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  1. Just received the text message with our case number...YSC which looks like Potomac Service Center. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing lol. NOA1 on it's way via mail
  2. Thanks so much!!!! Definitely want NO INTERVIEW...shouldn't need one truthfully. But we're ready if need be!!! Good luck to you too!
  3. Just checked the account and saw our check payment has been cashed. I guess I will receive a text/email message later today/tomorrow and the NOA1 should be here sometime next week. In the waiting queue we go! 4/21 - Package sent via FEDEX 4/22 - Package received 5/11 - Check cashed
  4. Hello Everyone...didn't think we make it to this point, but with hard work (marriage counseling), we're still here heading into our 3 year marriage anniversary in July! Love, communication, and compromising does make a marriage work and get better every day! So with that said...I'M BACK!!! Joining the waiting game with you all. Sent my husband's ROC package yesterday via FedEx and it was delivered and signed this morning by F. Brown. This waiting game will be different and much easier than the K1 and AOS process!!! Good luck to everyone!
  5. Maybe....I think right now, I just need to take things one step at a time. We have to be legally separated for 6 months before filing the divorce. Maybe the time apart will change things - at least for me I know it will help me think a lot clearer. Yeah, I have tried...I do believe marriages are worth fighting for if both parties are willing to fight. Maybe things will change between later down the line or not. The moving part because it's so far off, with all that is going on right now, I probably continue to put on the backburner.
  6. Thank you so much for your kinds words and support! Definitely appreciate it!
  7. I understand that part which is why I have to talk to a divorce lawyer and see what would be the best option. The irony was we all were supposed to move to Florida next year because he hates the cold weather and has family there. Just a messy situation I got myself into unfortunately
  8. After reading everyone's response, it's clear that he will get approved no matter what so it is what it is. I need to let goof the immigration part and just focus on getting him out of my life and just be a co-parent and pray that he will go on with his life with little to no effect on me. I do plan on filing the divorce under adultery, I do have hardcopy proof of evidence to attach to the divorce petition showing continued infidelity and while I know verbal admission on his behalf he can deny during the divorce hearing, I will still add that as well and cross that bridge when I get there. I'm just done being used, being disrespected, mistreated and being downright miserable. But I get what you all are saying....just let him go, divorce and move on so I can heal from the fact that I got played in the end.
  9. I wasn't moving NOW. I wasn't relocating until March-June 2021 - after my oldest graduates high school. And thanks for the clarity.
  10. I appreciate your words of encouragement and advice. This is definitely been a difficult time for me emotionally as I don't have many to vent or cry this out to. I basically am over the fact that there's nothing that I can do to prevent him getting ROC and just have to deal with and live with whatever consequences that come down the path when it comes to my responsibilities based on the I-864. I do intend on filing the divorce and since we have to be separated 6 months before the divorce can be finalized, the first step I have to do is first get him out of my apartment so I'm going to the post office later today to certify mail him the 30 day notice to vacate and start from there. I do intend on filing for child support - doubt I get alimony (I make way too much for that possibly to happen - another reason why I need to file the divorce before he does) and I don't want alimony. But I do and will hold him responsible to take care of our son, so yes, child support will be filed. Yes, our mental health is very important which is why I have to get him out of here. This pandemic hasn't made it even harder to deal and cope with all that is happening and it is affecting my boys because my oldest (17) hates to see me going through this and is trying is hardest to step up and be my "extra parent" when it comes to his younger brother and also just be here for his mom. Truly unfair on him and also unfair for my 9 month old because I'm sure he can sense something is wrong with me - he's gotten even more clingy to me than ever. Been checked for STI's and by the Grace of God, I'm all good there. We haven't had sex since January but I have been recently tested again for everything. He wasn't married to the girl in Jamaica - just admitted to having sex with her but gave me this admission after he got here, got married and we found out I was pregnant. I will be talking to a divorce lawyer just to make sure I'm not overlooking anything - but the first step is just getting out of here so I can start to have a clear mind on how to move forward.
  11. He opened up his own bank accounts and switched his direct deposits a while back after I questioned a large dollar cashapp transfer. I only had $100 per paycheck go in the account the rest of my paycheck goes in my other account he's not listed on. Confidently I can say he hasn't collected anything. He was and is too focused on severing things and having his own stuff in his name. He relied on me to do and prepare all. So anything "new" as proof of ongoing marriage or "good faith" evidence prior to being approved for his 2 year GC doesn't exist. Only thing we have is our 9 month old son which he can request his BC and his driver's license that shows he lived with me. He's never been added to the lease or any household bills ever. Any new proof after his interview in 6/2018 of co-mingling anything doesn't exist.
  12. Well then he's going have a slight problem then because other than our driver's licenses, we don't co-mingle our finances anymore, have no property or assets, name isn't on the lease or any household bills and BARELY helps to pay anything the last 5 months. He has his own car insurance, his own medical insurance which I can now remove him off my insurance. The only thing is left is we filed this year and last year taxes as married-joint. Come next year it will be married-separate. But sounds like he will be approved no matter what.
  13. Final question.... I wanted to buy a house next year and relocate to Florida. Obviously I don't want him to have any claim to my house. Also I don't want him to fight me on relocating to Florida since we have a child. Since we can be separated for however long and he has to file starting March 2021 for his ROC, should I just wait to file the divorce then or just do now and get it over with?
  14. It means that if he ever becomes a public charge to the US as his sponsor I would be held responsible to pay and reimburse the government for whatever public assistance he uses
  15. Trust me if I would have known he cheated on me with someone while still Jamaica there would have been no interview because I would have cancelled everything. But I understand what you mean. I guess I have to pray that he will never want or need public assistance and will still continue with US Citizenship.
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