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  1. Since there were 5 221(g)s i'm leaning more towards the OP not understanding what is asked for. All they need to submit is the CENOMAR, annotated or not. There is definitely something missing in this story and while I originally sided with the OP, now I'm thinking that there is more to this story.
  2. Please do not worry about this. It will be a very long time before this would possibly be approved and there is no chance that it will be approved as is. As stated it can impact K and CR visas. This was originally proposed is 2014 under the Obama Administration but the current discussion is much tougher on the family visa. It would completely eliminate bring parents and siblings over and even spousal and fiancee visas would be based on a number system assigned to the beneficiary on their expertise. Do not stress on this. It won't pass as is and even if it passes it won't be for a very long time.
  3. Anyone making over $12,000 in 2019 will have to file taxes. You can earn up to $100,000 in foreign income without it being taxable. It would be impossible to earn $100,000 in foreign income and not file taxes because you don't make $12,000. So over $12,000 is required to file whether those US$ are from domestic or foreign sources. The tax liability may be different but you are required to file.
  4. The I-864 is legally enforceable. Having the government garnish the income of multiple people because of one beneficiary would be very difficult. One co-sponsor that meets the requirements is the best solution but they do need to realize that they are responsible for 10 years, even if there is a divorce or the petitioner dies. It is a serious responsibility for them.
  5. Each co-sponsor needs to meet the requirement so adding more doesn't make sense. NVC doesn't send the I-864 forms out. You will need to download them, fill them out and then, depending on you embassy, either upload, mail or email them. Only the latest transcript is required but the form asks for the last three years (numbers only - no paperwork).
  6. So you were saying you don't owe taxes or had to file if you made less than $100,000 in foreign income but that is not true. If you make more than $12,000 you must file. You may not owe on the foreign income but you MUST file.
  7. Yes, you are wrong and yes, the information is easy to find. Maybe you have to re-read it since it isn't really up for interpretation. Most government lingo is literal.
  8. One of the problems with lawyers is that they are not as interested in the timeline as they are in their billing. It is VERY common that lawyers slow this process to a crawl. This is your life, I would take control now and get it out of the hands of the hourly lawyer. NVC will review the civil and AoS documents within 3 weeks of submittal. Each time they request more or a clearer copy adds 3 more weeks to the review process. If all goes well you can receive the "Documentarily Qualified" message 3 weeks after submitting the civil and financial documents.
  9. I think the OP was looking at the wrong seminar. There are May and June openings for GCP (which is what she needs). He was looking at PDOS.
  10. If you schedule far enough out you should be OK. I think they have been cracking down on people who schedule too early. There were a few threads a few months ago about interviews being cancelled. I haven't heard anything lately at all about it.
  11. GCP is required and can be done at anytime at any CFO office. My wife did hers last year and we aren't even scheduled for an interview yet. Relax, you are almost done.
  12. Oh yes. NVC doesn’t want anybody to get too comfortable. We know it will all be worth it but it sure would nice to have a few thing happen without the extra drama. Two steps forward, one step back.
  13. I believe it is now on the Tuesday or Wednesday every other week schedule. Call tomorrow and you may be happy.
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