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  1. we finally received the hard copy in the mail and our interview is Sept. 14th......So i get updated documents from my employer? im working from home so it may be a little difficult...I think most of our letters are dated March since that was our original interview month.....Also i dont need to carry an affidavit of support with us since we already submitted one with the original app... I feel like i need to gather things all over again
  2. great idea I hope your journeys get back on track sooner than later
  3. Just popping in the say hi! and check on everyone.. i hope you guys are well and those that cases have come to an abrupt stop because of COVID 19 I hope immigration starts moving again for you! We were in the midst of preparing for our AOS interview but it was rescheduled in March and we just received notification on Aug 4th that we have a new interview date...we are waiting on the hard copy to come in the mail to see the actual date. Sending good vibes that immigration starts moving soon!
  4. thanks for sharing this info! I wish all my South African people that are waiting goodluck and I hope immigration starts moving again!
  5. i hope you hear something soon my friend 4yrs on this roller coaster is a bit much....sending positive vibes your way
  6. I am so EXCITED!!!!!! we finally got our interview has been scheduled notification....now we are just waiting on the hard copy to tell us the date.... I want our interview to be sooner than later before the city shuts down again... Our city is considered to be a hot spot as far as numbers go for the pandemic.....
  7. oh no! I hope you hear something soon I checked our case online a few moments ago and apparently our case has been scheduled an interview dat as of Aug 4th so now waiting on the letter to see what the date is...I want it to be sooner than later i dont want the city to shut down again....We are in the red zone as far as numbers for the virus go.....
  8. Thanks for the info on doing a case status check I submitted mine this morning hopefully hear something soon
  9. we are waiting our original interview date was March 23rd.....
  10. glad to see someone has received an interview date after the pandemic we are patiently waiting as well
  11. original divorce decree would be good and you can have a copy of ta document
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