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  1. Two of the hardest things for my husband after leaving JA was the lack of community here. And he needed to develop all new coping skills for stress management. He can't just go and breeze out and relax under a coconut tree when he is stressed if you know what I mean.
  2. Yes and you know Jamaican men are strong providers. It is difficult for them to rely completely on their woman for financial support. It is a huge adjustment for them. Money, food, weather (depending on US location), family and friends, bathroom time/ personal space lol these are all things that will come up.
  3. Well I belong to an amazing group of women who have husbands and fiancees in Jamaica and I can tell you for certain that all of our relationships have been stressed to an extent by the process. And once he arrives in the US please expect an adjustment period of 6 months to a year or more! My husband was great upon arrival, then had a bout of depression after not being able to work or contribute to the household while waiting for EAD (One issue you won't have to deal with as your spouse will be coming in with a green card!) We had a few ups and downs getting used to living together and blending the family. It is definitely normal just remain focused and committed and you should come out the other end just fine. It gets better!!!!
  4. I'm at the edge of my seat trying to find out what happened to Isabella?!?!?!?!?
  5. It shouldn't be a problem. They were very good at answering and accommodating
  6. Yes they did the same to me. I told them (by email) when I was traveling and they sent me a date during that time. Good luck! I feel like once they saw me there they were good. We were approved and in and out of the embassy in 1 hour
  7. took us 2 days. We asked the CO if he could fly home with me and they allowed him to pick up his visa at the embassy 2 days later.
  8. How does the government know that people are engaged in common law marriage? Do they need to register their relationship with the gov't after a certain amount of years?
  9. We never used the NVC case number to fill out the DS160. I used the WAC # and it went through fine. The NVC won't send you an email until they send the file to the embassy
  10. He will need the certificate anyway. It is a requirement for the K1 interview in JA
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