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  1. You should get it within 2 weeks. My situation: Interview - 1-31 Approval - 2-9 Card Received - 2-14
  2. Congrats, sorry you had to deal with the stress of that interview. If you both are currently working and meeting the requirements that should be more relevant than 2018 situation.
  3. Thanks, we made it through and now we’re here together! I know it’s very tough. We lived together for years and had our son, to be separated after already living as a family was so difficult as it is for you now. I went back to visit (I’m the USC) during middle of the process and it really helped. She could not visit as they would reject the visa. I recommend a visit Good luck
  4. Haven’t read the rest of the thread, however, I has a similar situation with my son being in Cambodia with his mom. I tried to expedite but as expected was denied an expedite.
  5. I’ve got my wife a couple credit cards in her own name, she’s a homemaker for our two kids so no disposable income. No issue getting them main point is to build her credit
  6. I thought about living in JC also but we moved to Westfield since it is good for families. 2 of my closest friends live in JC and another one is next door in Hoboken, so I do enjoy some of the fine drinking establishments in your area. I love Oysters and if you do as well I recommend going here for Oysters and a glass of wine http://www.stingrayloungehoboken.com/
  7. Welcome to New Jersey. We had the green card by Feb 14 in hand after Jan 31 interview in Newark. Can’t wait to make those last 2 rows on my timeline from grey to blue! (751 & 400)
  8. I used this to do prior years taxes before moving back to the USA https://www.freetaxusa.com/prior_year.jsp I did them online and printed them out and mailed them. And if if you make under the threshold on form 2555 you will not owe anything. I think it’s over $100,000. Essentially all of your income gets reported and zeroed out so no tax due and no problem filing late.
  9. Excellent, we are getting up to those Texas people finally!
  10. The fact is that the siblings I am bringing in CAN immigrate. It’s just wrong it takes 2 decades to process. Increase category 4 allowance while leave the others the same. Immigration is a basic human right. Not a privilege. https://fee.org/articles/immigration-is-a-fundamental-human-right/
  11. Just increase the number of immigrants let in from all categories until we catch up, I am not intending to put a delay on the other categories. I am not asking for them to delay spouses or minor children, etc... Just don't see any good reason why it is going to take 15-20 years for her brother/sister to be granted a visa. If they are offering that visa it should not take so damned long! Perhaps they should increase the income limits for petitioners to be at a median USA income level, not this poverty level they use now.
  12. Really hope there is no change to the chain migration. I am looking to get 4-6 more people in first but can't file until 22/23 The wait for brothers and sisters to come in is absurdly long. They should really work to cut that wait by at least 75%.
  13. My fiancé and I had 2 joint bank accounts, one in Cambodia and one in USA. Not difficult, just need to go to the bank together with the proper ID. We used Bank of America in USA. SS# updated later on and not needed to open the account.
  14. I think she never signed on again after her last post. Hope it’s alright
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