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  1. Okay thanks for your help
  2. Okay I'm hoping you guys can help me. I am the petitioner and my husband who lives in Jamaica will be moving to a new place (him and his siblings share a house) Mind you we just filed our spousal visa end of August using his old address, how or when do I do an address change?
  3. RochelleRJ

    Vaccinations in Jamaica

    @IslandMate714...LOL...no I haven't purchased yet...I keep watch on the tickets because sometimes they go down...I am visiting two days after Christmas so I can spend New Years with the husband
  4. RochelleRJ

    Vaccinations in Jamaica

    @IslandMate714 I will remind him to look for it, Him and his siblings are moving so while they are packing I will have him look then If not then when I visit in December i will help him look
  5. RochelleRJ

    Vaccinations in Jamaica

    I told the husband that he needed to find his immunization record...so lets pray that he finds it and figure it out...trying to get a head start
  6. RochelleRJ

    Vaccinations in Jamaica

    I know it is best to be honest especially when it comes to the government, but I have read previous posts that some just went to a clinic and just stated they wanted to update their immunizations
  7. RochelleRJ

    Vaccinations in Jamaica

    I have heard that too....to go to the clinic and update your shots, but you can't tell them what its for or they will not do it...am I correct about this?
  8. RochelleRJ

    I need help Starting up

    Good Morning Taryn, I know exactly what you are going thru, My husband and I don't have any joint accounts either and he has never been to the States...looks like we are in the same boat In my packet I put letters from family members that knew about our relationship, I also put as many pictures of my trips out there to Jamaica. I also put my husband on my retirement benefits and also my renter's insurance As far as the I130A...he doesn't have to sign because of him being overseas, but make sure you sign it... Good luck on your journey
  9. RochelleRJ

    Question 61a - 62c

    Thanks @missileman for the help
  10. Okay this question is really confusing I am filing for my husband who is in Jamaica How am I suppose to answer this? Leave 61 blank and fill out 62 since he is in Jamaica and will obtain his visa there?
  11. RochelleRJ

    Sent off Spouse Visa

    Congrats!!!!...I will be sending mine next month God Bless your journey...
  12. RochelleRJ

    Submitting Evidence

    Okay thank you guys for your advice...it really helped me narrow it down about the chat logs.
  13. RochelleRJ

    Submitting Evidence

    Thanks for replying: I have made a collage of pictures from 2015-2018(including the ceremony pics w/ family) Trust me I won't be sending all those transcripts...I was thinking like 2/3 months of each year Renters insurance has both names Retirement I may have to call the company( I have a print out but to me it just dont look official) My lease is in my previous name so when I change my D.L. I can change the name on my lease
  14. I need some advice so if anyone can help it would greatly be appreciated: I am getting paperwork together to submit my Petition for my husband(IR/CR 1) 1. for Evidence of Bona Fide Relationship/Marriage...could I submit a letter from my son(22yrs old) stating that he has known about our relationship or would that be a good idea? 2. I have transcripts for our chats and we literally talk everday( 3yrs worth of chatting on WhatsApp/Facebook) those are like so many pages (4200+pgs for WhatsApp and 5900+ pgs for Facebook Messenger) is there a certain date range I should submit cause there is no way in Davy Jones Lockerroom Im submitting all that... Also I have added his name on my retirement benefits and renters insurance would those be okay Help