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  1. My status got changed to 'New Card being produced' just 30 min after the interview was over. Still i have seen thr are many cases here where status havnt changed at all
  2. Have you tried searching on jobsites like Indeed...??? There are all kinds of jobs available..also there are many entry level jobs available for ppl having High school diploma...check this link out https://www.indeed.com/m/jobs?sameL=1&q=high school diploma only&l=minnesota&from=serpso&fromage=7d
  3. After 5 months of job search ( 3 months before getting EAD and 2 months after getting EAD) applying for more than 600 jobs in various sites like LinkedIn , career builder, Indeed, zip recruiter, and worksource WA ( out of which more than 300 jobs applied on linkedin itself). Finally I got a sweet job ( after 1 hr long face to face interview with presentation on board) offer from Costco IT department offering me a salary more than $100,000 per year .. I am happy that all the hard work i put in finally paid off..so I just want to encourage all other ppl like me here to have patience and keep going ...u will get a sweet reward in the end. Good luck to you all who are having hard time in job hunting.
  4. Yeah i was wondering that too and after my research I found out that ppl having K1 and K2 both are getting scheduled faster than rest all others in seattle idk the reason though but yesterday also even i found out one woman from seattle with two K2 s who filed in Oct 2019 got interview notice for feb 15 2020
  5. SEATTLE FILERs ..I Got my interview done on 27th Jan(filed K1 n K2) and Got both green cards for me n my daughter in hands today. Thank you everyone here and visa journey for providing this platform to learn and do this on our own. Below is my time line.....Filed on 6th June 2019.... Ready to schedule on 22 aug....Got EAD on 7 th Nov...Interview scheduled on 20 dec...interview on 27 jan 2020... Green Cards in hand 1 FEB 2020
  6. book an appointment online either at passport office or PSK(Pasport seva kendra) they will give u a date to come ..go there and they will check all the docs and will issue u a PCC...either same day or will ask you to wait for a police verification .
  7. By the way I was so nervous before interview that I almost felt like puking on day of interview...bcz i was thinking all kinds of bad stuff and worried why thy scheduled my application so fast when ppl are waiting in line from 2017 even. So you dnt worry everything will be fine
  8. Idk why i have a feeling ...i analyzed all the cases in seattle which got approved or interview scheduled fast were the ones where K1 and K2 both were involved. I filed for k1 and my k2 daughter. Everything will be fine keep calm and good luck
  9. Dont worry...same thing happened with me too...I filed my AOS in June 2019 and my interview was on 27 th jan 2020. I was extreemly nervous that how come it got scheduled so early..when it was about to take 1-2 years...i was having all kind of bad thoughts lol...bt i guess v jus got lucky...my interview went fine n got an update same day of approval... Do u filed for k1 and k2 as well...??
  10. Got the letters in mail its on 27 th jan ..so almost 4 months after status changed to ready to schedule in Aug 22. And yes interview is in seattle office Tukwila.
  11. Sorry for mistakes in dates...i took my k1 medical exam on 18 jan 2018 ...so will it be valid till interview or not ..interview is on 27 jan 2020 . Or i need to do another medical exam before interview now?
  12. I was wondering if my medical will be still valid till interview which is on 27 jan 2019 if i took my medical exam on 18 jan last year 2018???
  13. Yeah i will update all i know lots of seattle filers are waiting to hear anything
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