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  1. We received my husband's card in the mail on 07/02/21, approval date was 06/25/21. No interview needed (Texas Service Center). I'm not sure if it was me frontloading out petition to show tons of proof, covid or a combination of both but that was extremely quick and unexpected. I'm updating timeline and Google spreadsheet to help others. I wish all of you still waiting tons of luck and thoughts. I know the waiting sucks but trust in the process. USCIS has never done us wrong so far.
  2. Friday 06/25/21 we got a notice on the USCIS app that a new card was issued. I haven't updated my timeline yet still waiting to get it in hand but just wanted to update you guys. Ours was the Texas Service Center btw. Good luck everyone!
  3. All evidence we sent was in black and white except the pictures of us. We never had issues, hope this helps.
  4. Oh my I didn't realize how old this was so sorry. I am glad everything worked out!
  5. I feel like at this point filing your ROC packet won't matter. I would start from the beginning unfortunately.
  6. Ours looked similar because I sent in basically everything that could help prove we are a bonafide married couple. 2018, 2019, and 2020 tax returns (entire packets), bank statements dating back a year, the deed to our home showing me as the buyer but listing us both as the owners, his truck loan with both our names, his car tag registration showing both of us registered, a year of water bills with both our names, life insurance showing him as my beneficiary, medical insurance, car insurance, cards mailed to both of us, pictures from the last two years of different trips, all our airline tickets from when we traveled, airbnb receipts, etc. I totally front loaded but I'd rather send to much than not enough. I used paper clips to divide everything then I used those big alligator clips to hold it together (it ended up breaking into two big packets), then I put two rubber bands around each packet. I had to mail it in an actual box instead of an envelope. I was really worried they wouldn't accept it or something but they cashed our check about six weeks later and sent a NOA1 letter shortly after then a few weeks after that we got a letter to show biometrics have been waived so they must be ok with the large packet.
  7. Ahh, I got you. Hey life happens. Hopefully you get good news soon because everything you listed is pretty through.
  8. All that evidence should be plenty but my question is (and I don't mean this rudely) why didn't you send that stuff in with the original petition? If you had I doubt you would have gotten a RFE...
  9. I do the same about once a week for our service center. I was just telling my husband about it. I see some getting their 10 years GC approval that sent their petition in October 2020 but then I see others that are just now getting their approvals that sent theirs in in 2019. There is literally no consistency and it drives anxious people like me bonkers. I told him there's no telling how they choose because clearly it isn't by order haha. I just tell myself that if any got chosen it would be ours because I'm so precise and detailed with everything I send. (wishful thinking).
  10. Thank you. I've been trying to keep an eye on recent timelines and it seems so. With my luck we'll be one of those cases that take 15 months..🤪 Fingers crossed we aren't though.🤞
  11. Update: Yesterday (04-29-21) we received my husband's biometrics letter in the mail. The notice date was for 04-22-21. Biometrics was waived.
  12. Hey guys, I get updates from visajourney from time to time with an estimated approval date. The latest was September 2022 which seems really long. I checked USCIS's processing times for it and it says with my service center 5-15 months but I'm seeing recent timelines show a lot quicker approval date. Just curious how accurate it is? I'm guessing that's like a "worst case scenario" timeframe...?
  13. I'm curious as well. I've been looking at timelines on here that are somewhat recent.
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