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  1. Yikes. If you ARE married, which you are, then you need to get her added to whatever you can. Also, don't think you're smarter than the people who are giving you advice. Married somewhere is married everywhere, and now you're just trying to find more ways to waste money by not cancelling the K1 and just doing the CR-1.
  2. We didn't call yesterday. I might try today at work just to see if it tells me where it is with the automated number. heck lol
  3. I don't even know how to do that. Would Andy have to call? This SUCKS.
  4. Still no interview. Moving to Indiana next month. Hopefully it'll get pushed.
  5. It is unusual, but it isn't unheard of. I don't think USCIS will find much of an issue with it if she gets the documents that they asked for. I cannot believe this thread is still going. Seemed pretty straightforward.
  6. Is it worth toying with your lawful presence? Get it handled, get what they want. Give them proof that you're not just in it for the wrong reasons.
  7. They were specific on what you needed to include. Get the documents on the list and send it back ASAP. 1. Make sure you an your spouse are listed on your banking accounts. To do this, set up an appointment with the bank and ask what documentation they need. Get a statement with both of you on the account. Make a copy, send it in. 2. Are you both listed on the car insurance? Medical? If not, get added to the car and take a copy of the updated policy and send it in. 3. If you are not both on your utility bills, get added, get a copy, send it in. 4. Open a life insurance policy on each other. Get a copy. Send it in. The sooner you send it in, the faster you'll get a response. You do not need a lawyer, you need to do what they asked.
  8. If you have nothing kind or productive to say, why even post? I think anyone could understand his frustration. It's a long, painful process.
  9. Jaquelly

    SSN for K1

    You can try as soon as you want. The worst that happens is they ask you to wait.
  10. Jaquelly


    Hello there! We filed a K1 visa. We also agree that the CR-1 would have been more ideal. If you can do it, marry either while he is there, or if you visit the states. It will still take an enormous amount of time. You will be able to visit the states if you have an ESTA, but do not plan to remain longer than you're allowed, and absolutely DO NOT OVERSTAY. This is not a fast or fun process. Good luck.
  11. Jaquelly

    Refused under 221(g) Administrative Processing

    Can confirm that everyone gets AP. Give it time, stop killing yourself with hypotheticals.
  12. Hi, Julies! Any more updates? Its been a little bit.
  13. Those letters sound like two highschoolers wrote them. Good grief.
  14. Jaquelly

    Wedding Plans Question

    We had our wedding in my dad's backyard. There were maybe 30 people there. Our friend is ordained, and we had the dogs with us. It was lovely. Sometimes I wish we had done a private ceremony after he arrived, but we wanted to wait for all of our parents to be there.
  15. That seems cut and dry. The burden is on you to PROVE you have never been married. They have records that you have, in fact, been married. Twice.