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  1. My hubby had to take a written test as well as a road test when he applied for his license. He was only allowed to drive unsupervised when he passed his road test. We we also advise even if he had a license from another country he needed have at least one practice with a professional driving school prior to the road test. Hope this info helps
  2. Hi all, we finally rcvd our combo card on 02/09/18 now waiting for an interview date. Hope all is well with everyone. Congrats to all that has been approved and for the rest hang in there the time is near.
  3. Hi all finally we have rcvd the combo card now the long wait for the interview for AOS. Hope everyone is doing well and congrats to all that have been approved and to the rest hang in there your time is near.
  4. Hi all- can someone please explain to me what does the advance parole entitle us to? Not sure if I’m wording this correctly i guess what I’m trying to figure out is if it’s approved can we travel using the document for leisure or does it have to only be used on emergency basis?
  5. Still waiting, this whole process is so frustrating and depressing. Congrats to all that has been approved and or at least got there cards.
  6. We are waiting for an interview date as well, will let you know when we have something.
  7. Hi Trina, I followed along with your journey for a while we both had the same K1 files as well so glad to see you here. Good luck with everything
  8. I'll be here with you guys as well cheering everyone on.... and hoping for a good outcome for myself and everyone else
  9. @Kari & Atti I wish you guys the best on your interview and I hope you have a positive outcome. We are all on this journey together and I think it's safe to say we have all shed tears and it's ok to let them fall it shows we all have a heart filled with love even if the officers don't see it.
  10. @John & Rose my heart hurts to think after all the long wait this has happened to you all. You have been so strong this far and has helped us all in the process in some way or another I hope and pray this is just a mix up and good things are coming your way. Just know you are not alone everyone here is with you and cheering you on. I will be following you on this journey and I hope for nothing but the best for you and your family. I'm so lost for words I can't believe what I'm reading. Stay strong my friend 🙏 For better days are ahead.