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  1. Are you able to access new website? What date does it show there?
  2. That I do not know. And they cannot update website either, but they can tell you if it was approved or RFE even if website still shows received.
  3. Yes, I noticed from previous months approvals seem to come in waves. There are heavy days, and then dry spells. Due to them refusing to update website, and mail taking variable amount of time it kinda gets spread out. I am guessing they have to work with NVC to not overwhelm them.
  4. Shiran

    "AT NVC" help :)

    This should be helpful thread for you to follow along, also when you get a chance, please update your time line https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=302601 with NOA2 and NVC dates. You pretty close to finishing line assuming your documents are in order for your interview!
  5. If you didn't destroy the envelope and have a good eyesight I bet you will see that postal stamp in upper right corner reads Jan 11. So they approved and issued notice on Jan 10, but didn't mail until a day later. Today I officially learned that Tier 1 agents CAN see case status even if the website is not updated.
  6. UK forums is here: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/99-united-kingdom/ January NOA2 to NVC thread is here:
  7. Yes, I did a double take as well, but since I knew exactly what you were talking about from my own NOA2 I figured it was a typo
  8. If you are beneficiary, then yes, it is your "Alien" number also known as INS Number, USCIS number etc. That number will follow them for the rest of their life and will be prominently shown on their eventual Certificate Of Naturalization once they get their US Citizenship.
  9. Congratulations on your approval! Please update your timeline and profile https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=299440 so it helps yourself and others to get better estimates.
  10. I remember reading your posts about it what seems like forever ago now. They are very particular about the payment. Someone had packet returned to them because they attached cheque for $540 thinking $5 extra just in case to cover processing costs and maybe good luck. But nope, USCIS doesn't accept tips. Whole thing was returned due to incorrect payment.
  11. Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath for a minute. It is almost never something "big" that people assume but usually a small missing thing, e.g. unchecked checkbox somewhere, or missing letter of intent. I've sent fewer photos than that. You can try calling them and asking for Tier 2 who might be willing to read your RFE. This was done in this thread. They DO want evidence of meeting within last 2 years though. Look at the positive, they are looking at your case, so once you resolve this you should be on your way to approval!
  12. All I can tell you is my experience and observations. Websites are NOT reliable. My case is still not updated on either (shows received) and I read about someone who just completed their interview and has Visa on hand but website still show received. Paper letters do arrive and they are vital, unlike NOA1 you should not lose them as they will be needed for adjustment of status. My recommendation take a good picture of them with your phone or scan them if you have that available and upload to cloud backed storage. If you call you might find out a few days earlier in advance. Up to you if it worth your time to sit on hold. I hope I am wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if your case unfortunately takes a little longer than average due to country of your beneficiary. This is purely speculative on my part and not in anyway official. Try to find other timelines from same country, and compare. Good luck everyone.
  13. I called them last night (NOA2 Dec 27), and they told me they received the case, but case was not assigned yet. Took 17 days. I am updating the January NOA2 to NVC thread.
  14. Next step is update your time line and then mosey over to January to NVC thread that was linked above. Congratulations. Seems quite a few GB folks in August. And I do think USCIS working a tad faster.
  15. Mini update: NOA1: Aug 08 (old) Aug 13 (New) NOA2: Dec 27 (Notice date, received in USPS mail Dec 31, no updates to either website to this day) No notification of any kind in either e-mail or postal mail despite updating AskNVC website. Started calling to NVC Jan 10 (on 2 weeks mark) Today finally was told case arrived to NVC today NVC Arrived: Jan 14 Moral of the story: Do not count on them to update via e-mail, calling seems to be the only reliable way to get updates. Call while having your WAC number ready.