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    Met my King on 3/4/2016 during a quick 4 day vacation in Jamaica. I booked a last minute zip-lining tour and the group my family and I were in happened to be his last tour for the day. He was my zip-line tour guide, but after talking and video calls every day and night, and 3 visits to Jamaica, 6 months later, after during his birthday trip to the Bahamas, he surprised with a beach proposal on 9/12/2016!!! As of 3/4/2017, we celebrated our one year anniversary!!!

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  1. GREEN CARD RECEIVED AND IN HAND!!! Good luck to everyone and good luck to those still waiting! Your time is coming!!! Until ROC Filing in 2021.... peace out USCIS!!!!
  2. Thank you so much!! Don't lose hope hun. NYC is backlogged but your time is coming! At least you two are going through this part of the process together!!
  3. Case notification just updated and received text message and email!!!! GREEN CARD APPROVED!!!!!! WE.....ARE.....DONNNNNEEEEEE!!!
  4. So, today was our Green Card Interview at the Philadelphia Field Office. I can truly say that for it to take as long as it did to get to this point from our filing date, this was the most QUICKEST and EASIEST part of the whole process!!! Our interview was scheduled for 10:45am, we arrived at 10:15-10:20am. There's a parking lot across the street from the building that has a flat rate of $20 for all day parking which sucked because we weren't going to be there all day but it was either that or having my husband to keep running downstairs to feed the meter. Anyway, we went through security (cell phones are not allowed inside the building just have to keep them on silent) but no food or drink (glad I had a big breakfast as I'm almost 9 months pregnant and would have been starving and grouchy if I didn't). Checked in at the front desk with the interview notice and driver's licenses, and was told to go to the 2nd floor and sit close to door 3. It was a lot of people waiting but it flowed very well and was very organized from what I can see. I actually did see a couple go in separately to be interviewed so I assume they had a "Stokes Interview" because they were in there for a long while (we actually left and the husband was still waiting on his wife to come out). Around 11:30-11:45am, my husband's name was called. IO Alton, was her name, interviewed us - she was younger than me, very nice and pleasant. She immediately took notice of my belly and my waddle and said, "I'm gonna get you guys out of here quickly because you look like you're about to have the baby any minute now!" I appreciated her kindness and consideration but told her that it wasn't needed. We walked into her office, she asked us to raise our right hand and we were sworn in. She asked my husband to scan his index fingers from both hands, and advised that the interview would be recorded. She first asked for us to present all original documents so she could compare them to the copies already provided in the AOS filing, so she looked at his birth certificate, marriage license, my original divorce decree (she asked for a copy as well because she claimed she couldn't find the copy that was provided) and she asked for our passports. She asked me (USC) the following: What is my full name? What is my DOB? Where was I born? What is my current address to where I live? How many times have I been married? How many children do I have? She went through our file and then asked my husband (Beneficiary) the following: What is his full name? What is his DOB? Where was he born? What is his current address to where he live? Where does he work? What is his SSN#? (he didn't know it by heart so he gave her his SS card so she can confirm it was correct on the petition) How many times has he been married? What date did we get married? What are his parents' names? She asked him to explain what happened during Thanksgiving 2016 when he attempted to come visit me using his visitor's visa for which he was denied entry, and was made to go back home and had his visitor's visa cancelled. As he provided his explanation, she nodded in agreement and understanding, I apologized for had happened and moved on. She asked him had he traveled outside the US since receiving his EAD/AP combo card? Then she asked him all the questions that are on the AOS petition that we answered "No" to, as if to confirm that these answered wouldn't change (which they didn't). Finally, she asked for any documents or additional evidence we might have had to show proof of ongoing marriage, so I provided the following: 2018 Tax Return (which we filed Married Joint; even though he hadn't worked last year) Car Insurance Cards Credit Card Statements (2 months worth only) Copy of Health Insurance Cards, along with printout showing the date he was added to my Health insurance plan (which was 3 days after we got married) Beneficiary documents such as 401k and Life Insurance showing his name being added 4 months Joint Bank Statements (and I highlighted his transactions to show spending and his direct deposit from his employer - also attached his paystubs for the payroll that wasn't direct deposited when he first started) And I printed 40 pictures and told her she could keep them all but she only took maybe like 5-10 of them because she said she didn't want to weigh down our file anymore than it was with all our prior relationship proof (K1 visa packet is in the same file) While going through the photos, she talked about how great we looked in the pictures, talked about her having her son last year during the summer, she noticed I had "Bruno Mars" ticket stubs from when we went to his concert last year and talked about that...I mean, the whole interview process was so relaxing and very pleasant. After taking the photos she wanted, she said "everything is perfect, and we're good to go! You will have an update to your case within 4-6 weeks but most likely sooner." She said congratulations to us on the baby and good luck and now we can just focus on the baby coming in the next few weeks. And that was it! We left at 12:15pm! She didn't ask any hard questions, or relationship questions, no tricky questions - it was very basic, which could only mean they never questioned the legitimacy of our relationship and marriage. Glad this part of the process is over and we finally get a break from dealing with USCIS and the immigration process for at least 2 years!
  5. Just got our interview letter in the mail....June 18th @10:45pm is judgment day. Just happy it's scheduled before I give birth.
  6. It's been a while since I posted as it's been a waiting game for us here with our field office being in Philadelphia. However, I just got this notification that popped up in my phone just now. Have to wait for the letter to come in the mail to find out the official date. Was actually not expecting this until after July but hoping it's next month. I'm due to have our child July 27th and would hate to have to reschedule the date. 267 days since we filed and interview scheduled for my husband's GC:
  7. It's in my signature....but NOA1 is August 10th. NOA2 is January 15, 2019
  8. EAD/AP combo card has been delivered and received today. 2 days earlier than USPS tracking initially stated!!!!! 😀
  9. FYI....you guys are commenting in the wrong thread. This is the May 2017 Filing group and based on your timelines, you two filed in May 2018. I would recommend you guys comment in the May 2018 thread as this one has been dead an inactive as we 2017 filers have moved on into AOS, and your posts would be more helpful to your 2018 group. Good Luck with the rest of your journey!
  10. Update to our case..... letters we received back in December were not his approval letters but NOA1 letters we never received when they accepted our AOS filing. Today, we received his EAD/AP combo approval letters and just 10 minutes ago the tracker updated saying card was picked up by USPS and we have our tracking number. Total days from NOA1 to NOA2 is 166 days. Our filing date is August 10th. Now we wait for our interview at the Philly field office which I don't expect until July.
  11. WOW......didn't know that so I'm happy I asked this question. So, then my follow-up question would be...am I suppose to have him get paystubs from the multiple employers he had in Jamaica and/or try to convert JMD to USD when adding his income into our tax filing? Will TurboTax, automatically provide me a FEIE and/or FTC option? Because what I will probably do is delete out the numbers and start all over again so I can make sure everything is correct. It's just confusing because if I had known his income needed to be reported I would have started collecting his paystubs from when he was still in Jamaica. And to think, I called myself getting his SSN card ASAP after he arrived so I can make sure I file married-joint without having to file a ITIN#. I hope it doesn't adjust my tax return amount too much, but I guess I got too excited to quickly...lol.
  12. He earned income when he was living in Jamaica while going through the K1 process, but I'm curious how would I report that to my US tax return?
  13. Apologies if this is considered "hijacking" but I just want to be clear on what all is being said in regards to filing for my husband (although I believe I know the answer to this, however, I'm filing my tax returns right now and want to be sure before I hit click): Husband and I married on 7/22/2018 (K1 process - married in US) Husband received SSN on 7/25/2018 and has a SSN# (with DHS work authorization verbiage) Filed AOS 8/10/2018 (ironically, informed delivery shows we're receiving 2 envelopes from USCIS - NBS today; praying that it's his EAD/AP approval letters) Husband has been in the US since 6/20/2018 to date and HAS NOT WORKED (I have been the sole financial provider) I AM filing married - filing jointly (although, he has no income to report this year) I normally have filed HOH as I have my son who is my dependent TurboTax has asked for me to add his 2017 adjusted tax/income figures which of course he has none since he was NOT in the US nor eligible to work - so I answered no to this question I did add my husband's name and SSN# when filling out this year's tax return Based on the above, I am good to go in regards to how I am filing because he doesn't need a ITIN# since he has a SSN# already issued? Thanks in advance to any and all who answer this for me! Also as an FYI...IRS will be accepting filed tax returns on Monday, January 28, 2019. State returns acceptance dates vary based on your state.
  14. Yaayyyyyy.... thank so much for confirming. Congratulations to you and Happy Holidays!!!!
  15. No my status hasn't changed. And I wouldn't receive 3 separate envelopes if they're RFEs. Our I-485 was put into case ready for interview 30 days after our filing date so we're not getting a RFE for that. And the status doesn't always update on the tracker. I just confirmed with one of my other friends and her husband got 3 envelopes. One envelope had the EAD/AP combo card and the other two envelopes were approval letters for each the EAD and AP. In the corner of the envelope I can see our date is 12/19/2018.
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