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  1. I'll let you know. I just filled out my SSN forms, but my I-94 is online and printed out, so there should be no issue with getting it done today, and I'm gonna give Bank of America a try. I'll let you know about all things mentioned soon! Love you guys and thanks for all the good thoughts
  2. Hey everyone, Sorry I haven't been on lately, its been a whirlwind! I was POE on Tuesday, and non-stop since so I haven't had any time to read. I did notice that @John & Rose had some news though so congratulations!!! I'll post about my POE later today, but right now, I'm having bacon and eggs cooked for me by my amazing fiance, and going today to apply for my SSN, and maybe open a bank account so I'll post about it all tonight. I hope everyone is well, and remember... the end of this part of the journey is coming, if not already here for you, and 100% its all worth it once you're here and happy. Stay strong!
  3. Don't think so. Mine was, but I dont see any reason it should have to be.
  4. You only just did the DS-160, right? Give it a couple of days - and don’t worry too much - I had the same message at first. Stay strong!
  5. Better to be safe than sorry so don't worry about asking. Nobody wants to have to pay a civil surgeon just because people made you feel bad for asking a question. Ask what you need, be sure about your way forward. Best of luck in your journey!
  6. https://uk.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2015/11/vaccine_chart.pdf This is the correct CDC chart direct from the UK embassy website (https://uk.usembassy.gov/visas/fiancee-2/medical-examination/) You need ONLY the vaccinations relevant to your age and therefore unless you are under 18 (or 7), Hepatitis is NOT required. I haven't yet adjusted status but I have been given the correct form for my AOS which clearly states I have all required vaccinations for AOS.
  7. I had my visa in hand (last Friday) exactly one week from my interview date. I fly out on Tuesday.
  8. They will ask if you have it. Just tell them you do - you will have it before an available date so no harm done. If you dont have it by some random occurrence, then there would be a problem but unlikely that will happen since the appointments are so far out at the moment.
  9. They didn’t email you the confirmation with the list included? Very strange
  10. To answer you original question, if you haven't filed yet - you're looking at 6-9 months at least before you are at the medical stage.
  11. This is the I-129F filers thread... I doubt anyone here can give you reliable and accurate information about an I-130.
  12. I thought you expressed it perfectly - have a great day
  13. It needed no clarification. I was agreeing with you that they looked at what I had already provided. No need to be so defensive.
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