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  1. No, he brought them with him to the interview. The IO didn't open up the envelope while we were there, but she did ask for it. If you are driving to the office for the interview (and not taking a cab or a bus) there are two parking lots/garages right by the office. We did the one on Harrison and it was a piece of cake! You can prepay for it, too. (We used SpotHero.) Oh and we got the text - APPROVED AND IN PRODUCTION!!! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘
  2. It went well! Cell phones ARE allowed in the building but there are signs to not be on them in the waiting area. (Saw plenty of people browsing things on their cell phones in the waiting room though.) We checked in, got a ticket number, which kind of worried me, but our number was called right around our scheduled interview time. From the time we walked into the building to when we were back outside on the sidewalk was about 40 minutes. The IO was really nice. She didn't even ask to see the binders. Lol! She said she should have the case finished with review by this afternoon hopefully. She didn't anticipate any problems and expects the green card to be issued soon! Random funny: when IO started asking hubby random questions from the application like "are you involved in prostitution?" and whatever the one was about drug and weapon trafficking, hubby's eyes bulged a bit to actually be asked that (he of course answered "no! Of course not!") The IO got a good laugh at hubby's facial expressions and explained that she had to ask these questions. 😁
  3. Interview (Chicago) is tomorrow morning. Got our binders put together (one for the IO to keep if needed/wanted, and a back up.) Got the checklist of items. Can't seem to find a good solid answer on whether or not the cellphones are allowed inside the Chicago office so long as they're OFF. (Considering I can get into the courthouse at Daley Center, City Hall, and the clerk's office, I'm gonna go w/OK so long as they're switched OFF. The USCIS page for the field office is no help either. Blarg.) Parking pre-paid. Fingers crossed that our little guy will be good in the office. Any last minute tips/advice? Hubby and I had a brief discussion last night trying to make sure we don't have any embarrassing mistakes like "What's your wedding date?" "Um...er...umm" LOL! Nervous and excited!!
  4. Congrats on the marriage! Hubby is a B-2 (VWP) AOS, too. (We have our GC interview on Tuesday.) Our timeline is below. I've seen varying recommendations as far as front loading a lot of evidence vs not. I completely agree with QUALITY over QUANTITY. Include information about any joint stuff - lease? credit cards? Did hubby add you to his insurance policy yet at work? Are you listed as a beneficiary on his life insurance/health insurance/etc? Bank accounts? Photos? Tickets from joint trips together? Receipts for gifts? Wedding rings? Affidavits certainly don't hurt, but don't rely on them exclusively. If you can get them, great, but if not, don't worry about it. Hubby was part of a VWP, so take this advice with a grain of salt - we waited to schedule his medical until we got notice of the GC interview (as the medical is only valid for a certain period of time.) You'll want to look into that and how it'll apply for you.
  5. OP - first, I am very sorry that this happened. Finding out that your spouse cheated and going thru a divorce sucks. Check with your local courthouse or the clerk's office for some help with the divorce laws. They should be able to provide you with a list of lawyers who may be able to help you pro bono (free), on a sliding scale (cheaper based on your financial situation), or legal aid (may also depend on your financial situation.) The laws on divorce vary in each state, so you'll want to know what your husband's (and your) responsibilities are in terms of any alimony/spousal support payments, who will pay for medical insurance while the divorce is pending, etc. Find out what your options are in terms of contesting the divorce (for whatever reason), or a non-contested divorce. Non-contested divorces will go much faster and be much cheaper. EDIT: If you find an attorney you trust, you may be able to give your attorney the power to sign all the divorce documents so that you do not have to remain in the country during the divorce if you do not wish to remain during that time.
  6. Appt was very simple and went well! And, he didn't need the flu shot! (Guessing perhaps April was the end of the "flu season".) Hubby had the TDAP shot when he saw the doc in November, and we were able to provide evidence of that. Doc also took all of the bloodwork we had to confirm the presence of antibodies to confirm that he had his childhood vaccinations (as the Alberta Dept of Health couldn't locate his vaccine records.) So woohoo! No more pokes! Sealed envelope will be ready for pick up tomorrow! (Just in case anyone is running a search and looking - doc was $350, no vaccinations included.)
  7. It's entirely possible that the woman I spoke with wasn't fully informed of the process. Fingers crossed! I had a couple questions about vaccinations which she had to get back to me on.
  8. Thank you! I'll make sure to let hubby know to press for the sealed copy. (Sadly I can't make it to the medical appt with him.)
  9. Interview set for 4/16. Medical exam Tuesday (4/2). Evidence binder nearly finished! Question for those who have already gone through this: Do you bring copies of everything USCIS has already sent to you? (All the I-797C's and anything else that's pertinent?) Also, when I spoke with the doc's office while setting up the appt, the lady I spoke with said that she was pretty sure the doc will give hubby a copy of the report as well as send a copy to USCIS. Is it standard that both copies are sealed? While I know we should have enough time between the appt date and the interview date for immigration to receive the medical report, I'd much prefer to have an extra sealed copy just in case. (And I told the woman while scheduling the appt when hubby's interview is scheduled for and she said yes, that's enough time to have the report complete, should only take a couple days.) Thanks!!
  10. Just got a text from USCIS that hubby's case has been updated - hubby's interview has been scheduled!!! WOOHOO!! (Sadly, the system doesn't say what day it's set for, but we'll get the notice in the mail soon.) Time to go get that medical appt done and wrap up the last few items to bring for our evidence binder. Must remember to add our joint tax return since we just filed! So exciting!!!!!!
  11. Hubby's appt was at facility outside of Chicago (can't remember which). He was in an out really quickly, maybe 10 - 15 minutes from walking in to walking out. They verified his information and the fingerprints they took were inkless. (I only mention it because he was amused by it and accidentally made the lady helping him raise an eyebrow at him. "They do this differently now." :: her looking at him odd :: "From when they did the security check at my last job.") D'oh!!
  12. That's a good point, but I'm sure I didn't file it. I have a PDF of the entire package that I sent out as well as the drafts of the PDF's. It's so weird! Trust me, I'm not complaining, I'm just perplexed. LOL
  13. The post office never ceases to amaze me. The NOA for the I-765 (advising the EAD has been approved) arrived yesterday (LOL!) and it, too, says that AP was granted...even though we never filed the form I-131. SO WEIRD!!!! Hubby has decided it's a moot issue, he's not risking going anywhere until the green card arrives, so no need to get on the phone (aka sitting on hold) with USCIS. Not worth the risk to him. So, just leaving this out there for reference in case anyone else happens to see this in their process. It's a curiosity to me now if they're just blanket giving the AP if you file for I-485. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  14. Yes, the cover letter is something you would write yourselves. It's nothing fancy, and I think there are even some examples which others have submitted to the USCIS. Basically, the cover letter is a list of what documents are attached to the cover letter. "Attached please find the following documents in connection with the Form I-130: .... " and then start a number list or bulletin list of what you've attached like photos, marriage certificate, etc. After that, repeat for each of the forms you're submitting. It has been suggested to attach a cover letter to each form you are submitting as the forms are sent to different places to be processed. Whether or not you'd like to do that is entirely up to you, it's not a requirement. Congrats on the wedding and good luck with the immigration process!