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  1. My wife went in to update, didn't do any name change as it was already updated based on our marriage but I am worried as the new SS removed the hyphen in her last name. Her prior SS Card had the hyphen in the last name which is correct, and agrees to all of her other paperwork (passport, license, naturalization). Her new SS after updating for citizenship - they told her they cannot put the hyphen so it doesn't have it. This makes no sense as her old pre-citizen SS card has the hyphen. Not sure if the hyphen missing there is significant or not, and if she needs to go back in there and find someone who knows how to handle the hyphens in the system.
  2. Received back the NC - passport process done 2/24 applied in USPS. Did not expedite 3/1 In process with locator number "34" which is Charleston 3/17 Approved 3/19 Received Passport 4/11 Received Naturalization Certificate Remaining - Update SS & Update Driver License
  3. That is strange. I put the link below, but I suppose you already provided as much of that as possible in the section "Examples of documents showing a bona fide relationship (Submit COPIES only. Do not send originals):" Sometimes they have sent RFEs for things they already have, that could be the case for you. Don't freak out - you have a bonafide relationship so you will be fine.
  4. At least the RFE means they reviewed your case, I suppose once you respond the approval won't be much longer.
  5. Good news - been watching your updates. Makes me nervous about getting our NC back, we are still in normal timeframe but will be relieved once it is back.
  6. https://www.bankersonline.com/qa/depositing-check-less-face-value Can't say I'm a banking expert but I thought it was illegal for them to deposit a check for an amount different from the written amount. I'd more expect it was an error than intentional, and perhaps an error on their side and not yours. Types incorrectly in their deposit system for example. Maybe someone else knows more they can clarify on the check deposit issue. Below is the fees from the calculator, the 208.32 is without the book. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/how-apply/fees/fee-calculator.html
  7. The check is written for a set amount, they can’t take more or less than what you wrote on the check
  8. 3/19 - Passport received. Much faster than we thought. Awaiting Naturalization certificate return.
  9. Routine process, see that it is now approved but not yet received passport 2/24 applied in USPS. Did not expedite 3/1 In process with locator number "34" which is Charleston 3/17 Approved "You should receive your passport book on or around 03/23/2022." USPS Informed Delivery shows a package intended to arrive Monday 3/21, that should be it. Will post here once received but seems they are back to normal process taking under a month.
  10. I saw this that had some reasons. https://victormalcalaw.com/update-social-security-record/
  11. Just checked today and they have logged it into the system "The U.S. Department of State has received your application for your passport book on 03/01/2022. We're now reviewing your application and supporting documents."
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