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  1. Asia

    The Glass MenageRant

    Happy Birthday to Mrs. T-B! 🙂🍾🥂🍰
  2. Asia

    The Glass MenageRant

    Stay safe you all 21st March is a great day to get married! Have fun! We've been looking for a hotel in NYC again. I cencelled our booking in Pointe Plaza, we booked a hotel near Queensbridge Park and then we read thre reviews about rooms being really small (despite theirs description on booking.com), about dirt and bed bugs ewwww... So we cancelled that booking too and still looking for a place. Gosh, it's nerve-racking 🤯
  3. Asia

    The Glass MenageRant

    She has a hobbit house! I'm jealous! 😀
  4. Asia

    The Glass MenageRant

    And this acapella version was played while people were gathering after one of the president of one of our major cities was murdered and died a couple of weeks ago. Gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it.
  5. Asia

    The Glass MenageRant

    No, not particularly How do they behave?
  6. Asia

    The Glass MenageRant

    Dunno which one was named Firepatch or Scrawny by you But one of the girls has been a couple of times (including one with me, in 2010). The other one not. No burger king, but the tex-mex we've eaten
  7. Asia

    The Glass MenageRant

    That food was delicious!
  8. Asia

    The Glass MenageRant

    We love Italian food, but you weren't speaking about Italian food
  9. Asia

    The Glass MenageRant

    We don't want to spend half a day traveling to Manhattan I think he doesn't want us to visit at all
  10. Asia

    The Glass MenageRant

    So where should we stay? We don't wanna spend millions, cause we don't have them, and we're gonna spend whole days in Manhattan anyway
  11. Asia

    The Glass MenageRant

    Seems like we're gonna stay in Pointe Plaza Hotel even if it's like $150 more expensive than that other hotel Industry City Hotel. There's a secured parking near Pointe Plaza, so we're gonna be less worried about our car BTW - doeas any of you know any nice congressman? We want to visit the White House and we need to apply for it via the member of Congress
  12. Asia

    The Glass MenageRant

    Thanks for the tip I am, personally, interested only in GAP and Elizabeth Arden stores, lol. Dunno if I find some other interesting stores, but will keep trying
  13. Asia

    The Glass MenageRant

    No, no Wonder Woman this time