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  1. My cousin asked 5k for his eyeglass. He said its for the lens and frames. Is that around how they priced eyeglass in the philippines?
  2. I told him if the situation was reversed, i would choose him over my family.
  3. She lives 30 minutes from us
  4. my mother supposed to leave in June but the original ticket was cancelled due to covid 19. so I booked another flight then it was cancelled again due to covid. I booked a flight with PAL and luckily it was not cancelled but I paid 1300$ one way! im still in the process of getting a refund on 2 cancelled ticket which the travel agency is giving me a hard time. they said It was non refundable?!
  5. thank you everyone for the advice. but my husband said, she is the only family he have and have no plans of turning his back on her for the sake of our marriage and family. he said he will always be there for her no matter what. I honestly thought about divorcing him but I think about our baby.
  6. She wont stop at nothing to break my marriage with her brother and tbh im tired. We’re married for 4 yrs but been together for 10 yrs. but ever since we had a baby she became unbearable
  7. affidavit of support of 120$ was taken out of my bank. the IV fee of 325$ was not. I have been emailing them and tells me the same thing that they are looking into it. but its been 2 months now
  8. I paid this IV fee and its been 2 months now and still in process. I also paid the affidavit of support fee of 120$ at the same time with IV fee but it went through. do I need to submit the documents for affidavit of support before the IV fee process? thanks
  9. thanks for that info. do we need for NVC to contact my brother before we can scan documents to CEAC?
  10. My mother is a green card holder who petitioned brother in 2018. We just received an approval notice. Priority date may 30 2018. Does this mean we can start the process? And he turned 20 yrs Old last Month. Will he over aged? I dont know how to interpret the visa bulletin, it says f2a is current.
  11. Yes that’s what we got, re entry permit
  12. I say its ok to give gifts on special occasions but don’t send money for household bills. They might expect it from you from then on even if you only gave it once. They are not your responsibility. If u visit her, get to know her and her family, don't rush into marriage. Don't ever make them think you are rich by showering them lots of gifts. Believe it or not, My husband is my only sexual partner. I believe there are still some women who still reserve themselves for there husbands.
  13. My mom is currently here in the us. We got exit visa for her couple of yrs ago for 2 yrs. She got back and been here for 6 months now. Is she allowed to get another exit visa? How many times can she apply for it? Can they deny it?
  14. so im planning to send my documents today via usps express mail which will get there tomorrow- saturday ( i work weekends) and nvc is close on the weekends, when the mail gets there who receives it? im just worried it might get lost
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