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  1. My case finally left the NVC today. It says.. and where do I check my interview date?? "Your case is in transit to the Consular Section. Your interview date was provided to you by the National Visa Center. "
  2. My case is still at the NVC and it has been 16 days since I got my case number is this normal? I am starting to worry.
  3. Thank you. I already did the DS-160 and got the number for it. Do I just need to wait for it to say ready to make the medical and interview? The country is Bosnia.
  4. I got my NVC # last Monday and my case is still at the NVC does anyone know why?
  5. Has anyone from 5/04/2018 got their NVC number?? Thanks.
  6. @ChuAni Do you need to know the NVC number to file the DS-160 or no?
  7. When does the DS-160 need to be filled out? I got my NO2 5/4/2018.
  8. Thank you Naes!
  9. I got approved May 4. When I call the NVC for the number do I then make an appt. for the medical and interview after I have it? Thanks.
  10. I commented on this post about two days ago saying I got an RFE because they wanted my birth certificate again. I sent in the short one and when I talked with my lawyer he said the short one should be fine since in South Dakota you only get one. What do I do? Should I go and get a new birth certificate and how long does it take to get it?
  11. The site updated 04/05/2018 and I got the hard copy today.
  12. Thanks for the help. I was just confused because he said he was going to send in the same one again and I am worried we will again get an RFE.
  13. I am pretty sure my lawyer did that for me.. I only have one birth certificate.
  14. I only sent mine since my parents were born in Serbia I didn't include theres
  15. I got an RFE to prove that I am a US Citizen and my birth certificate but I already did that when I filed.