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  1. Awww so many times from so many countries I see people wasting such precious time right at this stage waiting on something from an embassy that is never going to come. I wish there was a way for us to let them all know!!! Too bad there's no website they could come to with like forums that address every issue related to visas and immigration. Sigh
  2. Jenny17655

    Can this serve as Ties to Home Country?

    Ok I will leave this one then because I don't know much about this type of Visa. Good luck!
  3. Jenny17655

    Can this serve as Ties to Home Country?

    None of that matters if you are engaged to be married and plan to emigrate. Are you a K1 or just looking for a visitor visa?
  4. There is no fee and you definitely bring the I134 to the interview.
  5. They would have had to be in each others presence within the 2 years prior to filing.
  6. After my initial meeting with my then fiance, I never got to see him again until our interview 1 year later. That was the most miserable year of my life!!! Happily married now so thank God that's over!!!!
  7. What's going on with your case now????
  8. Jenny17655


    Yes just read the information in the Jamaica portal. I know I personally have given extremely detailed instructions in the past. Step by step with phone numbers and all.
  9. I am a navigator for the New York State of Health and she absolutely should have had Medicaid during her pregnancy. No one is going to sue your sponsor and Medicaid in not considered public charge at this time. I would recommend you go see a navigator immediately
  10. My interview at the embassy in Jamaica (same time zone) was scheduled for 7am. I thought that was really weird but there we were and had our interview. As the others mentioned, I would go as scheduled! Good luck!!!
  11. My husband didn't get his social security in time either. We will wait now until he receives his EAD, In the meantime, I am so proud to say that he is taking a GED course and on Tuesday will be starting a course to obtain certification in refrigeration and air conditioning through a local BOCES Tech school. The GED is FREE and they are paying 90% of his certification!!!! He will be finished right in time to receive his EAD. I think that is a great use of this horrible wait time!!!!
  12. I know this is old news now but is it possible that the original petition got denied for the 2 year rule because it looks like your brother filed the petition in April 2017 BEFORE the meeting in person in Sept 2017. The meeting in person must happen first!
  13. That's awesome!!!! Congrats
  14. Jenny17655

    K1 visa co-sponsor

    Almost everyone in JA needs a co sponsor now. Even if you meet the income requirements. Just be prepared with one