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  1. Sounds good! Congrats! 600 euros? Holy cow! That's a lot of money! You should put the miminum payment on the card every month, just to be sure she can't afford too many uber rides Shouldn't her husband be financially responsible for her? I mean isn't it in Islamic marriages that the girl is kinda "handed' from father to husband?
  2. And that's what I'm talking about. Your half time might turn into a whole time.
  3. Oh yeah, they're very creative! That was a room and not the whole flat. The bathroom isn't ready to be shown. It won't be ready for a couple of months lol. You can't have speed up attitude the whole life. Everybody needs to slow down sometimes. It seems like you don't have any occasion to slow down and just enjoy things. Stop overworking yourself. Think about yourself WOW! Great news!
  4. BTW, I finished remodeling and furnishing my one and only room Well, at least for a year, since I plan to change some things but not enough money to do so now
  5. Thank you! I love watchin all the "tiny homes" series on HGTV! How clever are all the desings to fit all the fancy/practical stuff in such a small place
  6. So, on the weekend I was at my sister's. We celebrated my middle nephew's 10th birthday and my Many-rd birthday, cause that's what we do in October Sorry for being absent, but I was busy in my new apartment, as usual Had to set up a new shoe locker and a new fold-down bed. As I said - buuuusyyy! Greetings to you all!
  7. OMG they're both absolutely too cute! This is Bart and his glasses
  8. You could just remove the video @SAT I managed to watch it and that's what I have to say -
  9. Next time BTW - I've got 4 from NYC already
  10. On the weekend I had my new shelves installed. Here's the biggest cup collection you've ever seen
  11. On my last trip to the US I visited Bath & Body Works outlet. Got myself a couple of body creams and I just started using the first one. Gingham. I absolutely LOVE its scent! I wish I knew this line contained different products too (candles, perfumes), cause I'd definitely get some!
  12. So sorry to hear that he passed away And the tattoo is absolutely gorgeous
  13. I had braces in my 30s. Had them for 2,5 years. It was interesting and painfull sometimes, but I'm glad I decised to straightened my teeth. One of the best decisions I made! LOL Tho I thought it would be a great diet and I'd lose some weight, but it didn't worked
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