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  1. We arrived here in New York yesterday afternoon! Everything went well, just a lot of waiting around. We flew into JHB on the day and was met at domestic arrivals by the Emirates reps. They told us to hang around in the airport. After a few hours they made us put our suitcases outside in the road for the dogs to check the luggage. Once that is done you’re taken through to the check in counter and then through to the international section. There is a restaurant that is open on that side with drinks and a few basics things to eat. Dubai airport was pretty busy with a few shops and restaurants open. Once I got to the US I was taken to a room to process some documentation. Took about 10 min. I was asked to confirm our address and phone numbers and that was it! All done!
  2. We just booked and paid this morning! Flying out on the 8th of September. JHB to Dubai and then Dubai to JFK!
  3. We had to fill out a form online as well as a form giving them permission to look into our case. It took about two weeks to hear back from them. Did you make contact with them yet?
  4. No, I called the doctor today and they said that it should be there by tomorrow. I hope this is the case and that they can start working on my visa!
  5. No problem, just prepare for a long wait. I was in there for more than 3 hours and the interview is about 5 minutes!
  6. Thanks! She only said that I need to be aware that I can't travel to Europe..
  7. Not at the interview but it is done during the medical.
  8. No, that was it for the questions. As for the documents, I followed this check list. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/JHN-Johannesburg.html#pre_interview_checklist
  9. Thanks! I'm not sure why it took so long, just sat around waiting to be called. They first collect all your documents and you're asked to sit back down and wait while they review everything. They asked me what I do for a living, what my wife does for a living, what are my plans when I get to the US, how much money I am taking with me and where I'll be staying. The interview is only a few minutes and then you're done.
  10. Hi all, Thought I'd give everyone a quick update! I was contacted by the consulate last week and was asked to schedule a medical. After doing that they scheduled my interview for this morning. I had to fly up to Joburg from Cape Town and after sitting at the consulate for almost 3 hours I got the approval! They kept my passport and they'll be sending it down to Cape Town in 7-10 days.
  11. Hi all, Apologies for only updating you guys now but I've been running around like crazy. I got a call from the Consulate on Thursday. A very friendly lady asked me to book a medical with the Cape Town doctor and let her know when I get an appointment with him. I called his office and was able to get an appointment for the next day (Friday morning) after which I contacted the lady who called me to let her know. She was able to schedule my interview for Wednesday (5 August). I've running around gathering all the documents and finally managed to get everything together. I will keep you guys updated and let you know what happens on Wednesday!
  12. Hi all, I was about to book myself a massage this morning, as all of the spa's have opened up, when I realised that if the government is fine with me being in a room for 90 minutes with someone giving me a massage then surely they should be fine with me being interviewed. Perhaps even through a glass window like they have at banks. They did it like that when I had an interview for a B1 / B2 visa in Dublin a few years ago. If that is not possible, I can be 2m away, wearing a mask while limiting the number of people in the embassy. I find it absolutely insane that they are not open for interviews but so many other (more dangerous) things are open. With that said, I know we live in a world where logic doesn't always get taken into account when rules and regulations are put in place but I am also not okay just hanging out until they have no other choice but to open up. I think we need to set a date and if we don't hear anything from them (say end of July or Aug), then we need to take some action. Start emailing / calling weekly, getting immigrations lawyers involved, contacting Congressmen / Senators or even starting a petition. I know all of these things will probably not achieve much on their own but perhaps together we can put some pressure on someone in the embassy to start taking this seriously. I most certainly do not want to wait another 6 months to be with my loved ones in the US after already waiting more than a year. Especially because we are so close to the end and the thing standing in our way is so ridiculous. Sorry about the rant, today is just one of those days! Any thoughts are welcomed.
  13. What is your reason for the expedite? I think if you just search for “expedite” on the forum, you’ll get tons of posts about them. Successful and unsuccessful. Hope you get it approved! Keep us updated
  14. Unfortunately expedites are not easy. They only expedite if USCIS made an error, humanitarian reasons, severe financial loss or compelling U.S. government interests. Do any of those apply to your case? I've seen people request expedites in really bad circumstances and still get denied.
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