friend who we live with and more affidavits from friends and family. I'm really not trying to pull out the " feel sympathy for us"card but we haven't had the easiest time since being married. As I stated before we live with a family friend who we pay to stay with so we don't have any utilities or actual hard copy bills per say. For a long period of time my wife wasn't working so it was me picking up multiple part jobs to support us. We do have a joint account that has been active since 2016 but no credit cards because her credit is shot! I've tried plenty of times to apply for credit whether it be secure or not and have had no success getting approved,which is odd because my social security would be considered spanking new. I've recently been approved for an amazon " Credit builder" card maybe I can state this in my packet to show as some proof me trying to get things in order?!? In the RFE Letter USCIS states the evidence is insufficient because the information doesn't cover the period of date from marriage until now which I understand because I didn't make full copies of the transcripts I submitted. What has me confused is the letter also states don't send previous copies of what was previously submitted My question now is do I not resubmit the full transcripts along with the updated evidence I now have? Should we maybe write a letter explaining why we don't have certain evidences requested on the list? I'm now wondering if this is even worth fighting for and considering returning home to Canada with my wife I understand its all protocol on their end but every case is unique in a sense. ever Answers would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. Hi all! It's almost time for me to file my I-751. Contemplating to hire an attorney for some assistance in filing just to save some headaches. Have been researching a lot on VJ Forum on Youtube regarding the How-to to file I-751. I wanted to save some money if it's possible to DIY but just wondering if i'm risking it by doing so since I have been hearing that I-751 is getting longer to approved now and an interview is required, the whole process is a little more complex in general. I mainly worried about not having enough proof for our bona fide marriage. We don't own any properties, no kids (have a furry kid though, dog :D) , didn't have a wedding yet, so no wedding pictures, and my biggest worry is filling things the wrong way and get a RFE or denied. Just wanna know if there's any recent filers did DIY or went the attorney route, just want to know what are you guys' experiences like with different approach. Thank you!!!
  3. Hi Everyone - My Green Card expires early January, so I am supposed to file I-751 by late September/Early October. Me and spouse have a pump-y marriage (2/3 of it we were living apart due to work, school, and the problems), and we both agreed on getting divorced, but haven't decided on a date. He is hesitant to sign the form, so we might get divorced before I file, otherwise, we going to get divorced after I file, possibly mid-way through 2020. So far we had 3 shared residential with joint leases, 2 federal and state tax returns, joint payments to IRS, joint bills (Electricity, Internet, Insurance, medical), joint healthcare, dental, vision, joint work benefits, joint investments, joint trips, lots of pictures, joints checking, and savings, joint credit cards, joint mails, joint life insurance, phone records that shows daily interaction for the past 3 years, and possible affidavits. Even as we are separated, we still share everything. So we technically cover all the evidences except to having kids. However, I am so worried because we spent more time apart than together, so I am wondering, A) Do I need to explain why we getting divorced in the applications if I file after divorce? Otherwise, do I need to mention we are separated in the applications if we file together? B) Is there any tips for the case? Is there any preference on weather we should get divorced before or after? C) Do I need a lawyer at this stage? I consulted a lawyer, and they would charge a flat fee of $2700 to file the application, which is insanely high. I can afford a lawyer, but I'd rather invest in one for an Interview or if something happened, and case got denied. I am not sure how valuable it's to have a lawyer at this early stage I appreciate the help Thanks,
  4. My divorce is going to be finalized 2 months before my 90 days window for lifting conditions open from my conditional green card (I-751). I have read on this forum that it can be filed as soon as you get divorced. But I didnt't come across this on any official website. It always say to never file before 90 days otherwise it will be returned or rejected. So should I file as soon as I have my final divorce decree in my hand or wait for 90 day window to open? Thank you
  5. hi all, i have file for r.o.c. and it was deleivered on june 11th I have not received any notifications yet and as i write my check has not been cashed. My question how to i inform them that i have had to change my email address since i filed?
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