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  1. Asia

    Rante Macabre

    My new shiny dishwarsher is used once or twice a week
  2. Asia

    Rante Macabre

    What's wrong? Hang on and stay positive, T-B.
  3. Asia

    Rante Macabre

    OMG she's absolutely adorable! 🙂 Congratulations!
  4. Asia

    Rante Macabre

    I looooove Diary of a Whimpy Kid!
  5. Asia

    Rante Macabre

    I'm sure he'll be okay in no time and you'll have him in your bubble soon!
  6. Asia

    Rante Macabre

    You can't just degrade your siblings to friends. If you don't want to keep in touch with them, it doesn't matter if they're your friends or siblings. And you can't just decide you want to have a relationship with someone. You have to work on that. For years. And with a small kid you have to work since their early life. But still it's his decision. It's sad for all of you, but I don't think you can do something to change his mind 😕 BIG HUGS!
  7. According to the info he posted in the first post, he's USC.
  8. Asia

    Rante Macabre

    Big hugs to you and your family, T-B 🙁
  9. Asia

    Rante Macabre

    It was our first time in the Lexus, so what's there not to like?
  10. Asia

    Rante Macabre

    Such a shame! It's such a nice car 🙂
  11. Asia

    Rante Macabre

    You're a good boss, Steve. At least you fought for the company. I don't think the other two gave it a thought after leaving. You still cared. I hope your guys stay with the other people and not the law guy BTW, the company is getting split up and sold to 2 because there are two branches or something?
  12. Asia

    Rante Macabre

    So sorry to hear that, T-B Some people... I wear a mask only while in a bus or inside a store, or something. I don't wear it while outside. I need a fresh air instead of inhaling what I just exhaled.
  13. Asia

    Rante Macabre

    Asia's been busy
  14. Asia

    Rante Macabre

    She's awesome and brilliant
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