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  1. This is due to USCIS moving card printing in house instead of relying on external contractor. Unfortunately they only have one printing facility set up and now they have sizable backlog of EAD and GC cards in need of printing got back to early July. Hopefully you will get it soon!
  2. Correct, it is NOT true, but it is pretty upsetting to see this coming from an official consulate source, which does lead to what I was afraid when proclamation was originally made, that there will be confusion due to dual nature of K-1 visa, and some consulates and possibly CBP will interpret it differently.
  3. Seems like not all Consulate got a memo about K-1 being non-immigrant either.
  4. I am well aware that under the hood K-1 and K-3s are non-immigrant visas. What is less clear to me if how EO will be interpreted. Because I do not see clarity of it being non-immigrant. Logically it should be exempt for multiple reason, being non-immgrant is one, being very similar to spousal visa is another but in practice, I can easily see it being swept with other immigrant visas as there was no specific exception for it.
  5. You keep saying that, but it is not in fact "clear" at all as it listed as Immigrant visa on DOS website and Embassies website.
  6. There is no specific exemption for K-1 visa. The logical thought process is that is it non-immigrant visa, and therefore this EO doesn't apply to them, except at pretty much EVERY Embassy I've seen it is listed under "immigrant visa" category. And unlike CR-1/IR-1 there is no specific exemption carved out for it, so it might be very much for interpretation by DOS/COs. Guess it is more wait and see.
  7. USCIS is not doing any in-person services outside of Emergencies until at least May.
  8. For the most part you can ignore VJ timeline. It is based solely on self reported data by other members, and while it can be handy to see certain trends over long time period it is woefully inadequate in predicting your own individual approval. Doubly so in the current times. Typically, currently, I-129F without RFE gets approved within 3-4 months though. That is not an indication it will be as fast or as slow 3 or 4 months from now. Get used to the idea you just need to wait, and hope for Embassies to start accepting applications again by the time I-129F gets approved.
  9. The in-person requirement is no joke. They absolutely will not give out passport to anyone. When we at SF Consulate we witnessed woman in tears because she flew in from Denver I think to get passport for her husband, she had letter of trust, and bunch of evidence they were married, he could not fly due to job, and according to her when they did apply for renewal they told her it was ok for spouse to pick it up, but months later, after renewal they would not give it to her. I don't know if you call it bureaucracy running rampant, or just being through.
  10. North Carolina issues online MLs. I am sure other states will soon to follow. http://www.wakegov.com/rod/help/vital/marriage/Pages/application.aspx
  11. Unfortunately USCIS is cancelling in person appointments, including biometrics due to COVID-2019. Please check. They should be rescheduled for later.
  12. Some people who previously received notices about I-131 biometrics since then received notices like that:
  13. How did it go? And will you be able to make POE with travel restrictions in place?
  14. While form does request USC birth certificate, we were never asked for it. I think the main purpose of it is to ascertain that USC is US citizen, so having passport would have it covered. How did he file it it?
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