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  1. Oh, I definitely have the interview notice too. It's on Wednesday the 16th (I accidentally said Thursday the 17th in my original post). I just didn't know in advance because it apparently got caught up in the mail for several weeks. The issue is filling out the I-693 before the interview, given I only found out about the interview the week before! (As well as money, if it turns out to be unnecessary.) At this point I think I will just bring my DS-3025 along and see what they say.
  2. Thank you! I'm honestly not sure if I submitted the DS-3025 or not...this was back in 2016. I know I submitted a package that included medical stuff when I entered the US on the K-1 Visa. I've attached a pic of my letter. I'm not sure of the difference, but it does actually say 'Request for Evidence' at the top. I guess the question of whether I can actually do it before the interview is moot because it's next week, but it's good to know that if they need it, it just won't get approved until I provide it (and that I won't be otherwise punished). I mean, I've waited unusually long already for this interview.
  3. So I finally got my interview date as well as a letter saying I need to bring a form I-693 along signed by a civil surgeon. According to the instructions on I-693 itself, I actually don't need this. I entered on a K-1 visa and had my medical done back in Australia. I have my vaccination worksheet here and it was marked 'US vaccination requirements COMPLETE' and they didn't catch any other medical issues. I definitely submitted my AOS within a few months of getting that medical, although it has now been a little over two years since I submitted the AOS in the first place. The letter itself is an RFE. It says 'You must provide the following information in order for us to make a final decision on your case' and says I must complete Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record. The kicker is that apparently my interview notice got lost in the mail for a few weeks... I only got it this week and my interview is on the 17th (next Thursday)!! I don't know if I have time to sort this out before my interview. If I show up with just my vaccination form and all the other proof I have that I already did the medical, will they deny my request? I know there's a lot of questions about this form but this situation has me stumped and I wonder if someone who knows their stuff has any advice.
  4. Hey everybody, I went to my InfoPass appointment today. So at first when the agent looked me up, she asked me if I had rescheduled an interview and I was confused because my status never changed since March 2017 and I wasn't sent an interview date. Anyway, something about my status seemed to indicate that but when she looked into it further she figured someone might have been scheduling me and then had to delete me? :s She said I am in a queue for an interview appointment now...not sure if that means soon or not, but at least nothing is wrong with my case. She also said I can try to expedite my advance parole request by sending in documents etc. It's not emergency travel so I don't think they'll do it, right? I might as well try anyway if they said so... (or maybe she misunderstood my reason for travel).
  5. **Whoops, I thought this was in a different forum and I'm not sure how to delete
  6. I've seen a bunch of people around here saying EAD is slow.... I also wonder what implications that has for EAD renewal. I have until early July before my automatic 180 day extension wears off and I really hope there's no gap because I really can't afford that.
  7. Thanks so much for the tip - I set it up properly this morning (with both the mail alerts and the browser one with sound) and hey presto! Just got an appointment on the 14th! If it's helpful information at all to anyone, the appointment popped up around 11.15am EST today (a Saturday). No idea if that's a normal time in general/for this office/etc.
  8. Geez, I'm sorry. I at least got my EAD after about 3.5 months last year. My flights are in June too. I've broken it to my mum that I might not be coming, and honestly I've been increasingly depressed about it as the date approaches. I don't know if I can afford other tickets any time soon (or afford to take time off, due to various job circumstances).
  9. Thanks for the tip. Have you tried this method lately? I only ask because if I manually refresh my browser, I have to enter all the details again (inside US > zip > pick location > view appointments). Also, it previously had no calendar when I looked yesterday. Today, it has a calendar row of this week with today highlighted and the 'Next week' option is unclickable. I assume that just means there's nothing available but it seemed weird - I tried it in a few different browsers though, and opened it with developer tools to be sure. Thanks - that gives me hope that contacting someone might push them along. I think at this stage I'll have to look at getting credit, so thanks for the tip. It's better than throwing money into a void. Although the main reason I'm disappointed is that I can't see my family. I don't think Atlanta necessarily means a bad time. Part of my issue is that I see K1/Atlanta people who submitted after me getting approved, including a bunch of people being approved last year. For some reason, I have been disregarded.
  10. Thank you. My partner emailed our representative and I guess I'll keep checking for InfoPass appointments.
  11. Update: My partner called them today (still no InfoPass appointments have appeared on the site). They basically said to come back when it's been 29 months instead. They also said because it hadn't yet been 29 months they weren't obliged to respond to my request for information. They also said something about processing cases from Dec 2015 at the moment. I know this isn't true because if I look up Timelines I can see K1s in Atlanta who applied after me getting approved last year even. I feel really hopeless now.
  12. Yikes... that's not good news. I'll get an appointment with them as soon as any appear on the InfoPass site and see what is going on.
  13. I've applied for a renewal of EAD which hasn't been granted yet - since I applied before it expired, it gets automatically extended by 180 days. I don't drive so I don't have any issues bridging the gap there. I didn't know the thing about the physical. I got mine in Australia in probably mid 2016 so it has been well and truly over a year. I'll have a look into it...although I'm not sure why they'd need to check me for TB and so on when I'm already in the country? Although it could be for other things.
  14. Does going through an account get a different result from the regular page where you enter the case number? (https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/) The result I get there just says they received my information in early March 2017 and will continue processing (and has been that way since that March).
  15. I didn't know of such a thing - I'll look into it. Thank you. It feels a bit weird asking them like that but if they won't respond to my information request, I'm not sure what else I can do.