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  1. Our card was charged and a text received 3 days after receipt. We received the Notice in the mail 3 days after that.
  2. We are looking to go back in June as well, but we were planning to stop in Japan for a few days to see a friend. I haven't pulled the trigger on tickets yet because of the uncertainty.
  3. Hank's website is also a valuable resource: https://www.visaconnection-philippines.com/medical---slec.html He has the links and other information you might find valuable on this site.
  4. It is a walk-in service. The only thing you can do in advance is an online registration which will cut down on some paperwork at time of visit.
  5. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/policymanual/updates/20200130-MobileBiometrics.pdf The background part of that update has some info.
  6. You made me think of Ronald Reagan, "Trust, but verify."
  7. Updated: 2/14- Package sent 2/18- Package delivered (Texas) 2/21- CC charged 2/21- Text message received (SRC case #)
  8. I have lost all interest in this thread. There are just some people who refuse to take charge of their life.
  9. BB = Balikbayan Box It is the box sent to the Philippines crammed full of stuff.
  10. It is within 90 days of expiration of your GC. Since 2/24/20 is the 90 day mark, send it on or after the 24th of Feb. You could time it to arrive on he 24th, but why take the chance to have it returned if it should get there early.
  11. We mailed the package today, and we'll see how it goes.
  12. Interesting they are two weeks into something that they could have been at the 10 minute mark if they listened.
  13. Congrats! We have ROC filing in 3 months.
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