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    We met in October 2011 while playing pool. Joseph flirted with me and when he told me he could not understand me or speak Tagalog, I thought he was just being funny. Joseph is Filipino by birth but was adopted and raised in Florida.

    When I realized he was being truthful, I accepted to go out with him and we spent his entire vacation together.

    We have become a part of each other's families and plan to be married when my visa is approved.

    UPDATE We are now married and filing CR 1 Jan 2020

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  1. Gracias, how long are they good for? Does the 16 year old need one?
  2. All of us are Expedite with condition of DQ. What should I do? Should I request NVC to please expedite their document review to catch them up with me?
  3. what about the 864 and financials that they say are not needed?
  4. Can these be ordered online at PSA?
  5. I just finished reading through the requirements for the interview. It now states that you only have to upload them for interview and not bring them with you! Go to the Philipine US Embassy and read through the steps to apply for spouse or child. I plan to still put them in the interview packets, but it makes me wonder.
  6. Yes I understand, but WHEN are they needed. At the interview or afterward, oops nevermind...it is that other class of some kind that they need. Just females or the males also?
  7. I thought we were to get those after VISA is issued, but I saw someone denied and needed to provide it to Embassy? Who besides me needs this? Does anyone know if my other 20 year old daughter leaving for Mexico on student visa, will need one?
  8. I expect mine and the kids DQ will be a bit apart. I expect mine in about a week but the last of the kids the first part of July, due to Passport problems. We have expedite with conditions, all of us. How will I schedule all of us together? Thank you
  9. Why is my question faded out and says advertisement?
  10. Hi, This is really Patricia, Ruby's MIL and I have questions. I am making up their Interview packets for 5 people. I have pictures for each, but can I just have one set of pictures that she can show for all of them, or does each packet need the pictures. Basically the same question for taxes, marriage certificates, and my son's passport. does each packet need an original of PSA, and copies of other stuff. So much paperwork for 5 people plus a 6th one coming to me in Mexico, where she was accepted to University! Gracias everyone and best of luck to you all.
  11. The same for the Affidavit of Support.? They have separate ones as IR2/CR2. What I need to know is if my hubby needs to DHL the original ones to me for the interviews.
  12. I have a 19, 16, 13, 10 year old's. When it says original documents, will I need multiple copies of PSA marriage certificate, one for each of them? Do the affidavits of support need to be mailed to me, or can they be printed from computer? I have a letter stating that Manila is willing to expedite our cases, as soon as we have DQ on each. But I am confused on appointments, do we just wait or do we sign in somewhere and make our own appointments. Does each child get their own appointment or do the younger ones interview with me? Sorry for all the questions.
  13. I know 99.9% of you are concerned with visas to the US, but 1 of the kids is going to grandmothers on a Mexican student visa. Does anyone know the fastest economical way to send her school acceptance documents to her?
  14. Still waiting for DQ because we had to resubmit 2 documents. Letter said the embassy had approved it for expedite and as soon as DQ was done it would be sent to the embassy.\
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