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  1. Hi Everybody, I will be eligible to apply for N-400 on December 14. Two days before that I will be going away for a couple of weeks ( out of the US). I lived at the same address and in the same state since I arrived to the US. Does the 90 day residency requirement means I cannot apply on the 14th? Meaning I should come back, wait 90 days and they apply? Or because I lived in my state longer than 90 days in general it does not matter... Confused about that...
  2. Yes, I'm from LIN and just received my new green card in the mail yesterday. You can look at my signature about my timeline.
  3. Card delivered no problems. Looks like it's taking a week from the approval. Good luck to everybody waiting. I am and will be happy to read about other people's approvals.
  4. Oohhh that's amazing, I bet it was the same person ha ha who approved us. Today there was a notification that the card was sent out today (25th). I think it will be just a few days, maybe because of the weekend a bit slower. I would think Tuesday or Wednesday.
  5. It would make sense if it was! 😄 I am really hopeful that LIN will move with full speed ahead 🐋
  6. I'm the January filer but wanted to let the LIN filers know that I surprisingly got approved in 5 months yesterday. Hope the change is coming for all the rest of LIN filers!
  7. Some hope for LIN filers. I did not expect to be approved for another half a year at least but today unexpectedly I found out we got approved! Since they received our petition it took them 5 months! Maybe things are speeding up! Fingers crossed.
  8. Ok! I'm shell-shocked... today while looking through my 150 open pages and trying to decide which to close I was about to close Case Status Online but kind of mindlessly refreshed the page and wow our case got approved today! It only took them 5 ( counting from NOA 4) months! And I'm with LIN!!! I am going out of the country in a few days, now I am wondering if that is gong to be an issue???
  9. Some movement for LIN bunnies 😉 NOA 2/25, fingerprints were 'taken' 5/1. LIN Nebraska Service Center.
  10. From Philadelphia airport's website : " Most destinations that have COVID-19 restrictions require a negative PCR test result within 72 hour of travel to exempt the traveler from a mandatory quarantine. Therefore, if your destination requires a PCR test, you should choose the PCR Test. If your destination does not require a PCR test you may choose an Antigen Rapid test. " = US rapid test. That is what I'm trying to find out if that test is good enough for boarding the plane to Heathrow. The result of this test is available in an hour while a PCR takes up to 48 hours.
  11. Thanks! I found the info you provided but wanted personal experience. For example if the US rapid antigen test is accepted in the UK or not. I did not find the info on the specificity or sensitivity of the US one.
  12. Is there someone here who transited through Heathrow from the US to Europe recently? I know I have to have a valid Covid test to board the plane in the US but I wonder if the rapid test is ok. I also cannot quite figure out what happens if I have to go through immigration in London. I want to fly AA but then switch to a different airline while in London Heathrow. I have done it before and I always had to get the boarding pass for the Europe flight in London airport, not in the US. That's why I think they will make me go through the immigration. Any experiences will be appreciated!
  13. Do you know that you can look it up on this document, courtesy of one of our members? I-751 January Filers Google Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rhI5FjegJsQOxwx9qEUxcdOUv4PUuzwvWzNQPiEo2m8/edit#gid=0
  14. Check your evidence against the list from this post, for me that is the best list of what is necessary for ROC
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