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  1. Our lawyer used a money order and they didn't have issue charging it. We got married in June 2018 and only managed to send ours by Jan 29th 2019 so I get how you must be feeling, but you will get there, stay strong!!
  2. How do you check for Soft LUDs?
  3. We just filed and I'm certainly no expert, but as I understand it means your petition was received by USCIS and will be sent to a processing center. You should be receiving your NOA1 with your receipt number soon. Maybe someone else can chime in if I'm wrong.
  4. Hey there, we just filed some weeks ago and we included 4 affidavits per request of our lawyer. Two close friends who were present during the ceremony and both my spouse's parents who we have lived with for months when I've visited the US. She recommended we notorize all four of them, and include a copy of the person's passport or driver's license. It certainly can't hurt, especially if you already have pictures and tickets and everything else.
  5. We got our NOA1 in 2/4/2019 and our case got sent to Potomac. It seems like the processing times are always changing around, so no way of really knowing how long it could be I guess. My wife and I have been together for 6 and a half years. It'll be a long wait but we have to stay strong for one more year or so, good luck everyone!