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  1. Hang in there my friend. The one upside to this is that your case is being reviewed maybe it’s because they have to verify some things. Time will tell. Stay positive the best way you can
  2. @dc91226 I’m in Orange County so we are right next to each other and our field office was Manhattan so don’t be surprised you get a letter shortly. We received just a letter there were no notifications on the uscis website or the case tracker apps. I was able to know prior to us getting the actual letter because I have informed delivery.last night around 1230 our status was finally updated to show a card is in production and the case was approved. Hang in there my friend your time is near.🍀
  3. @dc91226Where are you located? I tried the same thing as contacting our congressmen and was told it was within filing time. My field office was originally in Manhattan but because of the overload it was rerouted to Latham NY. The officer there told me due to the overload they have taken over 5 more counties in the Latham field office so maybe you may hear something soon. Fingers crossed and good luck
  4. Afternoon All, just a quick update on our status.. today was our interview @ 1pm, we arrived at 12:15 and was called in around 1:15. We walked into the officers office where we were told not to sit until we agree to tell the truth . Then we sat down and the officer said at this time he will Invite us to give any additional evidence and supporting documents to show we have an ongoing marriage. We presented pictures of the last year together at various times, bank statements, car insurance, health insurance, life insurance showing my beneficiaries. He then asked us to tell him about our relationship/ marriage. When we met, got engaged and married. How was our wedding day. Who attended was it a big ceremony or little. He then took the pictures and asked us to explain who was in them and what was the event or location. He also went over the yes and no questions that were on the application.He then advised that everything looked great and he’s approving our application to allow 3 weeks to get the card in the mail. He then asked if we have any questions. Then told us to have a nice day and congrats total time of interview was approximately 15-20 minutes . 🎉🍾 thank you god this chapter is over for now. To all that’s waiting hang in there your day is near. ... sorry for any grammatical errors just me typing excitedly while on the way home.
  5. @Dal Gaga will do! Fingers crossed we are all approved and on to the next chapter in our lives. Good luck 🍀 fingers crossed 🤞 we all got this.
  6. Omg thank you so much, this will be a great help. Good luck to all of us. Our interview is on Monday Aug26 so it’s crunch time for us. I pray all goes well.
  7. Hi all, has anyone gone for an interview within the past month that can share your experience or an idea of what questions that were asked? Please and thanks
  8. Just a little info we received an appointment letter but on the app as well as uscis web it still shows case ready to schedule an interview. We are still going to show up for the interview in two weeks and hope for the best. Good luck to everyone 🍀
  9. We filed in Orange County, NY past Rockland County therefore our field office would have been in Manhattan
  10. My aos is marriage based and our interview date is August 26. How bout you did you get a letter? And is your case marriage based?
  11. I’m actually in Orange County my field office was Federal plaza
  12. Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. just wanted to let everyone know we received a letter in the mail today our interview has been scheduled in Latham, NY originally Manhattan field office. No update on the website or app. Hope everyone gets some news soon.
  13. I feel your pain our case is ready to schedule and interview as of September 12,2018 and we are still waiting.
  14. Thank you for all your help, have you travelled out of the country with your advanced parole? Fingers crossed, hope we hear something soon. Good luck to you as well thanks again for your assistance it sure makes this process a little easier to have friends in the same boat.
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