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Found 21 results

  1. My parents’s visa was issued today. I have questions: 1. Do they need to do the CFO seminar? 2. How much do they need to pay in NAIA before leaving? Or the terminal fee? 3. What else do we need to expect? thank you for your help!
  2. Marie1992

    J1 waiver

    Hello! i am a j1 exchange visitor with a 2 year home residency requirement. i filed the waiver and sent necessary requirements to CFO and dept of state. Do you have any idea how long will it take to get the approval for the waiver? My visa will expire in June 2019. I was thinking of not renewing with my j1 visa for another two years and will just process greencard if i get the approval. thanking you in advance.
  3. rhea0223

    cfo sticker philippines

    i just wanna ask about CFO STICKER, im here in malaysia but i am not PR (PERMANENT RESIDENT) yet but i'm holding a social visa. i'm planning to have a vacation in philippines and i'm very confused about the cfo sticker, i have attended the counseling and i do have a certificate. can u guys help me about this matter do i need the sticker i'm pretty worried i just dont want any trouble coming back here in malaysia. thanks guys!
  4. I was issued a J1visa 4 years ago with a 2 year residency requirement. I met my boyfriend/fiance during my internship and finally pulled the trigger on K1 visa in August 2018. Is it automatic that they will count from when I arrived to back to the Philippines from my J1 assignment and count 2 years from there? I have traveled back and forth to the US after that. Do they really compute for the total number of months? Or will I need a waiver?
  5. babybabycakes


    Hi guys, I have read some threads about this but I am still confuse. So, which is which? Should I only get GCP? or should I get both GCP and PDOS? I believe they are both under CFO (Commision of Filipinos Overseas) right? Thanks!
  6. SebastianOs

    CFO at Clark, Pampanga

    Hi guys! (Beneficiary here) I'm thinking to have an advance CFO seminar in Clark, Pampanga. Anyone who has experience getting their CFO at Clark, Pampanga? Can I make an appointment or just walk in? What are the requirements? And is it also possible to have the sticker there when visa on hand? I need help. Thank you! 🙂
  7. Hello VJ people, I hope you can help me with two questions. My fiancé has her CFO seminar on the same day as her flight. Will she get her CFO sticker that day at the end of the seminar? And second, we made appointment, but want to verify it. Is there a website or number she can call to make sure she is scheduled for that day? She is from the Philippines. Thanks NJ
  8. The C&J


    Hi! I wanna know if I can get the CFO sticker in NAIA? I’ll be doing my GCP Seminar on September 12 and I dont have my passport and visa with me yet. I’ve read so many old posts that CFO NAIA can issue the sticker, I’m not sure if it is still the same this year. Thank you!
  9. DGTravel

    Question on CFO Seminar

    Hello! I am waiting for NVC Complete Review/Interview Schedule and would like to prepare for CFO. I see from other threads that most take the CFO seminar and just come back for the sticker once the visa is available. Is it hard to find slot for CFO seminar or is it possible to just have it once the visa is available and have the sticker on the same day (provided that I have all the documents needed with me). Is there also other seminar/sticker I got to have such as PDOS or the like or I only have to take CFO? Thanks so much.
  10. Shane & Len

    Married outside Philippines

    Hello everyone, My wife and I were married about a year ago in Hawaii. The state told us we didn't have to do anything they would file it with the appropriate consulate. Apparently, they did not do so. My wife has friends who are judges and lawyers in and around Manila who told her it wasn't a requirement to register in the Philippines because they recognized US marriages as valid. Now, we see that a certified copy of the registration is shown as a requirement at the CFO. Of course, in typical fashion we find this 10 days before the interview. Has anyone else run into something like this? Will they accept an original certificate from the US? Looking for any guidance. thanks in advance.
  11. 023203

    Original CENOMAR for CFO?

    Hi all, My CFO seminar is coming up soon. Was just wondering if I need to order another original CENOMAR for me? I think USEM did not return the original I submitted to them. Thanks!
  12. julieascott

    CFO Scheduling & Travel plans SPLIT

    Hi friends, my mom's case is still at NVC. How easy or hard is it to get a slot in CFO Manila? How long does it take? How long is the wait after the reservation? I will travel with mom back to the US with two toddlers in tow so I plan to fly to LA to get her passport endorsed, spend a night and then fly to Vancouver the next day and stay there for a few days then fly to OK? Will she have no problems getting back? Her stamp should be good, shouldn't it? Thanks.
  13. JosephRose

    CFO Sticker

    Hi guys.. need some ideas.. I had my CFO Seminar in Manila Office during my medical exam at St. Luke’s and now that I have the visa, is it possible for me to get the sticker in CFO Cebu instead of getting it in Manila? Cause I don’t have to fly if I get it in Cebu and I have relatives there where I could stay. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you, Rosemarie
  14. Racefan56

    CFO requirements for CR-1 visa

    Hi everyone. My wife and I got married in the U.S. this past December while she was here on a J-1 visa. She is currently back home in the Philippines while our papers are processing for her CR-1 visa. We're both stressing out quite a bit about the CFO sticker she'll need before she can come back to the U.S. Depending on which CFO seminar she attends there seems to be different requirements. The main issue is if we will need a Philippine marriage certificate through a Philippine consulate Report of Marriage(ROM). One of the CFO seminars I looked at was for immigrants moving to a permanent residence outside the country. That one didn't list the need for the ROM. The one for a fiance/spouse however said it was required. She seems to fit either category the way I understand I, but I'm not sure. I mailed off the application to the consulate recently, but I believe it's likely to get denied because we didn't have our signatures notarized. I don't think it's possible to notarize the signatures since we're in two entirely different locations now. Thank you for your input.
  15. Anyone who had experienced CFO in Cebu? My fiancee will be attending CFO next month in Cebu. She already got approved with the interview and will be going once Visa on hand. She will be bringing copys and originals; CENOMAR, BIRTH CERTIFICATE, VISA, PASSPORT, PARENTAL ADVICE (24yr), pictures together, And ID’s. 1. What does it mean by “ from USC”? Because it gives a list of requirements too. 2. Does she have to bring any documents from the petitioner? 3. What other documents that aren’t on my list that she need? thanks for the help
  16. hi all, sorry if this has been answered before but just want to ask in case new info is available. i came to the us on a K1 visa. i flew to the USA directly from Dubai so I did not need to get a CFO sticker at that time. We are planning on vacationing to the PH soon, do I need to get CFO done while I am there so that I can exit the country? If it matters, i just have EAD/AP now, which is what i will use to travel. my AOS is still pending and it's likely that i won't have my gc when i travel. thanks.
  17. Ajolliffe

    Cfo pdos

    Hello my wife attended the cfo before her visa interview. Is she required to get a stamp and attend a pdos? I'm confused
  18. caramelcoffeecake

    CFO Sticker Inquiry (New Passport)

    Hi everyone, I am getting extremely confused with this and cannot find a consistent answer online, having just recently renewed my Philippine Passport with my married name on it and planning to visit the Philippines this coming January. I understand I don't need to undergo the CFO seminar again since I have my CFO certificate with me and the CFO Sticker is in my old passport (the one with my maiden name). Anyway, I have a 2-yr or conditional green card now and have been on fiance visa to enter the US. I have a few questions: 1. Do you need an appointment and visit the CFO Office again in Manila to get a new sticker and pay for it again? 2. Can you just use and show the CFO Sticker in your old passport every time you return to the US? 3. What is the use of CFO certificate? Is it only to be able to get your new passport re-stamp again with the CFO Sticker? Like a proof you have already went through the seminar. Please enlighten me especially from the ones who have experience it first-hand or have the same cases as mine. Since, I will be finalizing my Philippines trip and will be booking plane tickets very soon or anytime really. I need to know if it's really necessary for me to visit Manila since my address in Philippines is in the province. I am just trying to save here big bucks. So thank you so much in advance for anyone here who will provide me some pertinent information.
  19. Hi guys need help! Being my original plan was to fly by January 2017, I scheduled my CFO appointment December 20, 2017. HOWEVER, I need to fly by December 15, 2017 so I can spend Christmas with my fiance and his family. Does anybody know how to reschedule a CFO appointment. I tried calling CFO Manila at 552-4700 but the person I talked to said it was a residential address and not CFO! I tried emailing too and nobody is replying to me Please help!!!!!!
  20. The situation is like this: We realized too late that we didn't report our marriage in Finland to the Philippines. Now we are going back to Phils and found out that my wife and her daughter can't get back to Finland because they don't have the CFO sticker. They already have residence permits for one year in Finland. We have the original marriage certificate from Finland. What kind of papers do we need to prove that the marriage is true even if we don't have the Report of Marriage in our hands yet? Thank you.
  21. Hi is anyone here had their cfo in clark pampanga? do you need to get online appointment or just walk-in only? thank you!