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  1. North Carolina issues online MLs. I am sure other states will soon to follow. http://www.wakegov.com/rod/help/vital/marriage/Pages/application.aspx
  2. Unfortunately USCIS is cancelling in person appointments, including biometrics due to COVID-2019. Please check. They should be rescheduled for later.
  3. Some people who previously received notices about I-131 biometrics since then received notices like that:
  4. How did it go? And will you be able to make POE with travel restrictions in place?
  5. While form does request USC birth certificate, we were never asked for it. I think the main purpose of it is to ascertain that USC is US citizen, so having passport would have it covered. How did he file it it?
  6. Unless things changes, about a week. You can have them hold for pick up at the "HUB" location in Kyiv, she Rabbit can stay for extra few days in the Capital before going home to pack.
  7. Not intent, as that question doesn't really apply to K-1. You are maintaining household together, not making remittance payments as if paying child support.
  8. You are paying to US and they have no idea what you are paying for because case was not transferred to them yet. And all you have for trouble is world's tiniest piece of paper with long number on it. I don't know WHAT will happen, and I am not a scientist enough to risk $265 to find out. It will not speed up anything, they will not interview until they have the case. Kyiv, is really simple, and really fast compared with what I read about other Embassies, I would just wait. There was a user who had to eat airline cancellation fee from being a little bit too eager to schedule things there. I will outline what I think your schedule should be: Feb 18 shipment to Kyiv Feb 19 schedule your medical if you haven't yet Feb 19 Finish your DS-160 might take you more than one day depending on phase of the moon and how cooperative browsers and DHS website it Feb 20 Pay Avail, create usdocs account if you haven't yet Feb 21 verify that payment cleared to US Embassy, and see if you can schedule appointment for Tue 25 or later
  9. These basically correct. And no, you do not need invoice numbers from NVC. The big gotcha is since case hasn't even shipped yet, they have no information of it, I would NOT pay to Aval until it ships. You can schedule medial now most likely, I recommend medicom location. Do not have experience with Mom, and as far as I heard pretty much goes to Medicom,. Just make sure during medical they mark her DS-3025 as complete.
  10. You are not entering US on a visa, so you do not need your passport stamped. You are LPR, you live here.
  11. Congratulations! And now you all know what you are watching at date night For some reason I still remember the name of night creme from that film... And thank you for sharing a very detailed write up of your process!
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