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  1. Received 24 month extension letter on Oct 30th (LIN filer), of course that was the day AFTER I traveled internationally 😅 However, returned to the US a week later and went through immigration using 18 month letter without any issues!
  2. Also got the status change to " case was updated to show fingerprints were taken!"
  3. Update: Package sent Feb 25th (FedEx) Package received Mar 1st Credit card charged Mar 26th Text notification Mar 30th NOA received Apr 1st (dated Mar 26th) - LIN facility code
  4. Package sent Feb 25th package received Mar 1st credit card charged Mar 26th
  5. Sent our packet off on Feb 25th via Fedex. 90 day filing period opened Feb 17th. Hoping things go smoothly!
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