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  1. Happy Birthday! 🙂
  2. Happy belated Birthday! 🙂 I love naps. I try to have one every day
  3. You did not meet during 2 year period prior starting the K-1. You met in May 2018, you filled the petition in October 2020. There's 2,5 year gap. They're not interested what was supposed to happen (your meeting in September 2019). They're interested in what actually happened. Your petition will be denied. You'd have to meet in person and fill the papers again.
  4. If he proposed jutst because you're pregnant, it doesn't look good. And if you've been together for a year it looks like you've been together when you were married to husband #2. Seems like a pattern. Still wish you all the best.
  5. Asia is present tho silent Been at the doctor considering woman's problems (but it's a fallopian chat, so I won't get into details, since it's forbidden here ) After doing some tests I was diagnosed with insulin resistance, so I had to change a diet. I choose a dietary catering as a new start. Eating it for a week now, cause I'm too lazy to cook, obviously lol. And I can eat a lot of things I wouldn't normally eat, so I'm definitely not complaining Will have to repeat the tests in two months and see if the diet change is enough. I want to avoid taking any pills or something like that. And after a talk with the New Zealand's Red Carpet Tours, we decided to postpone our LOTR trip to February 2022. Probably will ditch Sydney if Australia doesn't get open till then. My sister is fully vaccined and I'll get my second shot in two weeks. So I think we'll be safe to travel So that's a shortcut of what's happening across the pond from you all
  6. I hope so I don't have time for quarantine And I'll be fully vaccined, so maybe that will help. Keep your fingers crossed!
  7. Hi everobody! Long time no see Nothing interesting over here. Got my fist covid shot on Monday. Next one in 5 weeks. Waiting for the biggest adventure (aka New Zealand trip) in November T-B, it makes me sad to read what's happening to Mini-B He deserves better. And the dog is always a responsibility of the adult. How old is Mini-B? What will happen if the dog bites somebody? Ex-Mrs-TB will be hold responsible. She has to act responsible. I can understand that she wants a dog. I used to have dog when I lived with my parents. As an adult I fostered one for a month and I know that it's not for me. It breaks my heart but that's the truth. I'm single, I'm not at home at least 9 hours per day and it's even longer in December. It would be a cruelty to have a dog sitting alone for such a long time. So you just have to know your limits. If she wants to have a dog, she must know that it's different in the US that it was in Ecu and act accordingly. But I guess you know she'll do what she wants. I just hope Mini-B finds a bit of happines there.
  8. See? We're the healthiest of all
  9. Dunno what bread products you buy, but mine don't get ruined or soggy
  10. Happy belayed birthday! 🙂
  11. Next time buy many more products and put them in your freeze. That way you'll always have bread products at home
  12. Polish commie-babies sending greetings!
  13. I hope it's not covid 🤞
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