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  1. It's in my signature....but NOA1 is August 10th. NOA2 is January 15, 2019
  2. EAD/AP combo card has been delivered and received today. 2 days earlier than USPS tracking initially stated!!!!! 😀
  3. FYI....you guys are commenting in the wrong thread. This is the May 2017 Filing group and based on your timelines, you two filed in May 2018. I would recommend you guys comment in the May 2018 thread as this one has been dead an inactive as we 2017 filers have moved on into AOS, and your posts would be more helpful to your 2018 group. Good Luck with the rest of your journey!
  4. Update to our case..... letters we received back in December were not his approval letters but NOA1 letters we never received when they accepted our AOS filing. Today, we received his EAD/AP combo approval letters and just 10 minutes ago the tracker updated saying card was picked up by USPS and we have our tracking number. Total days from NOA1 to NOA2 is 166 days. Our filing date is August 10th. Now we wait for our interview at the Philly field office which I don't expect until July.
  5. WOW......didn't know that so I'm happy I asked this question. So, then my follow-up question would be...am I suppose to have him get paystubs from the multiple employers he had in Jamaica and/or try to convert JMD to USD when adding his income into our tax filing? Will TurboTax, automatically provide me a FEIE and/or FTC option? Because what I will probably do is delete out the numbers and start all over again so I can make sure everything is correct. It's just confusing because if I had known his income needed to be reported I would have started collecting his paystubs from when he was still in Jamaica. And to think, I called myself getting his SSN card ASAP after he arrived so I can make sure I file married-joint without having to file a ITIN#. I hope it doesn't adjust my tax return amount too much, but I guess I got too excited to quickly...lol.
  6. He earned income when he was living in Jamaica while going through the K1 process, but I'm curious how would I report that to my US tax return?
  7. Apologies if this is considered "hijacking" but I just want to be clear on what all is being said in regards to filing for my husband (although I believe I know the answer to this, however, I'm filing my tax returns right now and want to be sure before I hit click): Husband and I married on 7/22/2018 (K1 process - married in US) Husband received SSN on 7/25/2018 and has a SSN# (with DHS work authorization verbiage) Filed AOS 8/10/2018 (ironically, informed delivery shows we're receiving 2 envelopes from USCIS - NBS today; praying that it's his EAD/AP approval letters) Husband has been in the US since 6/20/2018 to date and HAS NOT WORKED (I have been the sole financial provider) I AM filing married - filing jointly (although, he has no income to report this year) I normally have filed HOH as I have my son who is my dependent TurboTax has asked for me to add his 2017 adjusted tax/income figures which of course he has none since he was NOT in the US nor eligible to work - so I answered no to this question I did add my husband's name and SSN# when filling out this year's tax return Based on the above, I am good to go in regards to how I am filing because he doesn't need a ITIN# since he has a SSN# already issued? Thanks in advance to any and all who answer this for me! Also as an FYI...IRS will be accepting filed tax returns on Monday, January 28, 2019. State returns acceptance dates vary based on your state.
  8. Yaayyyyyy.... thank so much for confirming. Congratulations to you and Happy Holidays!!!!
  9. No my status hasn't changed. And I wouldn't receive 3 separate envelopes if they're RFEs. Our I-485 was put into case ready for interview 30 days after our filing date so we're not getting a RFE for that. And the status doesn't always update on the tracker. I just confirmed with one of my other friends and her husband got 3 envelopes. One envelope had the EAD/AP combo card and the other two envelopes were approval letters for each the EAD and AP. In the corner of the envelope I can see our date is 12/19/2018.
  10. So this morning, informed delivery is showing me that I'm getting 2 separate envelopes from the Department of Homeland Security/National Benefits Center with the date 12/19 in the corner of each envelope. I'm thinking it's my husband's EAD and AP docs but thought I'd only receive one envelope for both. Am I wrong?
  11. If your interview letter states you are required to bring a I-693, then you are to follow the instructions as written and bring it to your interview. Simply means your field office has reviewed your AOS filing and determined that based on your DS-3025 it may be incomplete. Take a copy of your DS-3025 with you to the US civil surgeon so that they see what you have already completed so they know how to assess and complete your I-693.
  12. But you are missing the point of appearing to be "married". Having someone standing in front of you two saying whatever reflects a private marriage ceremony. More importantly, the other requirement is that you have to be married ON US SOIL as part of the K1 process. So why run the risk of doing something you know can come back to bite you later? You've been waiting all this time and paid all this money just to do something that is against the K1 requirement???? Keep in mind that you still have to go through AOS which requires an interview as well. So even if you are able to get approved at the embassy, doesn't mean the IO during the AOS will approve the GC and could then think you two lied and use the K1 as just a way to get here faster. Ultimately you do what you feel as best but this doesn't have the sound of a happily ever after doing it the way you want to do it.
  13. The fact that you're asking this question would lead me to believe you understand the ramifications of this looking like a wedding or being "too married" when applying for a K1. There are countless posts of other people who have done the same thing, thinking that it isn't legal and therefore you are not married. What these couples seem to forget is that the embassy is fully knowledgeable about all custom traditions and celebratory rituals which are and can be deemed as married whether it is legal (i.e., upheld in a court of law) or not. Personally, if you have a "goodbye, farewell" thing, just have a farewell party/gathering AFTER you get approved with visa in hand. Someone standing in front of you "saying things" would appear to the CO (or anybody for that matter) as a wedding or two people being joined in a civil union and the CO is not gonna waste time trying to decide if what is being performed is legal or not. You applied for the K1 visa - follow the K1 visa rules or deal with the consequences of a denial which others have also received just because you wanted to have a "celebration with similar semblances" of a wedding.
  14. The purpose of this section of the application is biographical information. Simply put...demographics. His work history will not be questioned or "red flag" because he is the beneficiary. YOU, on the other hand, work history and current employment will be reviewed because you are his sponsor and will have to meet the financial requirement to sponsor him here in the US so that he doesn't become a public charge.