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  1. I think the good in all this is that this is not a new section in your "How Not Too" guide or the "Do-Do Guide." Still wishing you luck as you transit through the process in your own special way...haha
  2. Talako

    Got DQ #2!

    Glad you got that straighten out. Now the process will move along. When you're finally done, we will have Hank's "How To" and John's "How Not To" guides. haha
  3. No need to worry at all. While you are required to bring those documents, they are not required to ask or look at them. AP is normal, so all you need now is a little patience. Good luck
  4. Talako


    You've been given really good advice here. Don't volunteer any information, but if asked, answer truthfully. If they send you for a Pysch interview, just be honest, and you will do fine. The main thing here is don't ever lie.
  5. Use the SML index. I'm guessing that it is at least 7 San Miguel Lites. Sort of a lost opportunity cost evaluation...
  6. I delete it. I figure the chances of ever being paid are about zero should I have an issue.
  7. Yes. By renewal do you mean name change? Either way you can do both on the same day. ROM first though.
  8. You have a probationary 13a? I couldn't find a BI fee reference, but I did find lots of references of expats paying the 2880 php fee.
  9. Talako


    Map is outdated. Texas has a consulate in Houston that covers Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas
  10. Talako


    The consulate used to report ROM is based on where you were married.
  11. Talako


    Not sure where you live, so here is what the LA Consulate says about how to obtain dual citizenship: https://www.philippineconsulatela.org/consular-services-2/dual-citizensh1p-ra-9225
  12. I'm sorry to hear this. We will pray for your wife.
  13. Talako

    On my way...

    It hadn't snowed with accumulation in roughly 32 years where I live here in south Texas. Four days after my wife got here, it snowed an inch or two. She was amazed, excited, and freezing.
  14. If you went to through the old threads on CFO, you will find that there is generally not an issue if she is confident and prepared. However if she is shy, timid, and won't make eye contact, they become circling "sharks" causing all kinds if problems.
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