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  1. Not that it’s anyone’s business but no I’m not intending to never file ROC. I’m not stupid. But apparently this IS happening a lot and it’s actually NOT a mistake and people just file ROC when the time comes and move on from that. Some are even told they do not need to file ROC and collect proof they were told so and file for naturalization later on without problems because they did everything they were supposed to. And yes I know the rules so I don’t need anyone telling me what I NEED to do. That is not the question I asked.
  2. Apparently this has been happening to more and more people over the years and it’s not an error.
  3. I have looked around for a thread on this topic but could not find a recent one so I started this. Forgive me if there is one I just didn’t see it. I want to hear from anyone out there who entered on a K1 visa and filed for aos and got a 10 yr greencard while being married for less than 2 years and how they proceeded with their immigration path. Thanks.
  4. Check to see what you actually sent. Maybe you sent the marriage license and not the certificate you got after you got married that is stamped by the courts saying you’re married. Sometimes they ask for stuff they already got because they gotta slow the process down. Check your copy to see what you sent. Just send them what they asked for and you’re good.
  5. But not required to send with AOS. That’s the point I’m trying to make. That you can be a couple for 10, 20, 50 years. You will have a lot of evidence, even for newlyweds, because you just don’t meet one day and get married the next. But you don’t need to send that with aos. So that’s not a valid reason for this scruitinity.
  6. You’re not required to send marriage evidence with aos package. This is why there is a ROC after 2 years. A recently married couple won’t have much in terms of marriage evidence. Most AOS interviews are just a formality and only last a couple of questions and are not separated. They separate couple and bombard them with questions like yours when they suspect fraud. None of the reasons you have stated here are cause for fraud suspicion. They definitely saw something on your file that made them suspicious about your relationship. Most people who get lawyers for this late into the process have complicated cases. You say you have no complications so why did you use a lawyer if you don’t mind us asking? The answer to your scruitinity may be in why you used a lawyer. I feel like we haven’t gotten the full story here.
  7. This is not standard at all. They definitely suspected fraud. Most interviews are just a couple of questions for formality. I don’t mean to offend by what I’m about to say but please don’t say this is normal on a forum like this. You’re scaring people saying this is normal. This is not normal procedure. For whatever reason, and that is no one’s business, they suspected you weren’t a real couple. This is the procedure when they think the relationship isn’t genuine. A standard aos interview is nothing but a couple of questions and basically just looking over paperwork with the couple together.
  8. If that’s a red flag in your country consider going there and getting married and filing CR1 instead. Most couples have better luck with CR1 when there are red flags.
  9. It looks like she doesn’t want this marriage anymore. Divorce and move on. If you haven’t gotten an interview for aos yet your aos will most likely be denied. If you’re no longer married to a us citizen and haven’t gone through aos yet you have no reason to stay to be honest. Not in the eyes of USCIS anyways. You’d have to go home.
  10. It should be ok as long as you have paperwork to prove but you never know with these things. I would just wait til you have greencard and have entered the states to do it.
  11. Yeah unfortunately that’s the end of the road there. She will have to move.
  12. I don’t know where you got that information but K1s cannot do that. You’re coming on a non immigrant visa with immigrant intent but your immigrant status will only be valid after your marriage and AOS. Non immigrants have to apply for work authorization through USCIS. That is the only way. There’s no such thing as getting an EAD stamp at POE. You got wrong information from somewhere.
  13. Take what you have. You can’t take what you don’t have. Chances are they won’t wanna see anything apart from what you mailed with the original packet but gather as much as you have. If it turns out there is something missing and they really need it, they will give you a chance to get that documentation to the them after the interview.
  14. It won’t affect you at all but it won’t help her either. She has to disclose she has family in the US on the application but people somehow think it’s good to have someone in the US “vouch” for them but if she doesn’t have enough ties to her home country to merit the visa alone, no amount of bs she says about you will make any difference on her application.
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