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  1. In 33 (2x2x2x2x2+1 - that's for you T-Bone! ) days me and my sister will go to our amazing trip to New Zealand which will be the highlight of this year Well, keep your fingers crossed for that trip to happen, please. With China opening their borders, who knows how will it escalate...
  2. To you all from me, all across the ocean from you
  3. Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄
  4. Poor you. Thanks for the sacrifice
  5. Here and there, but rather there
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
  7. I am so behind anything. Missed birthdays of Ontarkie's kids, missed 4th of July with the wishes to you all, missed T-Bone's birthday... This year is not a good one when it comes to my brain lol 🤦‍♀️ What else? Decided to not think about the war happening just across our border (some people don't have such luxury) and visited with my sister and her boys some cool places in our home country (the Malbork Castle was one of them), been to two amazing shows for the first time since this pandemic started (Guns'n'Roses & FFDP), took a cruise to Denmark (sooo fun), got covid (not sooo fun) and tomorrow I have another part of my vacation start. I'm leaving to Pol'And'Rock Festival, so it seems it will be a good excercise to overcome my post-covid weakness Have a good August you all
  8. And that's me Fun Zone: People in the Fun Zone are cool, above average in attractiveness, and great to hang out with. Everyone should spend some time in the fun zone, to find out what they like and dislike in a partner and to get the awkwardness out of their system so that they will eventually be ready for marriage or a serious relationship. While fun is a good thing, the Fun Zone also has its risks. Since the zone is wedged right between the No-Go and Crazy zones, it is possible to mistake crazies and no-goers as fun. Inexperienced daters should seek a second opinion if they are unsure whether their potential partner is really in the Fun Zone.
  9. Fotos or it didn't happen! 😆
  10. I used to foster two mius but they found their forever home some time ago
  11. Thank you I don't think so, but when some psycho wants to annihilate a whole nation just because and you can do something, you simply do it because what else would you do? Sit and wait till he comes for you? Not acceptable.
  12. 1) Dunno 2) Many MANY thousands there are in my city Many) No mius and no refugees living with me. Not enough space. Many) I have no idea. I can speak a little Russian. Had learnt for two years in a primary school and seems like some of it stuck. I've discovered it now, while so many TV reporters and all are talking to Ukrainians and they speak in Ukrainian or Russian (tho Ucrainian is much different than Russian, although they share an alphabet). Many, Many, Many) No idea lol. I'm taking a few days break from voulunteering at the train station where these refugees arrive and some of them spend a few days there. Too much bad emotional stuff to deal. I so wish they could take a break from it too, but it's impossible
  13. Asia has been spending almost all her free time helping the refugees. So no time to rant, no time for anything lol.
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