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  1. Completed my biometric today...Case status changed already
  2. Well all i can say is to tell her to take all her old medical records with her wen she go for medicals. i had suffered from TB in 2016 and i took all my medical records wit me in my medical exam in 2019 . Before even doctor took my xray..i informed her beforehand that i have a history of TB...my xray came out fine then she said if it wudnt have came fine she wud hav done ultrasound and other test. You can always explain to doctors and thy are very experienced doctors so they knew the diffrence if that is an old scar or something else....u dnt need to worry
  3. Finally my and my daughter's biometric letters are in my hand it says july 11 at 10 Am Seattle office i hope the office is open on saturday so tht v can go early walkin thr before the actual date
  4. U said two ...wat r those two letter? seperate bio appt letters ???
  5. Congrats ...seems like urs process real fast.. i m also getting same mail today as its showing same letter from USCIS in my informed delivery
  6. Let me know wat thy r...bcz i hav one each ...one for me n one for my girl
  7. Just checked my USPS informed delivery....there are two mails from USCIS coming to my mail box today...i hope those are bio metric letters for me n my daughter
  8. Thanks a lot for sharing this....This is really helpful ..as many of us are getting bored sitting at home doing nothing for all these months...i m thinking to expedite too and i hav applied for jobs...lets c...I really appreciate what u hav shared here ...thanks a lot. .n congrats for ur new job!
  9. Where did u heard this..can u share more info or link?
  10. Oohhhh...i got worried reading ur post...well u can use USCIS app for mobile ...where u dnt hav to put tracking no. Again n again to check status...u jus need to enter for first tym thats all...n thn u can check tht anytime u want in ur mobile ...i m using tht n its handy n will save u frm such situation
  11. Ohh idint knew tht.....my daughter is 4 yrs of age...she dsnt hav SSN or state id...however i do got my SSN and washington state id after marriage
  12. Thanks a Lot!!!!! And same to you it is certainly exciting to see june one getting processed fast and yes I saw my daughter's alien no. For first time yayyy Good luck for ur journey....
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