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  1. seganku

    New K Visa Instructions (Dec 2018)

    I don't think I've seen these posted yet, so I thought I'd link them here in case anyone would find them useful: K Visa Instructions (English) DEC2018 K Visa Instructions (Chinese) DEC2018 This document also comes in handy: GUZ-Guangzhou pre-interview instructions (all visa types)
  2. seganku

    K-1 Visa & CR-1 Visa WeChat group

    New QR code:
  3. seganku

    Guangzhou K-1 visa process (sanity check request)

    I guess I've heard this before, but I don't understand why the U.S. Citizen wouldn't just go into the consulate (once beneficiary is let in). Petitioner can pass through security, THEN give the passport to the beneficiary. The petitioner may not be allowed into the actual interview, but could probably wait in the waiting area with the beneficiary.
  4. seganku

    Guangzhou K-1 visa process (sanity check request)

    It might be interesting to watch the CEAC Status page, to see if the "Case Last Updated" value changes. I think the queue can vary quite a bit, but it seems like ~20 days is common if there are no unexpected delays.
  5. seganku

    Guangzhou K-1 visa process (sanity check request)

    Thanks! I hope you get your P3 quickly I'm not sure how the CEAC status works. I checked our case status a couple times every day on CEAC. It stayed "Ready" for ~2 weeks, with no change to the "Case Last Updated" timestamp. Then for 2 days in a row, the "Case Last Updated" changed to the current date, but status stayed "Ready". It never showed "Administrative Processing". The third day, "Case Last Updated" did not change. The fourth day, the P3 arrived via EMS. My fiancée lives in Shenzhen, so it may have arrived more quickly than it would in other parts of the country.
  6. All thanks go to @miawang 🐶 (Thanks @miawang!)
  7. Around 0600PST/0900EST/1400UTC/1700Kenya the CEAC site will often be very slow for me, to the point it does not work. The site seems to work well most other times.
  8. seganku

    How important is waiting for P3/P4?

    On the IV-DV Supplemental for GUZ-Guangzhou it says to select the "Immigrant Visa-Scheduled by NVC-Registration Only" option on https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/. When I select this option, I am not given the option to pay fees 😕
  9. This might be better asked under the China forum, and I've posted the question there, because I'm curious too: Some steps, eg. the Medical Exam require a "visa interview letter" or an "NVC Interview Letter" (I don't really know what these are): See this document.
  10. seganku

    How important is waiting for P3/P4?

    The ustraveldocs site will let us pay fees and schedule interview once CEAC goes "Ready". What happens if we pay fees and schedule interview without waiting for P3/P4? Assume DS-160 and all other docs/exams/etc. are prepared and ready. It seems like I heard it was a bad idea, but I don't remember specifics. Can the medical exam be done without a P4? Also, looking at the IV-DV Supplemental for GUZ-Guangzhou, it mentions an NVC Appointment Letter. Is this the P4?
  11. I read one explanation on this topic that said the DS-160 did not expire as long as the information remained valid and current. One part of the DS-160 that could potentially "expire" (technically) is the photo, which should be less than 6 months old.