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  1. I believe the land borders are still closed to non-essential travel (though I think Canadian citizens are of course allowed to return home). Those who are "essential" still have to pass COVID tests. Air travel is permissible, but that too has a set of requirements for COVID screening, quarantine, etc.
  2. Any idea if the check has been cashed or card charged?
  3. Texas is currently picking up speed on processing, at least by the other filing months spreadsheets. Fingers crossed for you that the speed keeps up! There have been a few that have been adjudicated in a couple of months. 🤞
  4. Goodness, I got an email yesterday from VJ with an "estimate" on when the ROC would be processed - March 2022. 😖🙄
  5. My husband and I brought our toddler to our interview for AoS. Other families had their kids with them, too. We had a stroller and a diaper backpack. Our interview was in Chicago. EDIT: We didn't call ahead to ask for any accommodations. We all went through the metal detectors though I think the stroller had to go through the xray? I can't remember. Good luck at your interview! And, congrats on the baby! 💖
  6. Assuming you used FedEx or UPS, then the package should have been delivered by 3/17. If the current processing times hold steady, she can expect to receive a text or a copy of the NOA letter sometime between 4/23 and 4/30 (ish).
  7. Wow, Vermont is going fast! Biometrics waiver already? WOW!!! Congrats!!
  8. LIN filer here. Goodness, these posts and wait times are scary!!! Hopefully they can do something about this backlog.
  9. Hi, Looking at the February 2021 filers thread will likely give you a little comfort in terms of timing. There's a really nice spreadsheet in there with all of our filing dates, cashing of checks, receipt of notices, etc. Currently, it is taking about 5 - 6 weeks from receipt of the I-751 package to receive your NOA. Assuming the timeline holds steady, you should be expecting to receive you NOA sometime around 4/23 or 4/30.
  10. Always use the form on the USCIS.gov site. So long as it is still the form on there, the "expiration" date doesn't really count. (I think they put an exp date on there with the intent of revising it after that time, but they don't always do that.) When/If they update it, they will post a new one. Yes, we all sent proof along with the form. If you look through this thread, particularly the earlier postings, you'll see some examples of what people included, some examples of language for the coversheet, etc. After reading through it, you'll have a good idea of how you'd like to customize your package based on what information you have. It is ok if it is not identical to any of ours - each relationship is unique and each piece of proof can be different. Just make sure you include the items which the Form I-751 tells you that you MUST include.
  11. From the other Google sheets, Nebraska currently is going really slow. It can change though. I think Texas was super slow for a while, then became CRAZY fast, and is slowing down again. Not sure if there is a rhyme or reason to it all.
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