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  1. Are you thinking about uscis in Johannesburg. That may be closed or in process of closing. The consulate is still there in Sandton.
  2. have you got them scanned in, are they in pdf format ?
  3. Hi Jim, Have you inquired with the consulate for any updates ? Apparently after 60 days sounds like it's reasonable to inquire (at least from documentation I've read).
  4. Not sure if this is right place. But when submitting tax documents for AOS. For the main tax document should I submit the wage and income transcript or tax return transcript obtained from the IRS online site ? I know I can add the other as additional documentation afterwards.
  5. Yeah if you added as household member and not joint sponsor that may have made a difference, but you need to speak to someone embassy or nvc to correct the situation. This might delay your next steps while sorting it out, but you should be able to speak to someone about getting the issues sorted. Usually helps to connected 1-1 with someone to resolve.
  6. Yes I hope so, and hope for quick turnaround for you!
  7. Honestly 221g administrative processing can be quick or take time (it's really hard to determine), and basically what I am saying is even though the consular office said you were approved it appears as though a supervisor which usually signs off on approvals decided you need administrative processing and basically the email they sent out is your 221g so you're likely subject to exact same process that anyone who gets a 221g would be.
  8. Unfortunately even though the co can approve on the day, I believe it's possible for the supervisor who still reviews each case to find a need for AP and move the case there. Now it's just a waiting game but seems reasonable to contact the embassy just to make sure they have your documentation.
  9. needless to say the unknown is how long to schedule interview and send IL, sounds like not too bad for Paris. For me in Johannesburg sounds like more of an issue (taking 3 months just to schedule interview in cases).
  10. not sure how long to get interview but usually the interview letter is sent out when they have an appointment for you in next 3-6 weeks. It likely won't be less then 3 weeks from IL to interview because you can only go to medicals after IL. Also they only schedule the interview and send the IL like I said when there is available slot 3-6 weeks out.
  11. It is also currently not required as there is a temporary restraining order on the requirement. Hopefully sometime today the actual state department will comment on this. Her interview will happen before the restraining order is lifted.
  12. fyi, this is a temporary restraining order the Oregon judge will review the case in more detail and rule on whether there is an injunction placed sounds like on 22 November.
  13. they do review things sporadically but not everyone is lucky unfortunately, and this is there general waiting time, if it takes longer then this timeline they have on site then for sure give a phone call and they will probably review things super fast because you got delayed but yeah within this process timeframe of around 6 weeks you're still in normal processing parameters. We are submitting soon and I'm hoping we are lucky like some but who knows what will happen.
  14. yeah my AOS didn't show up immediately showed up a day later just give a day or two.
  15. you can look up on uscis site with receipt number after approval notice they should say when they sent the application. After that you can phone NVC at some point (usually 9am eastern is good just when they open). They will tell you if they recieved the case.
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