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  1. They let us have them in there. Just went through the metal detector and put belongings in tub like at the airport and voila.
  2. Thank you so much!! No they did the interview with both of us and asked questions like “when/where did you get married?” “How long have you been married?” “Where did you both meet?” and then a run through of current address, if we had kids and my birthday. It was really nerve wracking just because I always get nervous about huge stuff but the guy was nice and was trying to make conversation, that helped a bit. Just be honest and know your spouse and all will be well :)))
  3. They should have the medical exam within government files. I do not believe you need to complete a new medical exam. Best of luck!!
  4. We got approved on the spot!!!! Yay!!!! Thanks for the support you guys! You’re awesome:) ❤️
  5. My husband and I are both wondering what kinds of questions do they ask in the interview? We have our interview tomorrow in Portland, OR. Is it the standard "How did you two meet?", "How long have you been together?" etc. etc.
  6. Just wondering, do we have to send a copy of the Affidavit of support to the NVC BEFORE the Adjustment of status interview? Our interview is April 30th and we haven't submitted it anywhere the letter just says to bring the affidavit docs to the appointment. Thanks!
  7. I presume it will mess up how I file taxes now too if he doesn't have an SSN. There's an option to get a ITN but that's only if your ineligible to get an SSN.
  8. Wonderful. And how long will that take do you think?
  9. I think we messed up, his I-94 expires 12-12-18 and we haven't applied for an SSN yet.
  10. K-1 now doing AOS and are currently married, spouse is present. So do we send the SSN application into the USCIS or is this something we tackle separate I presume? Also on the biometrics sheet wouldn't it be that we are filing for permanent residence NOT naturalization? I thought naturalization comes later?
  11. Well thank God there is Visa Journey. No better teacher than ones who've lived it.
  12. He has arrived and we are married. I was under the impression he isn't a true resident until he recieves the green card and we are actually approved.. So can we apply for an SSN even though the AOS is in transition? This is pretty confusing. Can you get a OR license without an SSN??
  13. Interesting, yeah I guess I assumed because while he was over here on a visitor visa he got pulled over and the police officer told him he was fine since he had his original SA license and International Driving Permit. What I’m gathering is that’s all well and good on the visitor visa but not a K-1? He’s not an OR resident yet. I want to get this dialed in.
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