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  1. Good afternoon family, had my interview this morning at 9, got there early plus it was raining (We took the train) but not too bad. We checked in approx 8:45 and there was a fair amount of people waiting so we just watched HGTV until we were called in. The officer was very professional and very nice. After we swore in he asked: How long have we known each other How did we meet Any kids Previous marriages About our change of address Any proof of cohabitation We provided proof of that He then asked me the usual security questions Afterwards he started to explain the 2 year conditional green card and how to prepare for the application to lift the conditions. He then told us that it was approved!. Process took a little under an hour from entry to leaving. I am so grateful. Definitely wishing you guys the best and i ain't leaving the site.
  2. Good afternoon ya'll, had my interview today and was told i was approved! At around 5pm got Msg that new card is being produced! 😀. Praying for the restof you guys, it is coming.
  3. Congratulations! Happy for you guys. Wr go in next week.
  4. Good night folks, wishing you the best tomorrow @Tilde333 on your appt. Can someone who has gone already confirm how far away is the Metro station from the office (Orange line) and is it walking distance.
  5. Congratulations, you might get the card a day after possibly, if the shutdown isn't affecting that.
  6. Yea i have my interview in fairfax next month. Definitely will do.
  7. No they didn't. I did the medical for the K1 june 2018 so it is still valid.