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  1. Hank is correct. I needed a CENOMAR for the LCR to get married in the Philippines but CFO did not ask for it.
  2. Ours did. I (petitioner) had to prove I wasn't married to any other filipina. I recommend just getting one for yourself when you get your future wife's.
  3. It is to make sure the beneficiary knows. It is to protect them. You have no idea how many people file who aren’t eligible. There was one last year. He wasn’t allowed in the Philippines and he met a Filipino. He told her he had visa problems so after a quick 2 month relationship they decide to get married on Hong Kong. He files the CR which is quickly denied. She asks why and he said he may have had some legal issues many years ago but they are all clear now. Turns out in 2006 he was arrested for raping a 2 year old girl and then in 2009 he was arrested for raping a 6 year old boy. He was not eligible to even file but he never told his wife. She has young children that were going to follow. It isn’t about the petitioner. It is about the beneficiary. If he filed K-1 she would have known and not married him. This was not the worst story I’ve seen either. The petitioner is not always honest with the beneficiary. This is one way to help them.
  4. They do it to protect the beneficiary. It is one way they can try to see if the petitioner is being honest. It is required by AWA. Of course they have access to it. They want to make sure that your fiancee knows about it. That is why those questions aren't even on the spousal visa petition. That is only to protect the beneficiary.
  5. You need to get a court certified letter that no information is available in your name. They have access to the Federal Crime Database. Nothing is expunged there. You will need something. Mine was expunged 30 years ago and we were denied because I failed to disclose the arrest.
  6. Yes. Christmas here is very different than Christmas there. It will be tough on them this year as it is the first one away from family.
  7. Doing great. All settled. Rose has her drivers license and all three are working at Walmart. Their first Black Friday and Christmas experience in American Retail!!! Lol. They still get excited with each paycheck. They could not do that in the Philippines. My step daughter bought herself a new iPhone 11 Max Pro! She was so proud. They are still homesick but they are doing great.
  8. Yes, quickly and easily. We were just 9 months from filing to VOH. No questions at all.
  9. They will require police certificates and here is the information you need. This is not a local certificate. It is a national police certificate. Acceptable items (if available) are listed here... scroll down to police and court records. BTW, there is absolutely no need to hire anyone else to do this process. There is a lot of help and many of those agencies are nothing more than money hungry scavengers taking advantage of people who are intimidated by this process. It truly is much easier than it feels. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/China.html
  10. Give all you can find. The certified court docs you mention may be enough. We ended up getting married and did the spousal visa.
  11. The confusion comes from the perceived difference between a co-sponsor and a joint-sponsor. Certain agencies state that no co-sponsors are allowed because they consider co-sponsors to share the requirement (2 co-sponsors who make $20k each equals $40k in support). That isn't allowed in K-1. You can have joint-sponsors who meet the requirement on their own but as Hank mentioned, they strongly prefer immediate family. This causes so many questions as most people do not differentiate between co and joint sponsors.
  12. My filipina wife saw snow in Korea but my step kids never did. We had a little dusting of less than an inch and they thought it was amazing. I cant wait for a real blizzard. We are here in Chicago.
  13. In my experience the CO's are pretty decent. They have the job to help prevent public charge. I've seen approvals where the couple barely makes the minimum but they are hard workers. With CR/IR the beneficiary can work right away. My wife and two step kids all had jobs here within a couple weeks. Each of them earns between $600 and $800 every two weeks. That really helps with the transition. They get to shop with their own money!
  14. They are completely clueless. Just move forward. Don't listen to them. I used an insurance card for my wife and step kids in our petition. It just made sense to do that and at the time they never even talked about any executive order. I cant believe they would even comment. It is never bad to show insurance info as part of relationship or financial support.
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