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  1. It is also currently not required as there is a temporary restraining order on the requirement. Hopefully sometime today the actual state department will comment on this. Her interview will happen before the restraining order is lifted.
  2. fyi, this is a temporary restraining order the Oregon judge will review the case in more detail and rule on whether there is an injunction placed sounds like on 22 November.
  3. they do review things sporadically but not everyone is lucky unfortunately, and this is there general waiting time, if it takes longer then this timeline they have on site then for sure give a phone call and they will probably review things super fast because you got delayed but yeah within this process timeframe of around 6 weeks you're still in normal processing parameters. We are submitting soon and I'm hoping we are lucky like some but who knows what will happen.
  4. yeah my AOS didn't show up immediately showed up a day later just give a day or two.
  5. you can look up on uscis site with receipt number after approval notice they should say when they sent the application. After that you can phone NVC at some point (usually 9am eastern is good just when they open). They will tell you if they recieved the case.
  6. yeah I think you are 2 weeks out as you say, they seem pretty on point with timing mentioned on site ours were received 3 October and got emails late last week.
  7. yeah they are pretty on point with timing ours were received on 3 October and got emails last week.
  8. I can't speak for OP but for myself I obviously have a plan for my parents healthcare if they manage to get eveything resolved and get here, but that plan requires setting them up once here. The reality of getting them coverage before they arrive is highly tricky compared to resolving that coverage once they are here. Getting them coverage to bolster there case for interview is to me very different to getting them actual coverage they will need once they arrive. Proving you intend to cover them is also not that easy to do before they arrive. I think this is all the confusion. If they just came forward with you need to get coverage and this is how you can do it before interview I'd be all for that since I know my parents will actually need coverage, but that involves working with insurance companies and opening better pathways to get there
  9. unfortunately just restraining order right now for 28 days but still gives time to get lawsuit further resolved.
  10. From what I've read this happened quickly because it's a temporary restraining order while merits of case are reviewed I guess if the next review of case is found to have merit a proper injunction may be placed on it, but right now it's just a 28 day restraining order.
  11. yeah it's just really confusing because of all the notices sent out about needing this realistically now all that is blocked but people having interviews say Monday may not know the difference. Hopefully the nvc or consulates send out notice for this block to clients.
  12. Unfortunately thats all I got it's a snippet from tweet, reliable source though, this was shared by Doug Rand he was "Asst Director for Entrepreneurship, Obama Office of Science & Tech Policy" and now runs Boundless Immigration which usually has a bunch of up to date info on all rule changes and issues (They even have a public charge risk assesment)
  13. yes until the court rules this will go into effect, hopefully the case moves forward quickly. Technically parents are exempty for "having" to show insurance but this is guidance the embassy/consulates are being given:
  14. Watch this space officially being challenged in Oregon federal court!
  15. I will say though these are major political games that have huge effects on everyone involved!
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