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  1. I view it as another point of potential failure.
  2. I was under the impression that dual citizens typically hand over both passports when entering and leaving.
  3. My wife's birth certificate was actually quite horrible, and it passed through both stages. I'm guessing they are used to it. However, every once in a while you hear about someone having a problem.
  4. I imagine that it can be inferred from the following: https://ph.usembassy.gov/consular-update-american-citizen-services-special-consular-services/
  5. I have personally not used the BB privilege or the letter. I don't stay long enough. I provided the memo as an option used by others, but it comes at a risk. I have known others who have had no issues, others who have solved the issue by whipping out the BB memo, and still others ultimately forced to buy the onward ticket. Since we are dealing with different airlines and gate agents with varying levels of knowledge and stubbornness, it all comes down to your risk tolerance, patience, communication skills, and luck. Personally, I'd probably just spend money for a throwaway ticket as not to hassle with it.
  6. If you use your Balikbayan privilege for him, then he doesn't need a return ticket. Attached is the BI Memo that states Balikbayans are exempt from the return ticket requirement. You can search the net for a better copy. That being said, sometimes people run into problems, so as always ymmv.
  7. Try harder: https://www.axios.com/pompeo-coronavirus-state-department-reopening-ec5dc86d-6393-4614-b05f-68d3b5f6ec10.html
  8. The son is a US citizen, and he is also a Philippine citizen by birth. As payxibka responded, they need to report the birth to the Philippine consulate for their area.
  9. Nvm, it is hard to see what actual services the Miami consulate does do.
  10. A shorter way to say all that is, "government workers will do it the government way." The WAG is 2.5 months.
  11. Maybe it is just me, but it seems you trying to answer questions not asked.
  12. Yes, there was a mass application of prior biometric data to cases in early May. Some received notice by letter and email and some did not.
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