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  1. We always dropped it off. I’ve never asked about pickup.
  2. Only Filipinos call it a balilbayan box so you are fine. They never checked my ID when I drop them off. Aren't we all a little Filipino at heart? Seriously, I always drop the boxes off on my own and I will never be mistaken as a filipino!
  3. What taxes are you paying? We send boxes every year and we are putting one together now. I think we pay $65 for a big box (as much as we can fit). I will ask my wife when she gets home from work. I dont recall anything about taxes. According to this if the value is less than $3000 there is no tax. The Bureau of Customs (BOC) on Wednesday reiterated that balikbayan boxes sent by overseas Filipinos are duty and tax-free, reviewing the guidelines and those who are qualified to benefit from the privilege. ... Duties and taxes will be imposed to amounts exceeding P150,000.
  4. Her parents deeded this land to her. I'm not sure of all the details. They have a relatively large area that will keep all the kids together. She has 4 sisters and a brother who all have a piece of the property.
  5. My step son is there and my wife's nephew will oversee the work. I drew up some plans for it.
  6. Because I'm American and want more than one electrical outlet per room! I'm a little OCD and our place will have more of an American style kitchen and bath. LOL My wife has a home in Pateros that we are adding 2 floors to. We are building in Subic. It will be a "summer home"...LOL
  7. Remitly is free if you don't need it there for a day or $3.99 for instant. I've sent $1000 for free with an exchange rate that is better than most. The same $3.99 was for instant transfers of over $1000 too. We were building a home there and sometimes they needed money right away. I've never paid more than $3.99 for transfers with remitly.
  8. Darn. I was hoping they would believe that I'm going to win the lottery this year!
  9. $0.02 cents per dollar...yep not really a concern. The fees are what matters.
  10. Easy and expensive! $4.99?
  11. There are sweeper flights that have brought people to the US from the Philippines. At least two happened last week. I'm not sure where they left from. Maybe Clark or Davao? Not sure if NAIA has any but look into it.
  12. This is a necro thread. It has been dead for 2 years. Why do you need a FedEx account and why would you use someone else's credit card to do that? Where is your fiance? Why doesn't he open it with his own credit card?
  13. We did not have to physically send anything to the beneficiary for the interview and the beneficiary did not need to physically send anything to me for the petition. Everything was sent by email or via message apps.
  14. Absolutely. They will need as much tourist money as possible. I LOVE Vietnam. I would move there for retirement in a heart beat and it is just a short plane flight to Manila.
  15. Our interview was so easy. I was there with my wife. I was told I could stand with her but I should not say anything. He read through our file. Then he asked her when we got married. That was his only question for her. Then he asked me what I do and some general questions about Chicago and the area I live. He was familiar with my hometown. So we were actually up there for 10 to 15 minutes but he only asked my wife one question. The interview is very easy if you aren't hiding anything.
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