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  1. At interview officer said he would recommend case for approval but would need to be reviewed by his supervisor. Said to expect to hear back in 2 weeks. 5 weeks later, had Infopass where the person helping us literally laughed in our faces that we would think we would have a response in 2 weeks. 4 months later had another Infopass appointment with a much nicer person who said our case had never been brought to a supervisor and it was put back in the file room instead. She hand delivered the file to the supervisor and said expect a response in 25 business days. 4 weeks later got a RFE saying our health physical form was expired (was fine at the interview) so wanted me to do a new immigration physical. Submitted RFE response 2-3 weeks later. Case approved 6 weeks after receiving RFE response..
  2. Finally 8 months after our interview, our status changed to "Card being produced" last week!
  3. Here's my timeline: AOS package sent - 12/22/2017 AOS package received - 12/29/2017 AOS NOA1 - 12/29/2017 EAD NOA1 -12/29/2017 AP NOA1 - 12/29/2017 Biometrics - 1/26/2018 EAD NOA2 - 5/11/2018 AP NOA2 - 5/11/2018 Combo card received - 5/19/2018 AOS interview scheduled notice - 8/2/2018 AOS interview - 9/10/2018 2 infopasses later... RFE - 3/8/2019 RFE submitted - 3/28/2019 RFE received - 3/29/2019 AOS approved - 5/17/2019 Card in hand - 5/23/2019
  4. I received my work permit in May 2018 and applied for renewal in December 2018, six months before my expiration date. My expiration date was last week and I had not yet received the renewal. Thankfully, my AOS was approved this week so I didn't need it. I would recommend that you apply to renew early, its been taking 7 months or more lately and at least I was able to renew my driver's license with just the NOA1 of the renewal (the 180 day extension).
  5. Still waiting as well. Now it is 6 months post-interview. About a week ago finally got an updated status that was for a RFIE. Turns out they want a new physical since the I-693 that we submitted was now an expired form (although they initially accepted it at the interview). We're getting that completed and will hopefully submit the new form next week. I hope it doesn't take too much longer once they receive it for a decision, but I don't have high expectations. Sorry to hear you're still waiting! Hope you get some good news soon!
  6. Still waiting! Now it's been 5 months since AOS interview. Had an InfoPass appointment a couple weeks ago and found out that instead of giving our file to the supervisor for review, our file was put back in the file room 😑. Officer we spoke with said she hand delivered the file to the supervisor's desk, so now we wait again. I'll try to get another InfoPass if we don't hear anything by Mid March.
  7. Sorry you have to wait. It's been 4 1/2 months for me 👎 Having trouble scheduling an Infopass appointment as well. Never any slots open!
  8. Interview was 9/10/18, still waiting on final decision/card production. Sent in documents for renewal of work permit and advance parole last month which was received on 12/19.
  9. Interview 9/10/18. Interview was straightforward, officer stated that he would recommend case for approval but it needed to be reviewed by a supervisor for quality control. No final decision as yet, it will be 120 days post interview on Jan 8th. Went ahead a filed for renewal of work permit and advance parole last month, just in case.
  10. We were not explicitly told our case will be held for review but it's been 2 months since our interview and nothing yet.
  11. December 2017 filer here. Had interview early September and still haven't heard anything back although the officer told us he would recommend our case for approval. Hope you get some news soon!
  12. Still waiting for a final decision on AOS. Interview was 6 weeks ago, officer said would recommend the file for approval and that a supervisor needed to finalize the decision. We had an InfoPass appointment a week ago, got no new info other than confirming that yes our application was complete and they would forward it to a supervisor for review. This makes us think that maybe our file was never put to a supervisor pile for review 🤷‍♀️. This wait is almost harder than waiting for the actual interview!
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