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  1. Just received the text message with our case number...YSC which looks like Potomac Service Center. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing lol. NOA1 on it's way via mail
  2. Thanks so much!!!! Definitely want NO INTERVIEW...shouldn't need one truthfully. But we're ready if need be!!! Good luck to you too!
  3. Just checked the account and saw our check payment has been cashed. I guess I will receive a text/email message later today/tomorrow and the NOA1 should be here sometime next week. In the waiting queue we go! 4/21 - Package sent via FEDEX 4/22 - Package received 5/11 - Check cashed
  4. Hello Everyone...didn't think we make it to this point, but with hard work (marriage counseling), we're still here heading into our 3 year marriage anniversary in July! Love, communication, and compromising does make a marriage work and get better every day! So with that said...I'M BACK!!! Joining the waiting game with you all. Sent my husband's ROC package yesterday via FedEx and it was delivered and signed this morning by F. Brown. This waiting game will be different and much easier than the K1 and AOS process!!! Good luck to everyone!
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