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  1. Worried about the biometrics, seems like we are the only filer with EAC that hasn't received any biometric letter based on the spreadsheet. Guess I will contact them to find out https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rhI5FjegJsQOxwx9qEUxcdOUv4PUuzwvWzNQPiEo2m8/edit#gid=0
  2. 1) Found Asian food stores so we could buy and make food she was accustomed to. Bought Rice cooker before she arrived. I think this was huge, she would have hated only American-style food 2) Had her pick some things on Amazon & Furniture store for around the house. I moved into a new place so she had much input 3) Describe the area (i.e. 7-11 is near, ShopRite is near, NYC is 45 minutes, train is walkable, etc..) and give a tour or the neighborhood 4) After she was over the jetlag and ready, have some fun by taking them to some local tourist attractions
  3. Great news, didn't think you could get Real ID. Believe we chatted about this before. I contacted all my local NJ govt and assembly people and one of them was helping me get an appointment at the MVC. I ended up getter her an appointment by luck, I signed onto the scheduling site and found an appointment the SAME DAY! She did have a 2 week period of no license as we waited for the NOA1.
  4. Of course they canceled that bill in NJ that would have helped us. Her license was expired a couple weeks but we received the NOA1 and I contacted the assembly representatives from my county in NJ who helped me schedule an appointment with MVC right away to get it renewed.
  5. Check out this spreadsheet, at bottom has links to other months for comparison as well. You can add yourself to it also https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rhI5FjegJsQOxwx9qEUxcdOUv4PUuzwvWzNQPiEo2m8/edit?usp=sharing
  6. You may receive an RFE that asks for reason for delay. If you provide evidence of the tracking and USPS issues that’ll help greatly. They may reject and you can resubmit with that explanation in a memo. Maybe they just accept it. Either way, you will be able to resolve it if any issue so don’t worry. May be worth contacting them now and escalating it.
  7. I am seeing EAC for many people in NY/NJ and surrounding areas. I didn't think they assigned service centers based on geography of the filer.
  8. But now I read a few threads and I am worried that VSC is the worst. Anybody know?
  9. We received the NOA today, dated 02/11 We are in Vermont Service Center, I think that is good news? I see the below processing times says Vermont is fastest? https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/
  10. They received our package Jan 4th, the check cleared yesterday. Waiting on the NOA in the mail. And my wife is desperate to renew her driving license with the NOA 1. So am I, so that I don't need to be a taxi to Shoprite, Target, Old Navy, Skechers, Wholefoods, Asian Supermarket......PLEASE SEND HELP
  11. We have license expiring on Feb 9, and appointment for license is also a problem in NJ requiring two months in advance. Real problem for us. We didn’t file at earliest in the window because we also moved in late December, and I don’t trust them with address changes. Too bad I didn’t realize they were so messed up with delays we would have just taken a chance with the address change.
  12. Wow, I thought the NOA was still coming even if check was not cashed until later. So now her license will expire on Feb 9 and she won't be able to drive. We didn't file at earliest date in November because we moved in December and I have heard a number of stories about them messing up the change of mailing address.
  13. Where the heck is my NOA 1? Need it for my wife getting driving license renewed.
  14. Use the sample https://www.visajourney.com/examples/INS-Form-I-751.pdf
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